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Winter 2015 Men’s Shoes Continue to Surprise and Delight

Men aim to look well dressed as much as possible. A well dressed man is one who will find it easier to convey power to others and feel comfortable in any situation they happen to find themselves confronting. Someone who is well dressed is likely to feel more self confident and relaxed at all times. They will be able to go from the boardroom to a meeting to drinks with colleagues all in the same time without the need to change any item of clothing they are wearing at the time. Part of any well dressed man’s wardrobe are the right pair of leather shoes. Shoes serve as the foundation of any look the man has in mind.

Designers today have done their best to help men find the right kind of shoes for their specific needs and aims. Men who are shoe shopping today have an enormous array of shoes to pick from as they look through what is available on the market to fully meet their needs. Those who want shoes that are ideal as the cold weather begins to arrive will find that men’s shoes designers have done their best to help provide with them many kinds of possible options.

One company that has done their best to allow men everywhere to shop for high quality shoes is Paul Evans Evans is one of the nation’s leading shoe stores. Here, men will find many kinds of high quality shoes for winter 2015. Staffers at Paul Evans have searched the globe for shoes that made from contemporary materials that fit in well with ancient techniques that are known to create shoes that will always look good. The company’s offerings for winter shoes focus closely on providing men with shoes that offer intricate details and yet look sleek and elegant when viewed from afar. Company officials rely on Italian craftsmen to create their shoes. Italy has long been one of the centers of contemporary and classic shoe making. Staffers at Paul Evans look to continue this tradition as they strive to bring shoes from Italy to the American market for easy sale at a price that many buyers can easily afford.

Men today will thus find it easy to pick from the many kinds of new styles that are on the market as fall turns into winter and the weather gets colder. They know that designers aim to help them discover the best way they can get shoes that will help keep their feet warm even during a blizzard, then dry out quickly so the shoes can be easily worn as soon as necessary. This kind of attention to detail has helped men find the right shoes for their needs.

Winter 2015 Men’s Shoes That Are Trending This Year

The style of men’s shoes is always changing, and there are some exciting choices for people to consider. The shoes for 2015 represent a shift in the common names that fall in the top shoe categories. People may be used to names like Gucci when it comes to high quality shoes, but there are other brands like Paul Evans that are becoming the edgy shoes that men prefer.

The thing that has made Paul Evans leather shoes a name to recognize for the winter is the nice designs and strong leather bound shoes from this collection. These are custom made shoes that will last for years. Men that spend on these shoes will bare witness to a quality in shoe design is unprecedented. This is what keeps people talking about the Paul Evans brand. These shoes are lovely, and everyone that takes the time to order a pair online will be getting an awesome addition to their collection.

The same thing can be said for shoes that are made through Rockport. These are the comfortable designs that come at reasonable prices. That is what made these shoes the preferred shoes for winter for many working professionals like lawyers and doctors. The shoes come in a lot of different flavors that represent a comfortable look. These are one of the few shoes that don’t have the shiny tips.

When it comes to the shiny leather Paul Evans has some good quality leather. Church is also has a brand that is noted for the shiny leather with the derby shoes that this company sells. These shoes are considered simple leather shoes, but this classic derby shoe look is perfect for casual or dressy attire.

Aldo also offers up some suede shoes for those that may be interested in something that is not shiny for the winter of 2015. These shoes tend to be more popular in the west and the south where it doesn’t snow for the winter.

There are a plethora of shoe options for men to consider, but the names above are not the usual suspects when it comes to the top men shoes. These are exciting names for the shoes for the men in the winter months. There are some other brands like Clarks and Bass that are always trendy for the working class men, but executives are considering Paul Evans and other brands like Aldo. These are the brands that have started to become recognized in magazines like Esquire and GQ.

Handy Creates a Win-Win Home Cleaning Solution

Gone are the days of haggling over how much to pay the person who cleaned your home. No longer will homeowners hire a person to clean their house only to have them stop showing up a few weeks later. Thanks to Handy all of these problems and more have been solved. 

