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Rock Your Real Estate Sales: Greg Hague And Real Estate Mavericks

Are you wanting to make your real estate business sky rocket in sales this year? Greg Hague at Real Estate Mavericks can show you how to rock your sales in 2016!

After 35 years in the industry Greg Hague has developed The “22-Step Home Launch Formula” and the “29-Day Fast Sale Plan”, among others, that will revolutionize the way realtors sell homes. Breaking away from the standard methods of sales, Hague will teach sellers to be seller committed; create anticipation; and elicit desire and curiosity about homes that they have in their listings. Using his techniques, realtors will learn to create intrigue and “act now” or “in demand” mindsets for buyers that will ultimately generate top dollar pay-outs for all the homes they sell. Utilizing the psychology of an individuals buyers experience, Greg Hague will show you how to take advantage of each step in their purchasing journey to produce desired outcomes for seller and agent.

A few of the techniques that Hague will teach his “Real Estate Mavericks”, the name of his coaching program that can be found at, are:

  • Anticipation Building Sequences
  • Advantages of Private Showings
  • Messaging and Marketing Strategies to Other Agents
  • Price Maximization Techniques
  • Apple/Amazon Leveraging Strategies
  • Expert Marketing Techniques
  • Master Level Negotiation

All strategies are designed to increase demand and put more dollars in the sellers pocket.

Greg Hague puts his money where his mouth is. He has been one of America’s top selling agents for over 25 years. With expertise in residential real estate, his students that number over 10,000 agents, have taken their earnings from start-up to over $25 million in sales per year.

Throughout his career he has mastered what it takes to succeed in his industry. As an Avvo Superb rated attorney, lending his real estate expertise to NPR and the Wall Street Journal, and mastering negotiation skills as proven through his work as a Dale Carnegie Instructor, he has build over 122 offices housing well over 4,000 successful agents.

Greg Hague and his Real Estate Mavericks coaching program will show you “norm-breaking” techniques and strategies that will open eyes and catapult your business to reach monetary levels you never imagined. He has been were you are and is willing to show you what he knows in order to make your sales in 2016 greater than ever.

Fashion Meets Football

Football and fashion finally intersect with the launch of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ new clothing line. Headed by Susan McGalla, director of the organization’s strategic planning, the move introduces commercial sports clothing for fans of all ages and genders. The merchandise ranges from work appropriate items to onesies for infant fans. Adding pops of colors and lots of bling will make the jerseys and scarves appealing to young children, and there is a distinct effort to create pieces that can be dressed up or down, depending on what the consumer is looking for. Since 1986, Susan McGalla has worked in various marketing and managerial positions for many well known companies, such as American Eagle.

At American Eagle

McGalla was responsible for overseeing the launch of well known brands aerie and 77kids. Before joining the Steelers, she worked as an independent financial consultant and founded her own company HFF, P3 Executive Consulting. A native of Pittsburgh, McGalla studied at Mount Union College and earned a BA in business and marketing. She is a champion of women in leadership positions, and has set herself up as an example, holding high level roles for most of her career. Now, she has transitioned into an autonomous worker, taking consulting jobs that she finds appealing as well as running the new Steelers’ clothing campaign. One approach McGalla takes when approaching this new venture is utilizing the powerful influence of social media. She has begun the “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday” movement, encouraging fans to wear and post photos of themselves in Steelers’ gear the Friday of their games. Posting photos enters fans into a contest that could win them an entire black and gold Steelers wardrobe. With McGalla’s expertise and marketing based mind, the new Steelers’ fashion line is making waves among fans.

How Skout Keeps The Interests Of Teenagers And Parents In Mind By Taking Precaution Measures

It is seriously imperative for every parent to be in the know when matters related to knowing what mobile phone and sites their teenagers are using to keep in touch with their age mates are concerned. The more a parent knows, the better he/she is when matters related to helping the children make the best choices are concerned. Parents should take the initiative to research and communicate with the kids as much as they can.

Another very important thing that parents are supposed to do is to keep the lines of communication with their teenage sons and daughters as open as possible. When both parties are close, the teenagers can always feel free to come to their parents whenever a problem arises. Parents should also let their teenage children feel that making a mistake is part of life and they should not condemn them too hard.

It is important that parents make their children use an app account so that it becomes much easier for them to get notified whenever an app is downloaded. Asking them which sites are most popular with their friends can help because teenagers are more apt about talking about someone else.

Parents should know the latest texting, video chat apps, dating, micro blogging sites and apps that their children are using so as to be in a much better position to advice them on the most appropriate friends to have. At all times, parents should spread the bad friends corrupt good morals adage to their children so that they do not fall into the same trap.

There are very many social and dating networks nowadays that are being used all over the world. However, one travelling dating app has surpassed all others regarding the features and ease to use function. The application’s name is Skout, and it was created as a platform for those who really felt the need to increase their social circle.

As time went by, the app introduced a travel feature that was aimed at enabling users take virtual trips and meet their friends on the other different ends of the globe. Most of those who took the virtual trips ended up taking real trips to meet friends they met through the platform.

Skout is also the only platform that has in the recent past banned users from posting nude and bathroom photos. When matters related to the safety of teenage users are concerned, the platform does not allow teenagers and adults to mix as well. It has both teenage and adult separate areas.

Skout is popular because it does not limit members into the number of profiles one can interact with. It also has some rather intriguing features that allow users to enjoy it even without having to pay any money.

George Soros predicts the “unpredictable nature of 2016 stock market”

George Soros‘ notion about the unpredictable nature of the 2016 stock market is highly reminiscent of the 2008 financial crisis. Referring to actual facts from, George noted that the United States stock market had experienced an approximately 5% decline in a period of one week. However, George feels that it is a bit presumptive to judge that the 2008 financial crisis is back all over again, unless you resided in Canada where the real estate market has bubbled and houses are yet to be deleveraged.

George notes that if you were to compare last week’s market turmoil to the market collapse back in 2008 financial crisis, there could at least one or two reasons why 2016 is 2008 all over again. However, according to, there are distinctive reasons why this year financial breakdown won’t turn out to be like 2008. Those reasons are based on two perspective numbers; 0.25% and $225 trillion respectively.

$225 trillion is a representation of the foreign debt that is evident today as it was during the 2008 financial break down as explained in According to George, it’s even worse, having increased by $57 trillion right from FY 2007 through to the end of 2014. This puts the global debt-to-GDP in the approximate of 250%.

China is among the involved parties to these debts shenanigans as detailed in Debt owed to this country has roughly doubled from levels before the onset of the global financial crisis. This has highly raised the debt-to-GDP as it now sits at 260% as explained in

On a different platform, 0.25% is a representation of the Federal Reserve baseline interest rate which George believe is everything to this market as detailed in According to him, if the World Bank cuts its 2016 growth forecast rates from 3.3% to 2.9% and the global growth ends up to be disappointing as depicted by the head of IMF, then the global economy will far much be worse than it was in 2008.

Therefore, George warns policy makers to act strategically as any crazy ideas will get them caught in a market crisis similar to that of 2008. George also notes that you might not be surprised when the stock market react certainly to accommodation affirmation laid down by central bank.