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CCMP Capital And Founding President And CEO Stephen Murray

CCMP Capital is among the world’s largest and most respected private equity investment firms. It has invested over $12 billion in a variety of transactions. The New York based company specializes in growth capital transactions and leveraged buyouts. Called CCMP since 2006, the firm actually came into existence in 1984 as Chemical Venture Partners. At that time it was responsible for Chemical Bank’s venture capital and private equity transactions. After a series of amalgamations and acquisitions, it came to be known as JP Morgan Partners before being spun off as the independent company now known as Stephen Murray CCMP Capital on nytimes.

The name CCMP reflects the companies which had a hand in the development of CCMP Capital. Stephen Murray CCMP Capital is actually an acronym. It stands for Chemical, Chase, Morgan Partners. Those were the companies that were directly responsible for CCMP’s creation. When Chemical Bank acquired Chase Manhattan Bank in 1996, Chemical Venture Partners, CCMP’s name when it was initially created, was changed to Chase Capital Partners. The company’s name changed to JP Morgan Partners when J.P. Morgan & Co. joined the Chemical Bank/Chase Manhattan group in 2000. When the group then called JPMorgan Chase bought Bank One in 2004, the decision was made to make JP Morgan Partners an independent company called CCMP. CCMP officially became an independent company in 2006.

Soon after its founding, CCMP Capital began spinning off companies as well. The arm of CCMP that handled investments in the life sciences and information technology and was located in Menlo Park, California was the first to go. It became an independent company called Panorama Capital. Next, CCMP spun off CCMP Capital Asia. In 2008 it became an independent company called Unitas Capital. The section of CCMP that handled transactions in Latin America was also spun off and became known as Linzor Capital.

When CCMP Capital became an independent company in 2006, Stephen Murray was selected as president and CEO. Murray had been with Chemical Bank since 1984. He was a graduate of Boston College and Columbia Business School with a bachelor’s degree in Economics and an MBA respectively. Murray was an experienced private equity investor that was very familiar with the company’s founding principles and corporate culture. The married father of 4 was also a much beloved philanthropist as well. He gave generously of his time and money to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, the Lower Fairfield County Food Bank, the Stamford Museum, Boston College, and Columbia Business School.

Murray was on the board of AMC Entertainment, Aramark, Cabela’s, Generac Power Systems, Legacy Hospital Partners, Pinnacle Foods, The Vitamin Shoppe, Warner Chilcott, and other major companies. He remained president and CEO of CCMP until he died in March, 2015 at age 52.

About Yeonmi Park

I am Yeonmi Park, 21 years old and an inhabitant of Seoul in South Korea. I am a North Korean by birth, and I love my country very much. I was born in an area known as Hyesan, and I am an activist. I fight for human rights all over the country. I am a good wordsmith, and I am currently working on a book that explains my life in details and it will come out soon.

Many call me a defector from North Korea but my actions are what have made people believe in me and have a voice to air out their issues. My people have been oppressed for a very long time, and it is high time they come out and speak for themselves. I can provide them the voice they need to air out their issues. I am also a source of inspiration to many people including those who love to push for the freedom of human beings not only in Korea but also globally.

I am excellent in verbal and written English, Korean and Chinese. All these languages I have learnt as I grew up, and this has made me tackle the problem of language barrier. Although I live in South Korea, I am mainly interested in North Korea, which is my homeland. These is because of the violation of human rights and the criminal injustices that go on in that part of the country.

These have made me focus my attention in that area so that I can fight for freedom of those innocent people. These is what led me to take a course in Criminal Justice at Dongguk University which is located in Seoul. I am a junior at the university, but I will soon graduate and head back to my homeland and straighten things out for my people.

Yeonmi Park on have appeared in quite some journals and newspapers. One of the major ones is the Washington Post. I have also been invited to major shows as a guest to talk about human rights and some of the major shows I have been invited include SBS Insight, Voice of America (VOA), BBC2 and Radio Free Asia.

There are others that I am a regular for example Now on My Way to Meet You. These is a show on South Korean TV that acts as a connector between North and South Korea. It tries to integrate the two bringing guests from both areas to try and find a lasting solution to problems that face the two areas. I am a volunteer in some human rights organizations, and I can say that I am proud of what I do. I know I am impacting and changing lives every day.

