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Stephen Murray, the man who saw it all

From Small To Large
When local leaders of business decide that they are going to invest in the right project to get heir dreams on the right track they must look around to see who is going to do the right work for the right price.Now that on the surface may not seem all that hard but when you really look at the fine details it is harder then you would ever assume.When you want to take the next step not all firms of wall street will help you for some your task is just not worth their time but for others it is exactly what they can work with and today you will learn about one of the firms that work with you not against you.

Right Direction Of Choice
For many firms working with you is something that has never been in their dictionary due to many being formed by bankers that never worked in a day of their lives but the proud team of CCMP Capital, a New York-based private equity investment firm has.Starting from small roots as a side project for JP and Morgan this bank has seen the worst and best that the market has had to show to this world of modern bankers.But what really gives them the edge is the fact that the people who work for the firm are not golden spoon fed babies but men an women who spend the time in the work force and made the step to move forward.

How this firm makes your dream come true is very simple.If you want to merge with another firm they have the team needed to show you the ropes every step of the way so that you make no mistake.What if I just need my company check book balance with future program to keep it in check?

Man Behind The Curtain
To finish this article off we will learn about the man who made of this great work happen. Stephen Murray on wikipedia, the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital who since the dark days of the late 20th century made his stand to fight so you can be safe a mind with money.His bones made in 1984 after Boston college Steve would spend the rest of his life working around the clock to get wall street right.Sadly he would pass in 2015 but is still ever lasting.So please give credit when credit is due.RIP Steve

The life of North Korean Activist Yeonmi Park

Following their escape from their native home to South Korea, Yeonmi Park devoted her life in exposing the moral and political decay in North Korea. On the other hand, the regime swore to discredit her and everyone else involved in the exposÈ. For instance, North Korean government posted on the internet, a clip denouncing the information released by the human rights activist, Yeonmi Park, claiming it was false and utterly exaggerated. The eighteen-minute clip was one of the recent attacks to the charismatic activists, which aimed at stopping her social activism.

However, despite the attacks, Yeonmi has continued to champion for freedom and justice for the repressed North Korea citizens. The attacks on the outspoken North Korean defectors are not new. Majority of the defectors are accused of lying about the situations back in their home country. Occasionally, death threats are issued on them. In some cases, the threats go beyond mere words. For instance, Yeonmi mother was raped on behalf of her daughter just to protect her. She is an out spoken critic of the leading most secretive and repressive regime in the world. She witnessed political assassination of people back in her home country, being a defector; she was regarded a threat to the ruling regime.

The ruling regime dictated every aspect of the subjects’ life from what they said, where they lived, where they went and even what they should think! The economy of North Korea had grossly deteriorated and famine was a way of life for the citizens. Minor offenses were punishable with death penalties. Slavery was the order of the day and prison cells became home for many innocent people.While speaking to the BBC and THE GUARDIAN, she recounted the starvation and violence she experienced in North Korea. Her family and fellow defectors were forced to feed on insects and grass in order to stay alive. When the situation got intolerable, they fled to China through Gobi desert and later go to South Korea.

The 21-year old North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has become the voice and face of the oppressed in North Korea. She is also an inspiration to all countries experiencing political instability. She currently lives in Seoul in South Korea, where her human right activism activities have intensified. Yeonmi is also a talented writer, her writing is focused on brutal hard truth about the serial killings in her home and her personal experiences as a refugee. One of her latest books is titled “In Order to Live”.

Former American Eagle President Still Soars in Pittsburgh!