Traditionally home cleaning has been a cash-heavy business which in turn kept its pricing policies from being transparent. This could make it difficult to compare services or know if someone is charging exorbitant rates. With the use of Handy’s cleaning service homeowners receive a price and know that is the price that they will pay. By inputting their zip code, size of the house to be cleaned, and requested start time homeowners will receive a quote generated by Handy. This quote includes tax and even a small tip for the cleaning professional. Cash is unnecessary as all payment is done through the app and in fact must be completed in order to confirm your booking. After payment all a homeowner needs to do is wait and a Handy professional will come to their door at the scheduled time.

Handy employs only the best of the best in the industry thanks to and its strict hiring standards. Cleaners who apply to Handy have a criminal background check performed, are thoroughly interviewed, and have their references checked. Thanks to all of this only high-quality, professional cleaners will be arriving at the doors of homeowners who use Handy. For added security the company also offers a money back guarantee and will also fully reimburse homeowners if an item is broken during one of their services.

Handy does not just provide benefits for homeowners, it solves problems for the cleaning professionals from techcrunch as well. Due to the typical cash payment nature of the business many cleaners were previously unable to document their income. Although this could be helpful to avoid taxes many cleaners actually wanted documented income to be able to apply for bank loans. Thanks to the payment processes at Handy its contractors are now able to apply for home and auto loans.

The payment process also helps the freelances to avoid getting ripped off by an unscrupulous homeowner by collecting payment prior to the cleaning. Those who perform cleaning services with Handy are also rewarded with much more reliable income with people making between and $22 an hour with $18 being the average. There is also plenty of work to go around as those with the company complete over 10,000 jobs each month.

Bruce Levenson Is Active In The Business Sector And The Community

In 2012, Bruce and Karen Levenson, one of the nation’s most influential and powerful couple, launched the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This noteworthy organization on recruits altruistic minded undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to participating in great causes within the community.

The primary goal of the center is to provide students with the necessary skills and resources to excel in the non-profit sector. Throughout the years, the foundation has proudly presented an extensive collection of instructional classes, all of which work together to raise $10,000 in proceeds for a variety of charitable organizations. Amazingly, the University of Maryland developed a “living and learning” dormitory that would accommodate sixty freshmen who were enrolled in courses at the center. A study abroad program was also created in which twelve graduate students traveled to India to support non-governmental organizations that focused on youth outreach, wildlife preservation, and disabled initiatives.

In the spring of 2015, Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson announced the fourth annual Do Good Challenge, which a revolutionary competition that encourages University of Maryland students to positively contribute to their favorite organizations. The participants who executed the most inspiring social impact are awarded $20,000 as an advance to their preferred causes.

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is perhaps the most respected foundation that is dedicated to serving the local, national, and international communities. According to Bruce Levenson, the program focuses on developing influential leaders who are passionate about serving underprivileged individuals. Moreover, students who were involved with the program are often invited to join nonprofit groups such as the Smithsonian and the Marriott Foundation. In fact, after their college graduation, many participants receive full-time jobs at charitable organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. Most prominently, the founders strive to ensure that every University of Maryland alumnus is an informed and passionate philanthropist.

About Bruce Levenson
Bruce Levenson is most known as the former Atlanta Hawks majority share owner. During his profound ten year tenure, he implemented services that greatly increased fan engagement in the Phillips Arena, which ultimately generated considerable profits. He is also recognized for his great business success at United Communications Group, which is a prominent publishing company that provides news for clients in various industries including telecommunications, healthcare, technology, mortgage/investment banking, oil/gas, and consumer/retail.

Alongside his professional career, he enjoys supporting the community as he is involved with many noteworthy foundations across the United States. He currently holds a degree from Washington University and American University.

About Karen Levenson
As an influential teacher, tutor, and mentor, Karen Levenson has successfully empowered thousands of urban students in the Washington, D.C. vicinity. Throughout the years, she partnered with her husband Bruce to support the I Have a Dream Foundation, Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program, and the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

The Levenson’s have residences in Potomac, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.