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Messi’s Wrong Company to Cost Him His Global Image

Human Rights Foundation is a globally known company that has been on the forefront in the fight against human rights violations. The organization has a reputation in the global front and its opinion on matter concerning human rights is take very seriously. The company began its operation fifteen years ago and it has been recording admirable progress over the years. Based in New York, the organization depends on donations from partners drawn from all over the world. Although owing to its activities and human rights investigation the organization runs the risk of conflict of interest, the management has put in pace measure to avert this possibility. This is why the company is ranked so highly for its moral fabric stances.

In response to the recent visit by a renowned football professional, Lionel Messi to Gabon, the foundation’s president has adamantly expressed his displeasure with the player. He has been on record saying how much damage that this visit was likely to cause to the decorated player’s character and integrity. As I read the press release by the organization from The Independent’s Website, I was shocked by the level of impunity depicted by the player’s actions if the allegations have any shred of truth. It is even alleged that the player received monetary reward for attending the occasion that is critically seen as a PR stunt.

Therefore his close association with a leader whose reputation has been tainted by his actions of violating children rights send the wrong message to the world. Messi is supposed to advocate for practices that can help the country to recover the lost dignity by respecting children rights to education and care. The Human Rights Foundation has dawned on him like a plague questioning the legitimacy of his children ambassadorial position with the UNCEF. According to the human rights foundation, he has to distance himself from the said Gabonian leader if he wishes to maintain his glory that is on the brink falling apart.

According to the foundation’s website, the government of Gabon is responding to the pressure of hosting the 2017’s African cup of nations that will be held in the country. As such, the government is trying to make its public image look good as the games are almost to begin. However, political analyst in the country concur with the foundation’s theory that the regime is looking for ways and means to loot the government coffers. This has been the trend and strategy that the dictatorial leadership of the current regime has been using to embezzle governments resources for selfish gains.

Andy Wirth’s Accomplishments


One of the biggest promoters of the ski industry also happens to be one of the most environmentally aware person in the California region. This gentleman is Andy Wirth, CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. With only 5 years of holding this position, Mr. Wirth has created a top community and ski resort in the Lake Tahoe region.

Andy Wirth has much experience with the environment. His entire background consists of backwoods camping and mountain valley preservation. Now that he holds the chairman position on the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, he is working hard to attract more and more tourism to the Squaw Valley.

What makes the Squaw Valley Ski Resort so special is the fact that the Winter Olympics were held here in 1960. This resort also includes over 6,000 acres of snowy heaven for those enjoy exploring, snow boarding, or skiing.

Ever since being appointed to the position of President and CEO in 2010, Andy Wirth has worked to increase tourism to the area. Mr. Wirth has even increased tourism through the 70 million dollar upgrade that has been used to upgrade the recreational sites as well as the resort itself.

Currently the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a merged resort with Alpine Meadows. This means that even more acreage is offered. This also means that there are more plans to upgrading the resort now that two resorts are owned by the same person. Within only 5 years of being CEO, Wirth and his team have increased the quality of the resort. Currently the resort is ranked in the top 20 percent of ski resorts in the United States. This compares to 5 years ago when the resort was in the bottom 20 percent of ski resorts in the United States.

Nancy Cushing served as the CEO of Squaw Valley up until recently when she was replaced by Mr. Wirth. Ever since Squaw Valley came into the possession of Andy Wirth, he has worked tirelessly to increase the value of this precious area. Mr. Wirth wants visitors to see Squaw Valley for what it really is, which is a relaxing area for those who love the wilderness. With the combination of luxury with exploring, Mr. Wirth has created a fantastic resort.

QNET And The Role Of Co-Founder Joseph Bismark

QNET is a multilevel marketing company which was co-founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. The company markets a wide range of products through its network of millions of independent sales representatives throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. From its headquarters in Hong Kong and regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and several other locations the company manages one of the most successful multi-level marketing companies in the world. QNET independent sales representatives sell weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, education, and communication products as well as luxury items, collectibles, fashion accessories, vacation packages and more.

One of the most important keys to the success of QNET is its army of highly motivated independent sales representatives. These sales reps have unlimited earning potential and the ability to grow their compensation based on their willingness to sell products and recruit other sales reps. That model has helped QNET and its products to spread like wildfire throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company provides employment opportunities in parts of the world where unemployment rates are sky high and poverty is rampant. To many people in those areas QNET is a godsend.Joseph Bismark is one of the people that helped to start QNET and its parent company the QI Group. Based in Singapore, Bismark works on behalf of the company promoting the environmentally green lifestyle. He also plays a key role in encouraging and motivating the independent sales representatives to market the company’s products. He preaches and teaches about entrepreneurship, teamwork, and leadership. This has touched a chord with the QNET sales team and has played a major role in their exponential growth throughout Asia and other parts of the world.

Bismark has also been able to educate and motivate the company’s representatives, staff, and customers by sharing valuable information about and his views on health and wellness. He also plays a major role in furthering the company’s efforts to be socially and environmentally responsible and focus on energy conservation and recycling. He encourages the company’s use of solar energy to generate electricity and paperless business practices to help conserve timber resources.

He teaches about the importance of maintaining a lifestyle which focuses on health, wellness, a positive self-image and striving to be one’s best self. He also encourages team building activities, creativity, spirituality, respect, integrity, honesty, humility, pride, and consistent hard work.

About QNet

QNet is an international Direct Selling (DS) company owned and managed
by the QI Group of Companies. QNet has its headquarters in Hong Kong
and is the leading DS Company in Asia. It is also ranked among the top
30 in the World. QNet’s influence through direct selling has created
more jobs in developing countries where jobs are scarce. They offer
training and empower people to become entrepreneurs. In 2012 only,
QNet increased in size and area of influence by five percent. It was
also able to get $153 billion sales the same year. QNet, the mother
companies of QI Group, was founded by Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran and
Joseph Bismark in 1998. The company sells a wide range of products
globally through direct selling.QNet is multi-lingual firm with over 25 offices and agencies all over
the world. It has also engaged other independent agencies in over a
100 countries. Its direct selling marketing method helps to empower
people who do not have basic business skills to start their own
businesses. QNet regards itself as a family and values investments on
humankind. QNet’s performance in sales has jolted by 70 percent over a
period of five years. QNet has an initiative based on the betterment
of the human race and accommodating the population growth. Despite the
challenges QNet faced before networking India, the government has
created policies to favor international investments and shifted their
production in India in 2014.

Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian and co-founder of QNet, is a graduate from
the London School of Economics in 1984 and followed it up with an MBA
in 1986 from the Southern Illinois University. He returned to Asia
where he met Joseph Bismark and they started the QI group in 1998.

Joseph Bismark has been a developmental and solid pillar in the rapid
growth of the company. He spent his life in meaningful and useful
service to the human race. He is a firm, talented, diverse and
spirited individual who believes in the power of the mind, which is a
powerful tool for personal development. Joseph Bismark has adopted an
open and interactive management policy, which enables him to cooperate
with his clients on a personal basis.