Training A Dog Can Be Helped By Feeding Them Beneful

Some people are seriously misinformed about dogs, and they may feel that dogs are supposed to do anything that they are told. Dogs are not robots, and they can’t just act on command, especially if they have a problem with the person giving them the command. Some dogs will behave themselves and act according to how they feel about the person giving the command. If the dog doesn’t like the person who is commanding them, then the dog may not do what they are asked, or the dog may even walk away and ignore the command. Dogs can be trained to behave a certain way, but it depends on the dog.

Just because one dog may be able to do things that they are trained to do doesn’t mean that every dog can be trained to do the same thing. One dog may be good at picking up the mail or getting a newspaper while another dog may be better when it comes to doing flips and other tricks. No two dogs are necessarily the same, and each dog will do only as much as they feel to do, especially if they feel that the request is unreasonable.

If a dog feels that what they are being asked to do is something that may harm them, it’s unlikely that the dog will do it. Telling a dog to jump into the water, especially if the dog is not comfortable in water that is deep enough for them to swim in may mean that the dog will disobey their owners command. As long as the owner has a reasonable command, then they should expect the dog to pay attention and obey the command. If a dog is choosing not to obey their master, then there may be several reasons why the dog is not doing what they are asked.

A dogs energy levels may affect what they do and don’t do, especially when it comes to following their master’s commands. If a dog owner tells their pet to run somewhere and retrieve a ball, if they are too tired, then they may not have the energy to retrieve the ball. One of the best things to do is to ensure that a dog has the energy they need, and they can get energy by eating Beneful every day. As long as a dog is eating Beneful they are more likely to have a lot of energy, and the energy can be used to help them do tasks around the home.

Dogs that get energy from Beneful can do a lot of things, and there is no reason why they shouldn’t have the energy to perform their owner’s commands. If a pet owner tells their dog to run outside and get the newspaper, the dog should be quick to do so. Another good idea is using Beneful treats as a way to help a dog get inspired to do what they are told. Dogs love treats just as much as humans do, and it just might help to get them to do something new.

Alternative Investment Management with James Dondero of Highland Capital

Human wants are often viewed as insatiable. In order to be able to fulfill these needs and wants people need money and funds. Therefore, there is a need for investment to enable one acquire resources to live their dreams or eradicate poverty. For long, people have ventured into business to gain profits through many ways. The investment procedures that are commonly used involve stocks, bonds, and cash. However, today a new investment vehicle is being adopted aggressively known as alternative investment where assets are collected and invested in tangible forms. Some of the assets involved include real estates, precious minerals, land, and antiques. Other forms of alternative investment which are also known to be lucrative include hedge funds, private equity, derivatives and leveraged bonds among many others. Companies are adopting these investment vehicles as they are sure to bring returns in either short- or long-term basis.

Highland capital management is an example of an investment management firm founded by James Dondero in 1993. James Dondero has vast knowledge in the investment world for having successfully practiced in the field for 30 years. Mr. Dondero currently resides in Dallas, Texas from where he manages his high-valued businesses in the States. He is a scholar holding degrees in accounting and finance from the University of Virginia. He is a Certified Management Accountant and is mandated to employ the Chartered Financial Analyst alias. These two honorable titles have enabled him walk through the financial market collecting a lot of useful information on how to wisely place investments with the minimum possible risk. James Dondero has made a name for himself by providing practical investment advice to individuals and institutions that have often proved viable.

James has worked with NexPoint Credit Strategies Fund Where he was tasked with portfolio management. Some of the other financial firms he is affiliated to include NexBank, HCM Acquisition Company, MGM Studios and American Banknote where he held some executive and managerial positions. He also had financial training at Morgan Guarantee Trust Company, which gave him some handy financial skills. His talents lie in credit marketing, leveraged bank loans, derivatives, high yield bonds and emerging markets. He has been able to apply the above experiences in Highland Capital Management to provide their clients with security backed investments in the highly competitive financial market.

The reign of Highland capital has seen the inception some high-tech investment vehicles like the Collateralized Loan Obligation (CLO), REITs, ETFs and mutual funds that are award-winning in the financial world. Highland is also obligated with offering financial assistance in distressed situations to start up companies. Their strategies involve providing liquidity and equity products to their clients. They also carry out research and fact finding policies in the economic world to come up with new solutions to the economic problems in the contemporary world. They employ cutting edge technology to analyze and interpret economic statistical data. Highland is proud of being announced the best place of work under the management of Mr. Dondero, who has campaigned for team spirit in his places of jurisdiction. Highland has amassed vast assets around the U.S. through which they invest to obtain returns for both themselves and their clients.

