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The CRDA Unpaid $20 million loan is raising questions about New Brunswick Development Corporation

This past month, Middlesex Regional Development and Expansion Authority failed to pay back $1 million in interest and principle on the received $20 million loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development and Expansion Authority. For five years now, the Improvement Authority has already been in arrears, racking up more than $7 million in skipped payments.
The loan, made in 2005, took a long way in financing the construction of the Heldrich, the New Brunswick hotel and conference facility that was developed by the non-profit organization by the name New Brunswick Development Corporation, Devco.

The Senate president, Stephen Sweeny, has continually touted the corporation as an example of what is usually done when public funds are channeled through private companies for large scale construction execution. The outfit for New Brunswick is also the very model of the Atlantic Development Corporation that is a sister company expecting to oversee over 200 million in private and public funding – including the $19.5 million private and government funding- for the development of the Gateway project in the Chelsea section of the city.

Both companies are headed by the same attorney, Chris Paladino, who arranged for the transfer f the $20 million Heldrich loan. “CRDA will be eventually paid in full, but this will take longer than we expected,” he said this past week.

The Heldrich building, which was opened in 2007 at the beginning of the global economic crisis, is still struggling to attract customers. This past year, it had an occupancy rate of 63.5 percent, and its largest tenant was Johnson & Johnson, whose executives are sitting on the board of directors of the New Brunswick Development Incorporation. The hotel is struggling with raising enough money to run itself and pay for its debt. Full article can be found on the

Securus Technologies Shows Compassion and Caring

As a native Louisianan, I all too well understand the stress and fear that severe flooding can cause. My family and I were victims of Hurricane Katrina in 2005. We managed to get out before the storm hit, but we lost several friends and co-workers who were not so fortunate. We did lose everything else. Thankfully, we did not have anyone incarcerated in Louisiana state prisons. I did know one friend who did, and she was terrified of what had become of her family member. It was days before she was able to get to a place where her family member could call her to let her know that he was alright.
I think that it is a beautiful thing that Securus Technologies stepped up and provided a free call each day for each inmate so they could reassure their families that they were safe and well. Those inmates incarcerated in the area of Louisiana that suffered significant flooding during this summer were able to keep in touch with their loved ones, and the assurance of safety on both sides is priceless.
Securus Technologies is a non-profit company that provides invaluable services to incarcerated inmates as can be seen in this URL:
In the wake of any natural disaster, kindness, generosity, and caring come from many different directions. Securus Technologies is just trying to do their part for the sake all the victims of the flooding in Louisiana.

Lovaganza Announcement for the much awaited Global Celebration

The celebration which is waited by people from all walks of life will showcase cultures from all over the world at the same time. There will be lots of entertainment from motion pictures as well as exciting attractions and exhibitions at the event. The bohemian adventure inspires the celebration of Lovaganza.

The event is inspired by the past era as well as today and even the future of all the nations of the whole world. Dubbed Lovaganza 2020, the event will be an international celebration, and it will take place as from May to September 2020. It will be going on at the same time from eight locations in the world where all the cultures of the different countries in the world will be showcased with the best entertainment from motions pictures. There will also be attractions, exhibitions as well as live events which will be based on one theme. The subject of Lovaganza’s event will be embarking on Bohemian adventure around the world.

The game had been scheduled to take place in the year 2015, but it was postponed to 2020. It is because of the emergence of new technology in the entertainment industry which will be made to use at the time so that the experience of different cultures can be felt. The celebrations will go for four months and will take place in America, Europe, Africa, Middle East, Oceania and Asia hence going across the whole world.

Many activities will come before the official celebration in the year 2020. First of all is the traveling show that will commence 2017 and it will be used for the promotions of the event as well as the goals and missions of the celebration. There will be a presentation of samples of 3D cinemas freely by Lovaganza. After the traveling show, three main motion pictures will be released before 2020 so that they can be demonstrated during Lovaganza travels. It will be through their 3D, standard 3D, and 2D technologies. The shooting has commenced in some countries such as Spain, France, and the U.s and soon it will be starting in India, Africa and the rest of the world.

Lovaganza has its protocol organized in two structures which include one for making a profit and it is called the Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise. The aim is to give entertainment to the whole world and make sure the audience of the world is inspired and left wondering since all cultures of the world are discovered. The second is a non-profit one with the aim of giving support to the initiatives of both regional and global.

Lovaganza foundation is scheduled to be opened in the year 2018 so that it can be fully prepared to comply with different aspects of the various regions. So that you can stay updated on the most anticipated world event, you can visit

Learn more about Lovaganza:

Lovaganza from J-Scott on Vimeo.