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What Can a Lifestyle Start Up Do For You?

We are at an exciting point in time where the internet and the rest of the technological world is starting to really effect us. Social media has been around forever, sure enough, and it would be hard to quantify just how much this has changed us as a result. Think of the last time that you were on Facebook or Instagram. Pretty recently, right? Magnises, a New York based start up, is seeking to take that social media focus and push it into real world applications. That is why Magnises decided to launch its coveted membership program. Could it work for you?

What Magnises offers people is simple: the chance to network and share huge life experiences with people that you would want to network with anyways. The Magnises black card, or just the Magnises card as we call it, is an exclusive membership card that can be purchased for a monthly or annual fee. This card can be linked directly to your bank account and from there you can use it to really life up to the luxury lifestyle that you dream of. Members of the Magnises lifestyle card will be granted access to exclusive clubs, private events, and even reclusive restaurants. The membership card runs a hot $250 per year or you can pay a slightly increased monthly rate in order to go month to month. These benefits all sound great, but what is the company aiming to do here?

Billy McFarland started up the company back in 2014 to create a medium between luxury brands on and the kind of customers who would enjoy them. Social media, as we know, is one of the best ways to put information out into the world.. McFarland attaches its membership card to some of the best companies on the planet which includes Tesla and Johnny Walker in order to associate with luxury lifestyles. The kind of customers who would enjoy the aforementioned products will likely also enjoy the luxury lifestyle that Magnises is offering.

The biggest reason that we love Magnises, however, is that it puts us directly into contact with likeminded individuals in a real and tangible way. Alex Zumwalt is a perfect example of just how important Magnises can be. Zumwalt is a hyper active, busy business analyst who rarely has time to plan ahead in order to enhance her night. As a member of Magnises she is instantly attached to a huge social clique that will always be there for her no matter when or how busy she actually is. Magnises offers invitations to everything from concerts and clubs to professional sporting events on

At the end of the day Magnises can be a product that changes your life. However, in order to get the most out of Magnises you will have to be willing to get out there and be a part of the world. Magnises makes it easier than ever to make friends in the adult world while simultaneously pushing its members into an area to network and excel.

Substantial Unpaid Loan Promises by DEVCO for Newly Developed Heldrich

Recently, Press of Atlantic City released an article informing the public of questions arising from the unpaid $20 million CRDA loan by New Brunswick DEVCO.


The Improvement Authority had received a multi-million dollar loan by the Casino Reinvestment Development Authority and is failing to make payments. Stephen Sweeney, state Senate President, expresses that this is what happens when public funding is distributed by private firms for substantial construction. Christopher Paladino, the corporation’s head attorney, assures that the loan will be paid; it is just going to take a few years. This raises questions as the newly constructed Heldrich has not consistently been attracting customers and even required the company to use approximately $776,000 of its own money.


However, there have been statements saying the loan is to be paid from available revenues once paying senior lien public bond holders. The Executive Director of the CRDA reported the agency approved the loan despite knowing it would be one of the last to be repaid on the project. The promised, unpaid debt is also being justified in that the project is believed to have noticeable economic influences for the community.


Devco, New Brunswick Development Corporation, is an urban real-estate development company that is private and nonprofit. Some company characteristics include project financing, strategic alliances, and public-private partnerships. The company has received project rewards by some organizations like Gateway Transit Village, Riverwatch Commons, and New Brunswick High School. Its management is comprised of team developers, a board of directors, and management in communications and operations. Some of DEVCO’s many projects have touched industries in travel, government, healthcare, education, and more.


The company certainly promotes ambitious goals and is continuing projects despite hiccups with the CRDA loan. DEVCO’s years of valuable service in the community is a considering factor towards the delayed loan payments.




Doe Deere’s Success and Her Commitment to Support Entrepreneurs

Doe Deere is the founder and Chief Executive Officer of Lime Crime Cosmetics, a beauty company she launched in 2008. She was born in Russia but raised in New York City. According to Doe, beauty is never about what looks best or natural but instead what a person feels is right at the moment. Though she started very small, Doe has achieved success in her vibrant line of cruelty-free cosmetics.

