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Wen By Chaz Is The Best

When women want to look their best, they need to get the best hair product that will work for them. This can be a bit confusing because there are so many products available to them, and a lot of them are very expensive. Since most women don’t want to spend a fortune for their hair needs, they are always looking for better answers to their hair care problems. There is an answer for these women, and this product works with all kinds of hair types. This hair care product is called Wen by Chaz Dean, see, and it is reasonably priced.

Is Wen By Chaz Difficult To Use For Women?

No, it is very simple to use. It is a shampoo and conditioner in one, which keeps the price down for them also. When using WEN by Chaz, they simply want to follow the instructions that are included with the product. They will begin to see results right away. Their hair will look and feel better to them. It will be easy to style.

Why Is Wen By Chaz So Popular With Women Of All Ages?

Wen by Chaz has grown in popularity because women want a product for their hair that doesn’t require a lot of time and expense. Wen by Chaz offers them what they need so they are able to look great all the time.

When using Wen by Chaz, women will notice that others will give them compliments about how nice they look. They will know that it is due to using this hair care product on a regular basis because it allows the hair to look clean and healthy all the time. It is a product that is growing in popularity with many women because it works so well in such a short time. Visit Wen’s Twitter and Facebook page for more info.




Achievements Made By Seattle Genetics’ Clay Siegall In The Pharmaceutical Industry

Clay Siegall is the chairman of the board, president, and CEO of Seattle Genetics. Siegall is a trained scientist. His research has heavily focused on targeted cancer therapies. In 1998, Siegall founded Seattle Genetics. The company is regarded as a market leader in the development of cancer drugs, research, and scientific innovation. Siegall has always been passionate about assisting patients. Through his transformative leadership, Siegall has led Seattle Genetics to its current top position in terms of developing antibody-drug conjugates for cancer treatment.
Additionally, under Clay Siegall’s guidance, the company has entered into numerous strategic partnerships for its antibody-drug conjugate technology. Seattle has strategic licenses with AbbVie, Pfizer, Genentech, and GlaxoSmithKline. These partnerships have generated over $300 million. Seattle Genetics has inspired the development of internal and collaborator programs. Currently, over 20 ADCs are in clinical development. They are using the company’s technology.
In addition, Clay Siegall has secured over $650 million in capital. He has managed to raise huge capital through public and private financing. This includes Seattle Genetics’ initial public offering, which was effected in 2001.

Before establishing Seattle Genetics, Siegall worked for the Bristol-Myers Squibb Pharmaceutical Research Institute. Between 1991 and 1997, he was a senior employee at the National Cancer Institute. In 1988, Siegall joined the National Institute of Health where he rendered his services until 1991.
Currently, Siegall serves on the board of directors of Washington Biotechnology and Biomedical Association as well as Alder BioPharmaceuticals. In addition, he is a member of the Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Business Alliance’s board of governors. In 2013, Siegall was appointed to Mirna Therapeutics’ board of directors. The biotechnology firm focuses on enhancing the development and commercialization of microRNA. The company was excited to appoint Siegall given his wide-ranging experience in the pharmaceutical industry.
During CHI’s 5th Annual Antibody-Drug Conjugates Conference (PEGS Summit), which was held in Boston, Clay Siegall was given the opportunity to make a keynote presentation. He shared his experiences and perspectives on the future of Seattle Genetics. Siegall noted that the company was proud because its product, ADCETRIS, had treated over 15,000 lymphoma patients across the globe. Clay discussed at length about the prospects and trends of the ADCs field. He concluded by reiterating the steps that he would take to overcome the emerging challenges.

Wen By Chaz: A Fine Haired Blogger Gives it a Go

Every girl dreams of having thick, luscious curls worthy of a silver screen starlet. One brave blogger on Bustle decided to journal her experience with Wen by Chaz. For an entire week she replaced her typical hair care products with a bottle of Fig formulation Wen.

About Wen by Chaz

Wen is an interesting new way to look at hair care. Most products these days come as product families. Hair care experts expect you to use a separate product for every step of hair care. This means a bottle of shampoo and another of conditioner. If you like to use sealants or leave-in products, you will also need to get them.

Wen successfully replaces all of these with its sulfate-free formula in a single bottle. There are a number of different blends of Wen, each is intended to work best with a particular hair type or need. The Bustle blogger used a formula intended to give hair extra moisture and shine.

Her Results

The blogger has self-described thin and fine hair. One of the first things that she noticed was that Wen made her hair feel thicker and fuller right away. She also noticed that she had less dropped hair in the tub after washing.

Over the week she discovered that her Wen really did deliver on its promise to give her hair great shine and plenty of moisture. A ritual of a morning wash and blow dry gave her great looking hair all day long. By days five and six she was marveling at the softness of her locks.

Even better, those around her were noticing that she was now sporting a head of shiny hair! Compliments like that are a great confidence boost for anyone. Her conclusion is that this is a great product for those with thin or fine hair. Those with morning shower routines will love the soft, shiny locks that will grace their heads. Visit the Wen Facebook page and YouTube channel for more details today.

