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Talk Fusion As A Communication Leader

Connecting people throughout the world thanks to the latest and greatest video technology available, Talk Fusion is helping people reach their goals and live out their dreams. Everything is better with video and Talk Fusion is embracing technology along with the option to share information and technology with others. This vision is thanks to Bob Reina, who is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Keeping an eye on emerging trends while developing his innovative video technology, over twenty years of experience in the relationship marketing field and management experience have made Reina a leader in his field.

Video Communication
Talk Fusion began back in 2007 as just a simple video email company. Today, this video email has become part of something bigger. Talk Fusion’s CONNECT is a video communication product that provides not only video chat but also live meetings, conference solutions and video newsletters. Truly expanding communication, Talk Fusion is setting the bar high for other communication companies.

The Team
Made up of industry professionals who are experienced with graphics, video, technology, communication, design and more, Talk Fusion’s team is what is helping make lives better through communication. People all over the world can now communicate simply thanks to this innovating video technology option.

Bob Reina is known for his professional experience but he is also well known in the community for his love of animals and love of his city. Often recognized for his accomplishments and community service, these are the values that Talk Fusion are based off of. This is likely why this has been such a successful venture and will continue to be for many years to come.

The Fabulous Career Of Helane Morrison

When the financial crisis hit, it was the strongest to affect so many people since the Great Depression. During that time, it was clear that there was a lot of fraudulent activity happening in the financial sector. So many of the people that were supposed to be doing a good job for the public, were falsifying information and putting through bad audits. This caused a lot of people to lose money, from their investments to other financial instruments that they had. There were people that were watching this, and wanted to put a stop to it. 

Helane Morrison Was One Of These People

Morrison received her education from Northwestern University. At this time, she acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. After that, she went on to complete her law background. She got a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. It was at this school that she also served as the Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review. This was the beginning of her love for both fields. She wanted to make changes, and she surely did.

Her Work With The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) 

In her position with the SEC, The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission she was the head of the San Francisco division. She dealt with financials, legal and compliance issues, making her a forerunner in combatting the injustices that had happened in the financial industry.

What Is Helane Doing Today?

She works for a company called Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is the General Counsel, the Chief Operating Officer and the Managing Director of the company. In her position, she is a role model for other females in the industry. This company is run by women. Since this isn’t the way the companies in the financial industry are usually run, it is a bit different than before because women have more power than they used to.

With all her accomplishments in her career, Helane Morrison continues to empower other women to move higher in their professions. They now have the ability to do so, and she wants them to excel in the financial world, just like men did for many years before. She knows that she can speak to others about financial and legal issues, so she does so with much authority in order to encourage them to continue on with their hard work and to make a success of themselves.

Check out Helane’s LinkedIn profile or learn more about her career by clicking on the following link >>

How Beneful Is Taking Over The Premium Food Industry


There are a wide variety of people who just love the power of giving their dogs quality food. The truth about certain foods is the fact that it can be a bit tough on you in the long run to find good food for your dog. Premium dog food is constantly becoming the new norm among dog owners, and it’s definitely worth the investment to give dogs what they need to stay healthy. In this article, you are going to discover the power premium dog foods.

The reason why premium dog food is reaching the masses is the fact that dog owners are realizing that the additional investment is not entirely that bad. It’s actually a benefit since you are paying just a little bit more just to make sure that your dog is being fed with quality ingredients that will help them grow and develop their health. Freshpet is known for their huge manufacturing center that houses many different tours that can allow for you to learn more about the brand. The coolest aspect of this brand is that they love working closely with their researchers to discover the right solution to problems.

Freshpet has foods that even their very own managers will eat despite the fact that it is purely dog food. They use real food ingredients the same way that Beneful does as well. Beneful is by far one of the best brands outshining Purina for one reason; affordability. They love to go for affordable options and giving dog owners food that isn’t too expensive. Beneful has foods that are low in fat and calories but still give dogs that fun and exciting taste that they are truly going to love.

This is by far one of the best brands to buy on Walmart simply because they also have a multitude of food options for your dogs. Grab a couple for them, give them treats, and help them find the right one that they will actually eat in the future. This is ultimately one of the brands in the dog food premium industry, and they continue to look for new food options and ideas.



What To Expect from Wikipedia Writers

A Wikipedia page can do a lot of things. In addition to informing the readers about a subject, the material aids in shaping opinions as well. Businesses and individuals hoping to explore branding and reputation improvement benefits should look closely at hiring Wikipedia writers to put a nice and informative page together.