What it means to be successful differs from person to person. There is, however, a general colloquial acceptance of what success can be. It goes without saying that Susan P. McGalla has reached that point.
Susan McGalla is an Ohio native, being born and raised in East Liverpool. This daughter of a football coach went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio.
After college, Susan began her career in 1986 at one of America’s oldest department store companies; Joseph Horne’s. It was here that she worked in various marketing and management positions. After the Joseph Horne Company ceased operations in 1994, McGalla went on to work for American Eagle Outfitters (AEO). At AEO, Susan worked her way up to becoming their president and chief merchandising officer. It is also at AEO, that Susan has spent the bulk of her career, so far, with her tenure lasting from 1994 to 2009.
According to Susan McGalla’s LinkedIn profile, she spent two years as an independent retail consultant after leaving AEO. Between 2011 and 2015, Susan spent some time as CEO of The Wet Seal, Inc. and founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. P3 Consulting is described as being an advisory service to investors in the financial and Wall Street communities.
In recent months, Susan McGalla has been given the opportunity to use all of her merchandising, consulting, and financial expertise with the NFL franchise, the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is the Steelers’ new Director of Strategic Planning and Growth; where she is charged with growing and maintaining said growth of the NFL franchise’s brand.
Since joining the Pittsburgh Steelers’ lineup, Susan has been instrumental in the brand launching its new e-commerce site, . The new site gives fans the opportunity to buy merchandise similar to that which the players and coaching staff wear both on and off the field. Susan is making sure that the Steelers’ franchise has a place in the 21st Century’s on-line marketplace. According to Susan, the products and navigation are “relevant,” and more user friendly in that “you should be able to shop by price, by vendor, by category and be on the site as long or as short as you want.”
It is apparent that Susan P. McGalla is on her way to achieving great success with, and for, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Only time will tell just how quickly her efforts will pay off. If it’s like anything else it seems she touches, then it won’t be long before the Steelers will be one of the most well known, household names in the NFL.

Omar Boraie Achieving his Vision


Omar Boraie, 73, is a well known real estate developer. He is also the founder and president of Boraie Development LLC that is based in New Jersey. Forty years ago, Mr. Boraie came to New Brunswick which is popularly known as a university town to get his Ph.D. in Chemistry. This was before his interest in real estate development. It was during this period that Mr. Boraie saw the town in a whole new dimension. The vision for the New Brunswick was then conceived when he decided to rebuild the town. Most people thought that it was an unrealistic vision to rebuild New Brunswick but this did not discourage him. The town was battling with many challenges that prevented its development.
The potential of the growth of the town was assured when the Johnson & Johnson decided to remain in the town in 1975. This decision to stay renewed the investor’s confidence in the town’s potential and stability. The town began to rebound around the 1980’s though the progress was slow. The town has since then been rebuilt with modern structures by investors. His first project in this town began in 1997 and has over the years focused on the vision. The real estate developer, Omar Boraie, has made great contribution to this development with his latest project in completion. He was one of the first people in New Brunswick to build a high rise residential facility. There have been more projects set up in the abandoned areas of the town aimed at serving the housing market. All these projects have attracted more and more investors in the town.
Now Mr. Boraie has seen New Brunswick become a very sophisticated town with the most stylish properties and its residents want more of such development in the town. Mr. Boraie has been in the lead of these new developments. The vision that most people thought was not achievable has been achieved and continues to flourish. Those who thought that he was crazy for having such a vision have been proved wrong. The city has now various projects for purposes such as offices, luxurious apartments and also condominiums. The city has been revived and become a beautiful city due to the dream of such as Mr. Boraie which he says has been his dream for decades. He however does not take all the credit for this achievement. He credits others who have helped in the development of city.

Editing and Monitoring a Wiki Page Can Keep It Positive

A great many people are thrilled when they discover entries made about them by Wikipedia writers. The presence of an entry on the site means the person is a notable individual or done something of importance. In a way, the entry acts as a valuable source of publicity for those who may appreciate a little recognition. Now, while recognition is good, being notorious is not. Unfortunately, quite a bit of unwanted notoriety may result when negative information finds its way into a biographical entry. Thankfully, there are simple ways to address the problem.

First, only factual information is allowed on Wikipedia. This is a hard and fast rule the online encyclopedia enforces. Any entries that contain false information can be removed. The process of removing the entry entails little more than engaging the edit button, deleting the text, and providing notes as to why the edits are made. If Wikipedia determines that someone is consistently trying to enter malicious, false information onto the site, that person may end up being banned.

What if the not-so-positive information published on the site is true? There are ways to mitigate the issue.

If pertinent facts or information has been omitted from content that is unflattering, there is nothing wrong with editing the text to make it more complete and accurate. Once again, the text must be factual and accurate. No editorializing or personal commentary is allowed. Sometimes, however, simple telling the entire story turns a negative entry into a fair and positive one.

Those who are not sure how to properly edit or add to text should turn the task over to someone who possesses professional editing skill. Get Your Wiki is a service that provides Wikipedia editing and writing. Anyone who would like content written on the site about them improved should look place an inquiry with the service.
Asking about “Wiki monitoring” is also recommended.

There is no reason to be dissatisfied with a Wiki entry. With the right editing and writing, the page should keep its subject from unfairly looking bad.

