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Reasons Why You Need a Shared Office Space NYC


Shared working spaces are common sceneries in many companies in America. However, people view these working spaces as normal setups needed to save on operational costs. Research reveal that the benefits of office working spaces go beyond saving operational costs. They increase productivity a person’s significantly.


Those who use co-working or shared office spaces view their work on a different perspective. The fact that workers can bring themselves together in the office makes them view their work as more meaningful. Since office spaces bring people from different professions together, they don’t have to put on a different personality. They can finally be themselves and work peacefully.


Working spaces also give people the opportunity to build more control over their jobs. One can decide what he wants to do with the day without pressure from someone else. One can decide to put in several hours a day in the office or take a break to go for a walk in the neighborhood. Workers also break the autonomy. Too much autonomy can be detrimental to a person’s productivity due to lack of routines.


Working spaces also make people feel connected to others. Each space has its own unique setup that distinguishes it from others. People feel a sense of belonging here than when they work from home or office. This can boost their confidence and satisfaction, which is a boost to productivity. Also, people have the opportunity to create new interactions in such setups.


It is evident that office working spaces are necessary for freelancers and those who want to break the norm of working in the office. One of the providers of working spaces is Workville shared office space NYC. The company provides luxurious working spaces at affordable rates to people living in New York. Their premises are strategically located a few meters from Times Square and major transportation hubs in NYC.


The offices have three terraces where workers can hold meetings, take lunch or take calls. Their prices are affordable. A private office for two costs $1,500 and $4,500 for six people. Dedicated desks will cost $ 750 per month. A conference room costs $ 100 per hour. The working spaces at Workville are available to anybody 24/7 with a fast internet and an effective mail service. The place also contains office accessories such as printers, photocopiers and a private phones. The offices are always clean with uninterrupted water supply. The company is located the 21st floor of luxury building Broadway.

Norka Luque: Rising Star of Latin Music

Norka Luque is a Venezuelan singer based in Miami, Florida. Under the guidance of her mentor, the renowned Latin music producer Emilio Estefan, Norka Luque has made a name for herself in the competitive world of Latin pop. Estefan, who launched the careers of such successes as Gloria Estefan, Thalia, Shakira, and Jennifer Lopez, helped Norka has jump-started her music career and quickly become one of the most important up-and-coming Latin singers today.

Born in Caracas, she recorded her first songs at the age of eight. This early experience led her to develop herself artistically as a musician and dancer. She began her career singing at local festivals and honed her craft. She later moved to France to study business and culinary arts. While in France, she sang in a band called Bad Moon Rising, which was the beginning of her musical ambitions. After moving to the United States, she met Emilio Estefan Jr. at a party in 2007, who, impressed with her talents, arranged for the production of her first single, Como lo haces tu (The Way You Do It), which was recorded at his Crescent Moon studio. Written by Venezuelan songwriter Archie Pena, the single cemented her reputation. She was nominated for a Lo Nuestro Award for Female Pop Artist of the Year for the single.

Norka Luque followed the song up with her second single, “Milagro,” or Miracle, which even spawned an English-language dance version. Milagro was a hit, charting on Latin Music Billboard. Milagro was also the lead track on her album of the same name, released in 2012. A number of prominent producers and musicians worked on the album, including Archie Pena, who had worked on her first single, brothers Ricardo and Alberto Gaitan, Cuco Pena, Gianmar, and Lorge Luis Sachin. The album was influenced by an array of genres, including reggae, pop, and rock and roll.

Her latest single, Tomorrowland, was released in 2015 and is currently being re-released. Norka is ecstatic that her dreams of success in music have come true and continues to work on her music. Her next album is sure to capture the dreamy, eclectic vibe of her first album, and she will certainly, as always, collaborate with top-notch talent. Photos of Luque and other information can be found here.

Thor Havlorssen Revealing World Corruption

When we think of activists we usually conjure a picture of people throwing fake blood at someone wearing a fur coat. Most people don’t jump to the life threatening activism of people fighting against corrupt governments and risking torture or death. This kind of work requires someone with a deep history of activism and a guiding force. Thor Havlorssen is one of these unique people that has chosen to dedicate his life to fighting this kind of horrible corruption. His parents also had the same dedication to fight against this government corruption. His father was captured, tortured, and held in a Caracas jail due to his investigation in the Medellin cartel. His mother was also shot and wounded while protesting at a Venezuelan recall rally. These actions of his parents have brought him to the same career choice of carrying on the family tradition.

Thor Havlorssen started his activist group called the Human Rights Foundation in New York. Since its creation in 2005, the group has led the charge against many unjust happenings in the world. Just two are the incarcerations of a band in Russia for speaking out against Putin and visiting the government shutdown Unified Buddhist Church of Vietnam. These risky maneuvers to uncover the story behind what was going on ended up badly after being assaulted by police, but he was able to get the story on both. His kind of dangerous and direct reporting coupled with real action to help is what shows Havlorssen commitment to his work.

Probably one of his best works is with the surviving defectors of North Korea. He has been able to travel and meet some of the people that have escaped the terrible concentration camp that North Korea basically has become. During these interviews, he has been able to relay the horrors that happen behind the closed borders of the country. By doing this he has been able to help expose the genocide that the world has let continue within the country. These pieces, along with his other great work, have helped to reveal what is happening in our world.