Skilled Wiki writers can do a lot for Wikipedia. A group of college professors realize there is a very positive benefit to bringing science students into the Wikipedia fold. Rather than writing term papers, the professors are asking the students to write entries on Wikipedia. The students have to follow the site’s rules for content and style, rules that do fit in with academic standards.

One very significant benefit to the contributions of the students is their accuracy. Wikipedia is a community-oriented online encyclopedia. The contributions come from volunteers, and it is vital the volunteers provide detailed and accurate material when they make a Wikipedia page.

The report about the college students that was featured in Mother Board should give those interested in publishing a Wikipedia page pause for thought. Tackling the job of writing a Wikipedia page is best left to the experts. Hiring Wiki experts from Get Your Wiki, for example, would be a good move. Get Your Wiki is one of the top resources available for those looking to hire writers and editors with expertise in crafting content. The writers do need to be experts at Wikipedia article creation, and not just content writing in general. Wikipedia does have certain rules in place, and those rules must be adhered to.

A professional Wikipedia writing service is not going to make errors that lead to problems with the powers that be in charge of Wikipedia. Professionals certainly are not going to provide poorly written content. They simply know better than to do this, and their experience makes producing poor quality work a near impossibility.

The writers also know how to stay on topic, avoid editorializing, and still be able to utilize the marketing psychology necessary for the page to have promotional value. All of this comes with experience and professional Wikipedia writers from reputable services have experience.

The job done by the writers will also be timely. A skilled Wikipedia writing service does not deliver late work. Timeliness is a “big deal” to those relying on having the work finished. Professional services know this, and their professionalism leads to doing what is promised within the time period promised. That’s a plus.

Dog Food Industry Moving Towards Human Food Trends

Beneful was introduced to the dog food market in 2001. By 2006, Beneful was bringing in 300 million dollars in revenue every year. In 2012, Beneful became one of Nestle Purina’s top brands when it had an annual revenue of 1.5 billion dollars. Beneful offers dog treats and wet and dry dog food. The different products come in a variety of flavors. There is everything from Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight with real chicken to Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists.

There are two reasons that Beneful has such a strong place in the market. The first reason is that they use the freshest ingredients. Beneful holds their suppliers to standards that are very stringent. Every ingredient is tracked from when it arrives at the manufacturing plant to when it is in the final product on a retail shelf. The second reason is that they have excellent design techniques. Beneful won a contest, several years after it was created, for the package design. The wet dog food package was not only resealable but you could also turn it into a dog bowl.

The Daily Herald released an article about some of the other trends that are going on in the dog food industry. The article explained how there are plenty of new companies bringing different dog food ideas onto the market. Freshpet, a premium dog food company, makes the world’s only industrial refrigerated pet food. More companies, like Freshpet, are moving toward human food trends.

The pet food industry is a 23.7 billion dollar industry and much of the food that is coming onto the market looks and tastes good enough to be on the dining room table. While healthier pet food options, organic and grain free, among other various distinctions, have surprisingly been on the market for years. The real difference is marketing and the old companies are catching on. Some more well known brands are re-branding themselves to highlight the qualities in their recipe that points to longevity, nutrition and organic ingredients that help healthy digestion



Yeonmi Park’s Daring Escape From Bondage To Freedom

Yeonmi Park, author of the book “In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom”, has a compelling story to tell, describing her first hand experiences of what life is like in the dictatorship of North Korea. Yeonmi begins telling her story on The Reason by describing her first steps out of North Korea towards the end of Winter in 2015. She attempted to flee the country under the cover of darkness, late at night, with her mother by crossing the frozen Yalu River. She arrived in China, with very little notion of what she would do next. Yeonmi was only a thirteen year old girl when she made her daring escape, and that night as she crossed the frozen Yalu River, her years-long story of desperate struggle to survive began. Her path over the coming years would take her all the way across China, over the vast Gobi desert, then to the Mongolian border, until finally reaching her main destination of South Korea by airplane. One of the most interesting and compelling things to me about Yeonmi Park’s story is that she say she had no concept of what freedom even was as she was trying to escape. For someone born into a strict dictatorship like North Korea, where non-approved ideologies are suppressed, and people are told what to think, this shouldn’t be surprising, but I still found it so. Yeonmi says her chief motivation to escape was simply lack of food…she needed to get out to survive, plain and simple. She admitted that if she had even just had access to the food that Americans throw away in the garbage, she would never have even attempted to flee North Korea. That to me is very revealing about the state of things, if not in North Korea as a whole, at least in many parts. Yeonmi Park’s captivating story has grabbed the attention of thousands of readers around the world, and will likely continue to do so for some time. For a more detailed version of the story, and a description of some of the controversy surrounding Yeonmi’s story, check out this article on

