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Securus, Maintaining Security and Integrity for the Industry

I have, for a long time, been aware of the premier company, when it comes to the providing “of civil and criminal justice technology solutions for public safety, investigation, corrections and monitoring”: Securus Technologies; however, I was entirely unaware of the nature of its competitors within their industry.

Securus Technologies is a company that has dedicated itself to serving inmates, their friends and their families through opening and creating communication gateways previously closed or entirely nonexistent. Through Securus Technologies’ services, inmates are able to communicate directly with their loved ones via voice and face-to-face video calling technology. This is an incredible service because it provides friends and families of inmates to participate in a type of visitation when their schedule may not allow for it otherwise.
Securus makes a profit by charging low rates by the minute for each minute used in visitation of inmates, the amount of money spent by consumers is directly chosen by consumers and Securus holds this fact very dear to them because they value integrity above all else.
There are other companies that provide services similar to those provided by Securus America; however, it is vital that the operation of such companies be analyzed properly, because a well-known company: “Global Tel Link”, better known as “GTL” has been suspected of unlawful activities. In a report by PR Newswire, one of many actions Global Tel Link has been accused of is programming their call system to automatically add a static figure of either fifteen or thirty-six seconds to the reported duration of the total call time of users. If GTL is charging their consumers based on a price per minute system and is adding just enough time to each call to bring the duration up to the next whole minute value, it is not only deceptive practice, it is unlawful. Full story posted on

I am disgusted by GTL’s practices and it is abhorring that a company could claim to serve it’s customers and literally steal from the same customers in the process.

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FreedomPop Launches Many Amazing Service Deals

Mobile phone service is critically important for a host of reasons. Being able to remain continuously connected to the internet may prove even more important. The internet, particularly Wi-Fi internet, makes it easy to connect to social media and VoIP services. Checking all-important email is possible with a solid connection. The arrival of smartphones and mobile networks makes staying in the communications loop very easy. Unfortunately, mobile services are often very costly. FreedomPop has challenged the industry by delivering an amazingly cost-effective solution to high monthly fees and roaming charges.

FreedomPop’s service is, quite literally, free. Free does not mean “hidden charges” and the like. FreedomPop sells phones with a SIM card. The phones are incredibly inexpensive and packed with features. Once the phone is activated, access to 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of internet data are accessible at no charge. On top of this, 500 MB of free monthly data is available for use at FreedomPop hotspots.

The amount of money one can save per month with this is, well, 100% of current bills. Someone who drops an $80 per month service for FreedomPop is cutting out that $80 expenditure. Anyone whose budget is strained surely will like this deal.

Those who wish for more service per month do have other options with FreedomPop. The options are quite reasonable. $19.99 is all the company is charging for totally unlimited phone, text, and data per month. With unlimited monthly service, usage does not have to come with fears of huge charges for going over an allocated monthly amount. Nor does anyone have to worry about service being shut off without any warning.

Another option exists for service and it is a solid one. For a mere $5, unlimited access to FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service is possible. Logging onto the Wi-Fi network won’t be too hard. There are 10 million hotspots throughout the United States. Soon, that number is going to jump to 25 million.

Overseas, FreedomPop had great success launching a multi-country global hotspot. The U.S. version should deliver the same results – a major decrease or outright elimination of roaming charges.

FreedomPop does not advertise very much. This keeps costs low. Word of mouth has proven to be exceptionally positive, which is why the company boasts one million subscribers in the U.S. Once word spreads about the great service deals, that number is going to jump.

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The World Breaks for Sports; Go Venezuela!

Constantly breaking up the devastation that the world often harbors are sports. Without a doubt, the most popular sport in the entire world is soccer, and South American teams tend to dominate the popular activity. Despite what is happening in these portions of the world, the public tends to break in the name of soccer, especially when Venezuela plays Mexico.
While Venezuela did not take away the win on June 13, according to Open Corporates they put up a fight that made for a legendary game. Of course, Velázquez ruled the game from start to finish, but the overall strong start Venezuela demonstrated grew weaker towards the end as Mexico used their reserved energy. As the game started with a powerful force of energy put forth by Venezuela, the crowd, among them was Adrian Jose Velasquez, grew wide-eyed, eager, and so ready to continue watching this amazing game!

Venezuela played tirelessly throughout the early portions of the game, and players from Mexico were unable to even get close to the professional players. A goal here, a goal there, but the ultimate win went to Mexico. However, the recognition and further credit that was given to Venezuela would never go unnoticed, and the important message behind the fact that the world stops for sports is crucial during this rocky time in history.


SearchCleanup Is A Fantastic Service For Online Hygiene

Often when you’re running a business or offering services online, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business or marketing techniques. Sometimes it’s worth combing through search engine results to see where your business is ranking in the results, but also to see what’s being said about you or your business online. If you’ve done a great job running your business, more often than not you’ll see great reviews and positive articles published about you, but mixed among those results can be bad articles, and when you see that, it may be time to take steps in online hygiene.

Sometimes you come across negative search results and you are shocked at what you find. You might even get so angry that your first response is wanting to smear the person who posted that terrible review, or false information about you. That can be especially tempting if that person is someone you know such as a rival competitor or former disgruntled employee who you terminated. But in doing so, you could end up making yourself or your business look bad, and you don’t want to further dirty your image by doing that. Instead what you need to do is focus on reinforcing your businesses positives and cleaning up those bad search results.

Reinforcing the positives, such as dispelling any false notions or rumors about your business through credible sources is usually the first step to go to rebuild your reputation. You also may want to send out newsletters and courteous emails to your customers letting them know they come first and that any issues going on will be quickly resolved for them. And you may want to turn to others for advice who may have dealt with a situation similar to what you’re dealing with, and ask them what should be done.

Your final recourse may be to hire to help fix the negative search results. Sometimes there are bad articles, reviews, or comments about you that can be taken down and can find them and remove them for you. SearchCleanup is easy to contact and get a quote for services, by simply going to and filling out the form for more information.

Venezuelans Find Their Voice Through Protests

The people of Venezuela have been suffering as their country and government fail them and it seems the system is rigged against them. No matter how they try to remove Nicolas Maduro, their current president, he has sections of the government in his pocket and he remains in a seat of power. For people who are hungry, needing medication, lacking electricity, and losing businesses, they feel desperate and cast aside because no one is listening.

How, then, do they find a way to be heard? Asks Jose Manuel Gonzalez. A way to unleash their passion and emotion towards bettering their situation and rebuilding their fallen country? They protest in the streets. They might be the majority, but they are not the only ones with thoughts and feelings. One day they march down the street demanding a better life, a new president, namely just justice, and the next day sympathizers of Maduro take to the street to defend him. Each day it goes on and on.
These demonstrations take place on a regular basis, as reported in the Atlanta Journal here. The government stages demonstrations to back their president as the people continue to become increasingly frustrated, and it is just a matter of time before these contrasting protests turn into violent and bloody demonstrations.
The pro government demonstrators march through the streets showing their support and end near the presidential palace where they are rewarded with a speech by Maduro himself. “Those protesting the president, they get different treatment” says Jose Mauel. Even planned events aren’t allowed in the downtown section of the capital city of Caracas. Protestors planned one recently and were met by police in riot gear who blocked their path.
The opposition has a right to be angry, just this past December they won control of the National Assembly by popular vote, yet somehow they are being blocked at every turn when they try to use their popularity and power they won fairly to make the change the people are demanding. For now, we can just watch and wait as the turmoil continues in this South American country.