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Beneful’s Selection of Wet and Dry

Beneful is a dog food company that has worked with chef’s, dog owners and dogs to ensure that all of their foods are packed with flavor that will not only suit the nutritional needs of dogs, but will also provide the dogs with the flavors that they are craving in their food. Wet food that is created by Beneful comes in two different varieties. The Chopped Blends are made to provide dogs with variety in their wet food. They are ideal for dogs who want to be able to eat soft food, but who may not be able to do so due to lack of teeth. Medley’s are more typical wet food and come packed. They are great for dogs who want more flavor and are an excellent addition to any dog’s diet. They are made to be able to be easy to eat, but they do not lack anything in flavor.
If your dog has special needs for their dietary concerns, they will be able to find something to eat with the dry foods that are offered by Beneful. The Playful Life is created for dogs who are hyper, active or need to gain weight. The Healthy Puppy is for dogs who are under one year of age and who need to get the same nutrition that they were getting from their mother’s milk. Healthy Weight was designed for dogs on Petco who need to lose weight or maintain weight. It is a flavorful food that has a reduced number of calories. Beneful has also created foods for dogs who do not have any special needs. Incredibites is a food that is flavorful and full of nutrition for dogs. The food is easier to eat than most dry food and is great for dogs who are switching from puppy food to adult dog food. Originals is a plain adult dog food. It is good for dogs who are not very adventurous with their flavors and is easy for owners to maintain. The Originals is one of the first foods that was created by Beneful for dogs who like to have flavor.

Belief Leads to Action for Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is well-known as an entrepreneur and as man who acts on his believes in a big way. Jon has a strong interest in sports, particularly in lacrosse. His activities are varied and cover photography, aviation, business, environmental issues, children, and music to just name a few. It would be impossible to recount all of his accomplishments and activities in an article of this size, so the author has chosen to look at three areas, music, business ventures, and his social media activities.

We’ll look at his music first. Jon entered into the music field later in life, however that, hasn’t affected his ability to deliver. It all began with only a guitar and some Ableton software, with this he was able to both create original soundtracks and remixes. The sound of his music is strongly electronic and many find it fascinating. There is now a base of followers on Soundcloud, where he is said to be excited about sharing his newest interests.

As for his business ventures, Mr. Urbana is the co-founder and Head of Business Development for Ellipse, a company that specializes in laser technologies, as well as IPL for the medical community. This position allows him to oversee the progress of the company, as well as working with marketing materials.

Earthforce, a crowdfunding group was also started by Jon. In this venture the idea is to support the group which is designed to get children to participate in activities meant to protect the earths environment.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

According to the group, getting children involved and working as activists is extremely important to helping the earth recover from abuses, because these children will soon be voters and will help set policies that could affect the earth’s ability to survive.

As to social media, Jon maintains a strong presence in most social media groups, including Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Instagram, Slideshare, and as well as other social media sites.

Jon Urbana’s contact information is located at most sites because Jon likes to communicate with both his followers and those who just want more information about one of his many projects. Following Jon can be fun at times and thought provoking at others, his sites abound with photographs of animal and odd plant life. It’s both beautiful and sometimes sad. Followers can also find out his many sports activities or how well a crowdfund is doing or just read one of the many articles he provides links to.