Attorney Fights to Help Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow, Attorney at Law for New York is starting a fund me page for homeless animals in New York City. The animals in the animal shelters barely have enough food and blankets to keep them comfortable during the long hard winters. The community does what they can to help but there are animals that no one is helping. The precious animals on the streets. They are hungry. They are freezing during the winter. They hunt for places to get out of the cold and snow. The winters can be very harsh. Ross Abelow believes that if people donate up to $5000, the animals in New York could be a lot more comfortable.

It is a hardship to see a cute little dog or cat running around the city, looking into the trash cans and shivering under the bus benches. They try their best to stay warm but in the cold winters it is very difficult. Blankets and food are a great start to helping these homeless animals. If everyone would donate a few pennies to the cause, these animals may stand a chance of finding a forever home. They may, at the very least, find a few morsels of food. Ross is working really hard to help this cause. He is hoping to make enough from donations, that all the animals will be off the street.

Ross Martin Abelow is an attorney that fights for the rights of married individuals. He helps out with wills and he helps out with some types of custody papers. He is also very busy with commercial real estate law and entertainment law. He represents the people that build your malls, your apartments, and the businesses we go to. He also represents people like singers, comedians, and dancers. Not just too big name entertainers but also the smaller ones that are just beginning. He will help them get their contracts worked out for the best of everyone. Ross Abelow graduated from Law school in Brooklyn, New York. He is a partner in a law firm and is doing very well as a writer.

Online blogging has become very popular. Ross Abelow is currently blogging and offering legal information in his blogs. Some of the information he gives are very helpful to people searching for that type of information. Blogging is another way for people to learn who you are and what you stand for. This is true with Ross. He is a nice guy that is trying to help the little doggies and kitties in the city. Please check out the article, He is hoping to raise at least $5000 to help homeless animals survive this long cold winter.

Learn more about Abelow’s services:


How Ross Abelow Helps Divorcees and Enternainers from Ross Abelow

Doe Deere and the Breaking of Fashion Rules

Doe Deere’s Views on Fashion and Beauty Rules
Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the stunning Lime Crime Makeup products. This line of makeup has been called magical, colorful, and is intended to be used for boys and girls who would like to express themselves without apologizing to anyone. Doe Deere created this line of makeup and she does have her very own ideas on the standard rules of fashion and beauty. In fact, she has several rules that she likes to break.

The Favorite Rules to Break
There are many fashion and beauty rules that have been made standard. These rules may actually be viewed as simple suggestions that are not necessarily set in stone. Doe Deere is a rule and suggestion breaker. The following are some of her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. These include:

* do not mix too many colors together; Doe holds the idea that color is dicey. Doe Deere and mixing many colors is one the things that makes her stand out. Splashes of color is beautiful

* do not mix patterns together; The truth is, mixing many patterns in your wardrobe can leave you with a stunning outfit. Mixing many patterns is highly creative according to the “Doe Deere” style

* do not wear bold eyes with bold lips; many hold the belief that it is only acceptable to do one bold makeup creation on your face at a time. Doe Deere believes that it is fun to play with makeup. Create bold bright eyes with bold and vibrant lips . This is a refreshing combination

* do not wear socks with open-toed shoes; Doe Deere has made this style a chick new trend that is fun and fashionable

* you must wear neutrals or black if you color your hair; neutral and tidy does not fit with Doe Deere. Blue hair and airy colors are extraordinary together

* you must dress your age; everyone can dress as young as they feel. Bold and beautiful colors are for every age

* stay with specific dressing for the occasion; try wearing an evening gown for any occasion. Cloths are meant to be enjoyed

Doe Deere and Freedom and Self-Expression
Doe Deere seems to have the solid mission to prove that cosmetics are meant to be a form of freedom. Include the ultimate self-expression too. She is one CEO who is creative and encourages everyone to show their beauty off through magical makeup.