Galore’s Tete-a-tete with Doe Deere

Doe, a deer, a female Deere.

Doe Deere is a colorful, passionate makeup artist and entrepreneur. With a popular internet presence since the early 2000’s, Deere has created an extensive following of women. Her enterprise has sparked controversy, interest, and crazy imagination.

In an interview with Stephanie Janetos of, Deere spoke for herself on what makes her tick. Lime Crime became a brand on in 2008, when Doe Deere desired cruelty free and fanciful cosmetics. She revealed during the interview a long history and love of makeup and colors. From adolescent seances, to playing dress up in as many colors as possible, Deere shows a forgiving and almost comedic attitude towards her past. She told Galore, “looking good wasn’t the point – I was on the journey of discovery and experimentation, and had so much fun with it.”

A Brand is Born

The Lime Crime name is an amalgamation of her favorite color coupled with a snarky rhyme. Born during a time of funny tag names on the internet Lime Crime stuck, and with it a vision-turned tangible. Lime Crime makeup products are fresh, bright, and spunky. Wearers, or as Doe Deere lovingly refers to as her unicorns, will be living fantasy in the now. Lime Crime visually does for the eyes what pop rocks do for the tongue.


When asked during the press release about her feelings on her internet “haters”, Deere mentioned that it is difficult when there is no accountability for actions or faces to put to cyberbullies. In the same token, Deere recognizes the pros of being an internet based business. There is the convenience of instant feedback and support.

Lime Crime in Real Time

Doe Deere hopes to inspire other women entrepreneurs seeking to share their dreams. She emphasizes passion and FUN as her kickstart. From investing her own money to managing her company through Doe Deere Blogazine, she invites all to express with her. Boasting over a quarter million page views, being named one of Self Made Magazine’s Top Inspiring Women, and encouraging women to be unique and fearless, she proves that success comes from breaking certain rules. When asked how her upbringing influenced her, the make up maven responded with, “I feel like I’m cheating sometimes! Grown-ups shouldn’t be allowed to have so much fun, yet we are!”

read the original September press release at the link: //

Let Online Dating Begin On The Skout Network

The online dating world has exploded, and it has a bigger population than many people had anticipated. Maybe someone who sat down and collected statistics about online dating saw how popular it would become, but the average person didn’t see that online dating would catch on. Many people fear online dating because of the fact that they may be letting someone into their world that they don’t know personally. Although everyone is a stranger until someone meets them in person, but it seems particularly scary to deal with someone online. Although online daters are the same people that can be found in person, many people will avoid online dating situations.

Some people would rather date a complete stranger that they meet in the seediest bar in town than to date someone that they met in an online social media network, especially if they don’t frequent dating websites. A lot of people have a deep mistrust of those who are on online dating websites or those that are on social media networks. Lots of people have joined social media networks lately, and the most popular network has over a billion users to date. Even the most popular social media networks have people on there looking for dates.

Although social media networks are mainly meant for people to socialize with one another, it’s never unusual to see two people come together and fall in love on the same social media networks. Certain social media networks like Skout have even transformed into a dating network because of all the people on the site trying to look for a date. As long as a person is open to online dating, then they can pick one of the many websites available for dating, but they must know what they’re looking for.

Someone who wants to find a date internationally will want to look for a network that allows them to talk to others in a different country, and the Skout network is one of those networks. Not only does the website allow anyone to look for a date internationally, but it also allows for two people to become friends, even though they live in separate parts of the world. The online dating scene has become more popular because it allows two people to come together who would have never met otherwise. Two people can be in opposite parts of the world and still become friends or lovers, just because they met online.

With all the possibilities that online dating has, it should be no surprise that many have chosen to start dating online, even if they previously shunned it as a bad way of dating. Those who are skeptical about online dating should experience it for themselves, and they should definitely join the Skout network on prnewswire to see what it has to offer. The Skout network has a lot to offer those who are open-minded enough to explore the possibility of online dating, and the network even has space for those who just want to socialize.