Doe Deere’s Lime Crime: The Makeup of a New Generation

My dad left Momma and me when I was four years old. Even at such a young age, I distinctly remember him walking out the door with his suitcase and how hurt Momma was. We lived in a cramped apartment in St. Louis and did not have any relatives who lived close. So, we packed up our meager belongings and drove down to stay with my maternal grandmother in Georgia.

Grandma lived in a small cottage on the edge of a small rural town. She had been a widow for a long time and was happy to have a little company and to get to spend time with me, her only granddaughter. Even though she lived on a small pension, she always had enough to share. Back in those times, people knew just about everyone in town and Grandma was well regarded. Her name was Flora, but everyone called her Ms. Florie.

My grandmother and mother were beautiful women on the outside and on the inside.
Grandma would never think of walking out in the yard to get her morning paper unless she was dressed and in full makeup. She often said if the old barn needs it, give it a good painting. Of course, her makeup was always tastefully done. She often would tell Momma that she was wearing the wrong shade of lipstick, and would recommend better choices. When I got older, Doe Deere become my advisor on colors and brands.

There was nothing in this world that Grandma loved more than an occasion to dress up. I remember sitting by the little vanity in her room as she got ready for church. Every Sunday morning, she had her best church dress pressed and waiting. She had pretty skin for a lady of her age, and really did not wear foundation. She wore bright lipstick and blended her blush just right. Then, she would pick out a special hat and put on her little white gloves. Everyone at church nodded in admiration of Ms. Florie and her grand hats.

I cherish those memories of my childhood. My mother and grandmother made sure that I was loved and had my needs met. They were proud that I was the first in our immediate family to graduate high school and go on to college. I always had a gift for organization, so I majored in business administration. Grandma passed before I graduated from college. I know that she would have been immensely pleased.

I got married and raised wonderful children and now have grandchildren. Momma lives with us and enjoys being with her older grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My oldest daughter was named for Grandma, Flora. She went to beauty school and is doing very well running her own salon.

Recently, she showed me some makeup she bought online from Lime Crime. She said that the woman who created the business, Doe Deere of, started up in her own home. I was amazed at the rainbows of colors in lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes. The Lime Crime collection has some of the richest hues I have ever seen in makeup. I am now a Lime Crime customer, and I think Grandma Florie would approve!

Doe Deere And Lime Crime Cosmetics: Turning Abject Failure Into Surprising Success

Failure is just a stepping stone on the road to success. Entertainer and entrepreneur Doe Deere understands this from experience. After several failed attempts at starting a business, she finally has a winner with Lime Crime cosmetics. Her success has been a long time coming. She began working towards it as a child. She has seen her dreams dashed against the rocks repeatedly, but she has always been able to pick up the pieces, mold a new dream, and soldier on. This attitude and her intestinal fortitude have led her to create one of the most popular new make-up lines on the planet today.

Doe Deere was born in Russia. When her family moved to the United States, she thought all her troubles were over and she would be living in the lap of luxury. Instead she ended up living in a homeless shelter with her family. Once they got themselves back on their feet, she began to pursue a career as a model and fashion designer. She attended New York’s Fashion Institute of Technology. Deere created some designs and built a website on which to market them. It didn’t work out. Next, she attempted to turn her talent for and interest in music into a career. But she failed again. However, it was during her failed music career that the seeds that became Lime Crime cosmetics were sown.

Understanding that her fine features prevented her from having the impact on stage she wanted, Doe Deere sought out super-bright make-up to draw attention to herself. She was unable to find any. Instead of giving up, she decided to make some make-up of her own on It still didn’t save her music career. Rather than wallow in self-pity, she showed the make-up she made to visitors to her make-up tutorial blog online. They loved it and began asking her to sell some to them. They were so pleased with the results, they encouraged her to share the make-up with others. This is how Lime Crime cosmetics was born.

Doe Deere loved lime green, so she created a website called to market her homemade make-up. The results were encouraging. The bright colors, vegan ingredients, and ease of use of the Lime Crime products struck a chord with people worldwide. Doe Deere increased production to keep up with demand. It wasn’t easy, but she stuck with it. Within a few months she realized she had a winner on her hands. Her lipstick, eyeliner, eye-shadow, and nail polish were a hit. People from all over the planet loved the attention it garnered for them. Doe Deere was finally a success.

But the work was not yet complete. She had to find a way to continue to grow her customer base. The most cost-effective tool she had at her disposal was the internet. Using her creativity she began to design several innovate online ads that drew attention to Lime Crime. Her direct from the producer to the consumer marketing methods led to her growing success.