The Federal SEC Whistleblower Program

After the collapse of financial markets in 2008, Congress took some strict measures. One of the legislative that resulted from this was the Dodd-Frank Act. It was among the most comprehensive financial reforms since the Great Depression. One of the provisions of this Act was the establishment of a whistleblower program. The program provides financial and employment incentives for people to report violations to the Securities Exchange Commission.

The First Law Firm to Offer Services
After the Act was established, Labaton Sucharow Law firm quickly established a practice to handle individuals who chose to make reports to the SEC. The firm is already well set up in the litigation of securities violations. As a result, it can utilize the investigators, forensic accountants, financial analysts, who have federal and state experience. The practice, led by Jordan A. Thomas, can thus offer clients, a level of service unlike any other in the country. Mr. Thomas previously worked as the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director for the SEC. He was in a leading role in the development of the Whistleblower Program. There are no other firms with such an intrinsic understanding of this legislation.

Whistleblower Incentives
The whistleblower program provides for the whistleblower to get some compensation. He or she gets 10-30% of the money collected by the SEC after enforcement actions have been taken. However, he or she is only eligible if the sanctions exceed a million dollars. Also, the whistleblower can get additional payments based on sanctions collected by other regulatory bodies. The Dodd-Frank Act offers whistleblowers protection from retaliatory actions by the employer. A whistleblower can also do so anonymously if they do so via an attorney.

Secrecy in Reporting
The firm has established many ways for people to learn more about the program. For instance, if one needs a case evaluation, they can contact the Whistleblower Representation Team. The firm has three options for potential clients to reach. Firstly, they can use a telephone call; secondly, they can use an email address. Thirdly, they can use electronic submission via their website. Clients should note that the initial case evaluations and consultations are free. In addition, any information provided is protected by client-attorney privilege.

Although it is encouraged for one to give personal information, it is not a requirement. In addition, on does not have to provide any information identifying the possible securities violator. The firm also deals with international securities violations. Upon request, the firm will provide a translator to make the process much easier.

What Happens when you use Wen by Chaz?

While there are a ton of beauty products on the market, some stand out more than the rest. And so you have Wen by Chaz, a hair care product that is unlike any other that you’ve ever seen. Wen by Chaz is an awesome hair product that has won the hearts of women of all ages sharing various concerns over the health or appearance of their hair. After using Wen hair, most users report that their hair is better than it has ever been before! Wen isn’t your ordinary hair care product. Instead, this product is an all-in-one shampoo, conditioner and styling treatment that helps deliver phenomenal results when it is beautiful hair you seek. Several versions of Wen are available so that you can find a product for your regardless of your hair types.

What happens when Wen by Chaz is used on fine hair? One user reported to Bustle what happened when she tried her luck with the popular product. What were this user’s findings? Chances are you won’t be surprised to learn how well her experience with Wen turned out.

Starting out with dirty/greasy hair, this young lady applied the Wen cream using the recommended amount of product, with results noted with the very first use! She noticed the feeling of thicker hair on day one of Wen! Each day using the product provided even more noticeable results, although on the days of being unable to wash her hair she did notice a bit of greasiness. The first week of use of the shampoo/conditioner/styler provided this user the chance to familiarize herself with the product. By the end of this first week, the user noticed that her hair was fuller, shinier, and smoother! Wen hair care products are Sephora available. It can also be ordered from the Total Beauty website.

Recommended for those who shower and style their hair each morning, Wen by Chaz is a product that makes life simple, helps reduce the amount of effort needed to maintain beautiful hair, and provides gorgeous, bouncy stands for women with all hair types and all hair lengths.

Learn more about Wen hair brand. Visit the FAQ page here:



Repair Your Online Reputation


When it comes to fixing a bad online reputation, it can be expensive, sometimes costing millions. However, even after you’ve removed negative information about yourself from the internet, it can be hard to truly undo the damage. This can affect your business and your personal life significantly.

For example, when United Airlines gets a negative review which leads to a bed reputation, it can cost about $180 million to fix the situation. This amount of money could case some companies to go bankrupt.

What exactly did this major airline do to tarnish their reputation, and why was improving the reputation of the company so expensive? The situation all started when musician David Caroll was boarding a flight and noticed that his guitar was being flung carelessly in the loading area. Caroll tried to contact United Airlines to get the proper compensation so he could repair his instrument. He tried all lines of communication and didn’t get a response. So, he wrote a song about his experience with United Airlines called United Breaks Guitars.

The song became a hit and there were more than 15 million views of the song on YouTube. The video cost $180 to make, but United Airlines stock fell ten percent during the weeks after the song debuted. Needless to say, they had to consult reputation management consultants.

It’s important to realize that regardless of the reason that a company gets a bad reputation, it can be difficult to conduct business after the public sees the company in a negative light. A bad reputation makes it heard for a company to attract new consumers and retain existing customers. Shareholders may also stop associating with the company.

The Search Fixers is one of the best companies to use if your business has received negative reviews or publicity that has led to a bad reputation. The Search Fixers help to fix bad search results, helping you to build and maintain a steady customer base. The services that The Search Fixers offer are also affordable, so working with the company will likely fit into your internet reputation repair budget.

You can also count on The Search Fixers online reputation management to handle your social media accounts so that followers will not see any questionable information about you online. Their reputation management service company also works to make sure that followers only see the information you want them to see.

When it comes to your business, it’s important to remember that the internet is a big part of who you are and how customers perceive you. It’s essential that you consider hiring experts who can perform reputation management for you in a professional and thorough way. This way, you can focus on making your business grow and exhibit the best customer service to clients.