Management of Highland Capital with James Dondero

In business, young companies seeking to practice and develop need funds in capital to be able to acquire assets. In the absence or shortage of these funds, they are faced with serious predicaments that may even drive their beautiful ideas down the drain. However, financial institutions have cropped up to offer funding to these start-up firms or companies. Highland Capital Management is an example of such, which is a substitute investment firm, tasked with managing hedge funds, structured funds and distressed investment funds. Their main avenues for investment include worldwide public equity, fixed income and firms dealing in hedge funds. They most often invest in leveraged bonds that entail investing with borrowed money to get returns as profits. Leveraged investment is a risky investment vehicle; therefore it obligates the financial management companies to conduct in-depth research to find out the market trends to make viable investments. With mastery of the market trends, one is able to get high returns through hedge funds, leveraged loans and high yield bonds but with a considerable amount of risk.

Highland Capital Management was founded by Jim Dondero together with his partner Mark Okada in 1993 after working with similar companies to gather enough information to make their come through. James Dondero is an American entrepreneur with over 30 years of know-how in the credit and equity markets and is engaged majorly in high yield and distressed investment. Mr. Dondero has been in too deep in the financial market getting him to interact with companies like Cornerstone Healthcare where he served as the chairman, American Banknote where he held an executive position as a board member and MGM Studios.  James Dondero on facebook is also affiliated to financial giants like NexBank affiliated to NexPoint Investors which provides capital funds to upcoming firms. Following his lengthy academic history, qualifications and vast experience he holds a CMA (Certified Management Accountant) and has the mandate to employ the Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA).

Highland Capital has been breaking new ground in the financial management sector since establishment and is celebrated for the inception of the Collateralized Loan Obligation. They have been providing their clients with undulating solutions of high valued return strategies to help them break the ceiling in their respective business lines. Highland Capital is operating a world class credit-oriented High Yield Credit, long-investment equity and emerging markets investment strategy. It is based in Dallas, Texas but has several other running offices in major cities like New York City, London and Singapore which helps in bringing their services closer to clients in the varied parts of the world. Its portfolio is scattered in different places to enhance sustainability and efficiency during distribution. Some of Highland’s groundbreaking innovations include ETFs, Mutual Funds, REITs and private equity funds that have earned them several financial accolades.

Highland in the recent years has been a destination for private investors, start-up firms seeking to develop and affluent individuals for personal investments.

Benefits Of Employing Economists

Economists like Christian Broda are financial experts who perform research and survey several economic factors like taxation rates, employees’ wages and also demand and supply of commodities in the market. There are numerous techniques used by economists to collect information and analyze the results. The work of economists is relied upon by all sectors of economy including government institutions, businessmen and other policymakers. Economists are employed by these organizations and assigned various duties depending on their specialty.

Economists normally start their assignment by performing research on specific issues in their area of interests. The information gathered is later reviewed and interpreted using statistical and mathematical formulas. The final report will be organized through graphs, charts and journals and presented to various institutions for implementation. Economists’ work covers wide spectra of social factors like education, health, employment and poverty rates. An economist can be hired by a government agency to research on the effect of raising taxes on alcohol. The outcome may reveal that traffic-related deaths are reduced.

Federal, state and local governments would hire economists to analyze the general economy in their jurisdictions. Economists will study demand and supply of products and services across the market, rate of employment, workers’ wages and also forecast income and expenditure. Relevant government agencies are given the reports in order to implement them. Economists will educate policymakers the possible effects of implementing new regulations in a given economic sector. They will help treasury arm of the government when planning its budget estimates.

Economists are hired by private companies like banks and other financial institutions to analyze their products in relation to the target markets. These institutions would like to know the effects of interest rates on their products and services affect the targeted market. Also, economists speculate on the general performance of financial industry over a given period thus helping these institutions to prepare in advance. Business enterprises would hire economists to analyze market stability in relation to their commodities. These entities will be able to maximize on their potential in order to earn more profit after market analysis has been done by economists. Not-for-profit organizations and other NGOs would hire economists to analyze their target communities so as to learn more about their needs and other social factors.

In global economy, there are several famous economists and financial analysts like Oxfordjournals’ Christian Broda. Broda is a New York Based economist who has previously worked at the University of Chicago as a professor. His focus has been mainly on global trading, finance and economy and speculating on various economic factors. After global financial crisis, Broda forecasted that inflation rate would remain low for several years and this has happened over the last five years where it has remained under five percent.