Collective Bargaining Agreement And Bruce Levenson of NBA

The Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA) in the NBA is a contract the NBA players association and the NBA (team owners and commissioner), that spells out the rule for the salary cap, NBA draft, revenue distribution, trades and players contracts, amongst other essentials. The 1999 CBA of the NBA expired in 2005, meaning the players’ union and league had to settle on a fresh agreement. Owed to the 2004-2005 NHL lockouts, the different sides came to a consensus and ratified the new CBA in 2005, July. This accord also expired after the 2010-2011 season, causing the 2011 NBA lockout.

The fresh CBA was therefore ratified in 2011, which saw the end of the lockout. There was no much observable change as pertains to salary between the versions of CBA in 199 and 2005. Due to the consensus on the minimum age of players, all players got slightly high percentages of the league’s income over the course of the fresh agreement.

In addition, the maximum salary for the league decreased somewhat comparing to the CBA in 1999. Under the CBA of 2011, players were to receive lower percentages of the league revenues. In the year 2005, players got 57% of income and after the new CBA of 2011 they are currently getting roughly 49-50 % of the total revenue. The next CBA discussion is set to happen after ten years but if necessary in 2017.

A team can have at most 13 players in their active roster, and at minimum 8 of these active players should suit up for every game. The other remaining players are normally placed in the inactive list. This list can go down up to zero for almost two weeks consecutively, and additionally, the temporary inactive places can be added with the approval of the league in hardship situations.

This inactive list can vary equal to 60 minutes before the opening tip through informing the team’s official scorer. A player could be inactive for at least a single game. Player that get sent to the NBA development League continue being in the inactive list. Whilst each teams should have a minimum of 13 players, NBA warrants a league-wide standard of at least 14 players for each team. Players can also get traded amid teams in trade of draft picks and/or some amount of money, and other players.

Bruce Levenson is an American philanthropist, former NBA team proprietor and businessman. He was the co-founder of Atlanta Hawks LLC previously called Atlanta Spirit LLC, which operates and owns the Altanta Hawks basketball players as well as the Philips grounds. Bruce has also served as the governor of Hawks on the NBA Governors’ Board ever since 2004. In 1977 he helped create United Communications Group (UCG). He was also amongst the founding members and is on the Board for TechTarget, an IT media company.

Bruce was born in a Jewish family in Washington D.C and raised in Maryland. He attended college later in Washington University and graduated in Law School at the American University. Levenson started his career in journalism at Washington Star, while still attending night classes for his law degree.

Making Sure Wikipedia Writing is Factual and Provable

Credibility is very important to those who run Wikipedia. Without credibility, an encyclopedia has absolutely no value. Readers turn to Wikipedia to learn about important facts related to a variety of subjects to make business Wiki pages. If Wikipedia chose not to take its credibility seriously, then the site would end up losing a large amount of its readership. Donations to the site were probably dry up as well. Once these two factors reach critical mass, the doors to Wikipedia will end up being shut for good. This is why the site has very crystal clear rules regarding neutrality. Neutrality means the writing has to come from a factual, straight-forward, unbiased perspective.

Personal opinion pieces have their place on a variety of online resources. Social media is a perfect arena for someone to talk about him or herself from a biased perspective. Blogs and message boards famously allow for this type of behavior. There is really nothing wrong with stating an opinion or, for that matter, being extremely opinionated provided the online venue allows for such behavior. Wikipedia does not. The site wants its pages to reflect a certain level of professionalism and biases – pro or con – undermine this approach.

Commonly, this professional decorum is undermined when the writer is crafting material about him/herself. Writing of personal content is not outlawed, but rules do have to be followed.

There are a number of ways in which someone may contribute material to a Wiki page even when the subject relates to him/herself. Adding footnotes to very credible third-party sources backing up content helps establish the writing is factual.

Sometimes, a third-party writes improper material about a subject. Those who are affected by the content may take steps to edit it. Anyone can contribute to Wiki based on the community writing rules. (The rules are fairly open in terms of allowing participation) Footnotes and proving the added content is not biased may be necessary to prove no bias is factoring into the process.

For those not sure if they should handle tasks of writing and editing on their own, contacting Get Your Wiki is recommended. Get Your Wiki is a professional Wikipedia writing, editing, and monitoring service. The professionals who work for the service understand how the neutrality rules work and won’t violate them.

A Wiki entry should reflect positively on its subject, when positive commentary is deserved. Ultimately, only skilled writing helps achieve this result.