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Kenneth Goodgame’s Strategies for Succeeding as a Sales, Marketing, and Merchandising Professional

Kenneth Goodgame is known for his authoritative management style, which is clearly demonstrated during his tenure at True Value Company. His expertise lies in marketing and merchandising. As the CMO and senior vice president, he helped in shaping the True Value’s marketing future by propelling its marketing plans to a higher level.

One of the achievements that True Value Company has earned is an increase in its second quarter earnings. Goodgame has worked with several companies and helped them generate lots of revenue through his sales and marketing expertise. He uses his leadership skills to foster productivity by analyzing cost-based negotiations.

Kenneth Goodgame has worked in both manufacturing and retail sectors for more than 15 years. His several years of experience allow him to monitor market shifts and use this observation to avoid business mistakes that most people miss.

He values teamwork and equates low performance in companies to poor teamwork strategies. Kenneth Goodgame once transformed a buying team that performed poorly. He achieved this objective by replacing 40 percent of the team with new members. The company that comprised of the poor-performing buying team recorded an eight percent increase in profits.

Goodgame’s 250 SKU ELDP Program

The 250 SKU ELDP program was designed by Kenneth and was meant to help retailers in setting product prices. The program enabled many retailers to reduce most of their product prices based on the current market conditions. In late 2015, the value of an ordinary retail basket increased by 9 percent.

Goodgame’s Advice to Merchants

Goodgame believes that common sense is the ultimate key to success in retail merchandising. In a series of articles posted on his website, he mentioned that the reason why he succeeded as a merchant is that he established his rules and followed them consistently.

According to Kenneth Goodgame, these rules should be timely and relevant for them to work based on trader’s merchandising missions and objectives. Ken Goodgame advises merchants to make their advertising strategies more interactive and comprehensive. He also advises them to avoid copying advertising strategies used by other traders and instead come up with their unique marketing programs.

Online Reputation Management – The Search Fixers

Nowadays, people use the Internet to find out about organizations and products before making a buying decision. Have you searched your name or your business online to know how you are being portrayed? If not, you may be surprised how you are presented to Internet surfers. It is imperative that you find out what others are saying about you or your brand.

When it comes to online reputation, you should have a reliable system in place if you want to have an impressive result. Reputation damage or related matters can occur at any time, and people need to be prepared and have access to resources that help resolve them.

Just about every company, entrepreneur or professional needs online credibility and reputation management service. In this modern time, it’s almost impossible to run a successful enterprise without having a favorable online reputation. Once something unfavorable appears online about an organization, that company will suffer devastating impact and will not recover except if they make use of the services of highly trained online credibility and reputation consultants.

A desirable spin on your unwanted reviews indicated that you are eager and ready to do what it takes to ensure that your customers are satisfied, even those that are saying derogatory things ab about you or your organization.

The Search Fixers is a highly reputable online reputation management firm with a team of experienced and competent professionals. The professionals at The Search Fixers have great expertise in content creation and digital publishing, as well as SEO skills. They use these special skills to render top quality solutions to their clients. Their reputation monitoring platform allows you to take advantage of your reviews on the internet, both adverse and favorable.

They will advise you and provide you with a way to build a good reputation online, and how to be prepared for any impending threats or attacks. They will make sure that you have an efficient system in place, to ward off or suppress negative reviews and promote favorable content.

Once you get in touch with them, these professionals will take the time to explain things in a way that you will easily understand, and guide you in developing a customized plan to protect your online image and build your brand.

To learn more about The Search Fixers and the vast range of reputation management solution they provide, have a look at their website.

DeVos Family Foundation Speaks with Philanthropy Magazine

The DeVos family has been involved philanthropic endeavors for decades, always striving to improve social problems both locally and nationally. Recently, Betsy DeVos sat down for an interview with Philanthropy magazine to discuss her history with philanthropy and the future she hopes to see develop through her many endeavors. Since even her school days, Mrs. DeVos has been interested in inspiring improvement and change through roles both politically and philanthropically. She participates and leads several committees and groups in her home state of Michigan. Perhaps most actively though is her role in non-profit organizations. Mrs. DeVos acts as Chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which she started with her husband. One of Mrs. DeVos’ main focus through her non-profit endeavors has been in the realm of education reform. She is a strong proponent of school choice. In her interview, Mrs. DeVos speaks of the several ways in which her husband and her tried to help lower-income families have an opportunity to choose where their kids went to school. Soon, the DeVos family realized that if they want to make any fundamental change, it will have to come through changing the laws that are in place. Since then, Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have made it their mission to help promote the school choice movement with their influence both politically through their involvement on school boards and local committees as well as philanthropically through their program and support of others.


Besides having a very active presence in philanthropy, the DeVos family is perhaps best known for their success in business and politics. Dick DeVos is the former CEO of Amway distribution company. He took control of his father’s company from 1993 to 2002. During his time as vice president, Amway saw a large increase in international revenue as DeVos raised it beyond domestic revenue for the first time in the history of Amway. Dick DeVos also used to be the president and CEO of the Orland Magic basketball franchise. He acquired this position in 1991. After his affiliation with the Orlando Magic, DeVos returned to Amway as president and expanded his company to be involved in six continents and over 50 different countries worldwide. DeVos has also been actively involved in politics. In 1990 he was placed as a member onto the Michigan State Board of Education. Additionally, DeVos ran for governor of Michigan as the Republican Party’s nomination in 2005.