Economists are very crucial experts in any economy. They have areas of specialty like public finance, global economy such as exchange rates, capital and financial markets.

Handy: A Superb Home Cleaning Service

Handy, formerly known as handybook is an online, mobile cleaning and home repair service. Handy is an application through which the customers can book cleaners, handymen, plumbers and household services. This service was endowed by Hanrahan and Dau, who met in Harvard school of business where they inaugurated handy in 2012 together with their colleges, Ignacio, and weina. Something they hoped to change the state of cleanliness in people’s homes, since cleanliness is next to Godliness, and this motivated them to go ahead. Hard work and the spirit of never giving up was their stronghold. Hanrahan and Dau came up with this idea without any clue that it would grow to become famous, they made this service be the quickest, most reliable and available. Within a minute, customers can book a cleaner or plumber for the time that is preferable for them. All that customers need to do is give the location where they live, what they need to be done, the time they require, and the rest is up to them.

Handy on recode has been made reliable in that; the service comes to the user; this has in turn made work easier for the user in terms of traveling costs. Another added advantage is that, the cost of employing housemaids has been replaced by a simple website and application, the service is also favorable to the users in that, it offers money back guarantee in a case of poor quality results. This has made handy to gain popularity in the number of the users. For it has gone a notch higher in the past two years after its launch, it has hit over 1 million dollars in booking, the handy Chief Operating Officer, Umang Dua reveals that the company has gone up from 3 million dollars to 52 million dollars, which is a significant improvement. The users get accessibility to various things that are done to them, just as handy looks into the interest of its consumers. It also sees to it that its workers are favored in that, the hourly wage is between 15 dollars and 22 dollars per hour totaling to around 18 dollars per hour which gives them a healthy hourly wage.

Steps have been taken in the recent month to re-define Handy and Homejoy businesses through new packaging, branding and new applications for mobile services this comes as revenue numbers for the two. However, consumers are getting delightful with the idea of booking services through their mobile phones and with necessary background check on the cleaners which is always a priority number one for handy service professionals to be thoroughly looked into. Handy currently operates in 25 cities in the US, two in Canada and London as well, offering services.

How Do You Care For A New Puppy?

Bringing home a new puppy can be a stressful event for people. If this is your first puppy, you want to be prepared and have all the things your puppy needs to thrive. Here are a few things that you’ll consider must haves:

1)Bowls for food and water
2)Chew toys
4)Baby gates
5)Potty pads
6)Beneful dog food

Choose a durable style of bowl for your puppy to eat food from and a water bowl that is not easily tipped over. The type with the flared bottom is best. Pups love to play in their water bowl and tend to make a mess at first.

Chew toys for your puppy should be chosen that are of differing varieties to keep him or her interested. Hard bones are great for teething and the kind that are hollow in the center are great because you can stuff them with goodies like cheese or peanut butter flavored, dog safe fillings available at pet stores. A good peanut butter without artificial sweeteners such as xylitol will be fine for the puppy too. Educate yourself about the foods that are harmful to your puppy. Xylitol can cause seizures and death and is found in human foods such as peanut butters and chewing gum.

A crate is going to be a life saver for you and possibly puppy too. You will want to crate train your new family member for those times that no one is home. This is going to keep them safe as well as keeping your home safe. One day, you will find it comes in handy to travel with a pet that doesn’t mind being in their kennel in the back of the car or at the hotel. Your puppy will enjoy time in the crate once they learn it is a place of their own. Make it a positive experience and not ever a punishment and you cannot go wrong.

Baby gates come in handy to keep your puppy in one room or out of particular spaces. Keeping them out of the kitchen while you are cooking is a good idea and allows you to still let them play and keep an eye on them.

Potty pads by the front or back door and in places where puppy is temporarily corralled will help make cleaning messes easier. By using them at the door, you will learn that as he goes to the pad, you can ‘catch’ him and shew him on out the door. Encourage him to do his business outside and reward this behavior. Eventually, potty training will be complete!

Any good puppy food that you choose, and your dog likes, will work. Beneful, Puppy Chow or other crunchy foods are recommended. Soft foods cause build-up on the teeth so your dog will need hard things to chew on and crunchy, kibble style foods.