How did she even come up with the name Lime Crime? The name came from her best color. She also had a dream of developing eye shadows, nail polishes, and lipsticks. This is where Doe drew her motivation and focus. Today, Doe supports entrepreneurship as well as women-owned businesses. She is a mentor to aspiring female entrepreneurs and offers entrepreneurial advice through her Instagram page.

She took the first step way back in 2004 when she registered a new eBay account, “lime crime.” The account was for her new DIY fashion line, and she modeled everything by herself. If you have seen her pictures on Instagram, you know how Doe’s luminous painted face defines her brand, Lime Crime. She got the idea for a makeup brand back from her sewing days.

On a typical day, Doe goes over current projects with her Creative Director as they strategize for other activities. She then holds a meeting with the company’s President and Vice President before meeting with the chief operating officer. Although the meetings are many, they keep the entire team working together towards one goal. Later in the day, Doe works on directing visuals if she is not at the lab helping a chemist develop new products. Nothing goes to production before Doe checks its authenticity. When a new product is developed, she tries it out herself first. The exciting part is that Doe is patient in bringing up ideas to life. She can wait for months, but as soon as the idea comes up, she will get into action decisively.

The fact that customers are shifting their focus to e-commerce excites her since Lime Crime was among the first cosmetic businesses to focus on electronic commerce. According to most experts, it was impossible for products such as lipsticks to be sold to women online because they always want to try it first. However, Doe didn’t agree with this argument, and her company has since been successful. Doe’s “on-lip” lipstick swatch is currently an industry standard. Lime Crime is committed to coming up with innovations and ideas in the field of e-commerce as it aims to create the best shopping experience for its customers around the world.

Doe believes that knowing her brand and what it stands for makes her more productive and efficient as an entrepreneur. She has a clear picture of her customers, and therefore it becomes easier to make the right decisions. Although she started her career in an insurance company, Doe says she didn’t fit in. She wanted to be true to herself.

Lime Crime has experienced much success as a result of her commitment to treating the employees, vendors, and partners with the respect and love they deserve. She doesn’t rule “with an iron fist.” As a leader, Doe strives to uplift and drive her employees towards success through positive reinforcement.

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Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is the founder and CEO of, a site launched this year. The business, built for college kids, has seen huge success in the digital market, despite being relatively young. The reason behind the quick growth might be the experience brought to the table by Verne. Besides, he has been starting businesses and selling them for over two decades now. According to Verne, there are five key secrets for being successful in any business.

First, you need to differentiate between a leader and a boss. Many a times, these two terms are taken to mean the same thing, but they actually are totally different. A leader can be a boss, but a boss cannot be a leader. To be a leader, you have to learn to listen to other people and incorporate their pitches. This begets, not only respect, but also loyalty, a necessary ingredient for business success.

Secondly, is to avoid being greedy. It might be tempting to conduct business where you win easily without caring what others parties have to lose. But this is sheer stupidity that ill only lead to the failure of your business in the long run. Remember that, alone you cannot succeed. You need your clients, employees, the society, government etc. for you to succeed. If you are to upset them now, then you will have no one to push your business through.

Verne also encourages for people to be good listeners in order to succeed in business. You have to be willing to listen what other people have to say. Sometimes, the points they make can be the propellant to take your business to the nest level. Also, if you say less than you listen, you will avoid saying stupid things that might make you lose credibility from your clients.

Do not start a business just because you see other people thriving in that industry. Always start something out of passion. Doing something you love will motivate you to keep going at it even when times are tough. Besides, it is always easier to do something because you want to, rather than because you have to.

According to Josh Verne, successful people learn to balance their lives early. Achieving a balance between your career and personal life is very important. If one area suffers, it jeopardizes the success of the other. Therefore, before you start a business ensure that you are good at balancing between the business and other areas of your life. Every part is important as the other. However, he also recognizes that this does not have to be something that you achieve in a day. You will have to keep working at it, each day getting better than the previous.

Bottom Line
In the end, your business success is all reliant on discipline and the effort you put to it. You have to be very disciplined in order to incorporate this tips. Otherwise, this will just be a read you passed by that had no contribution to your business, whatsoever.