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Securus Technologies with GTL’s technology platforms

At present circumstances, lion’s share of individuals know about GTL’s innovation as they used to utilize less productive, more seasoned, principally commence based frameworks, less centralized storage and processing frameworks. Securus works its household based-call facility that is staffed by Securus specialists. Some time recently, GTL demonstrated how the organization outsourced a bigger number of its customer benefits. Nevertheless, affirmed data demonstrated how the organization incorporated call answer execution of 600% when contrasted with GTL. Then again, Securus uses experienced and trained field specialists as contrasted with GTL. That is when contracting a large portion of the duties to non-laborers who might not have a comparable personal stake to serve clients in like way.

All the more in this way, Securus has set up the greatest Voice Over Internet Protocol Corrections stage for bringing over the world. The VOIP stage offers customers with routine redesigning of programming that allows new services and products to be disseminated consistently to each customer at a reasonable cost and in an easier manner. That is contrasted with the GTL’s obsolete platforms. Larger part of customers who connected GTL are at present utilizing Securus stage and many have affirmed how the organization’s innovation including client administration is much better compared to the order system of GTL. That is from clients who have engaged with both platforms.

Securus Technologies has its working facilities headquartered in Dallas, Texas and is as of now serving more than 3,450 customers who involve: enforcing of law, corrections agencies & public safety, including more than 1,200,000 prisoners inside North America. The organization is committed to serve and furthermore interface individuals and firms by providing public information, emergency responses, monitoring products, investigation, biometric analysis, incident management, inmate self-service, communication, information management and services with the objective of improving the world status. Thus, Securus Technologies reputation has continued to grow with the services becoming common each and every day.


How Thor Halvorssen Works to Shed Light on Human Rights Abuses

When Thor Halvorssen founded the nonpartisan, nonprofit Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005, he did so to promote democracy and defend human rights as defined by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The Organization’s programs include advocacy campaigns, conferences, events and film production.

In 2014, the Human Rights Organization’s held a two-day hackathon in San Francisco, bringing together North Korean defectors and tech experts to figure out ways to provide an information lifeline to North Korean, where most citizens are not allowed to access the Internet. In the past, the HRF attached USB drives and pro-democracy leaflets to balloons and pushed them across the North Korean border.

The Oslo Freedom Forum is the largest event the HRF produces each year. Human rights advocates, dissidents and world leaders gather to discuss strategies and innovative methods for driving reform and amplifying dissent.

Producing the College Freedom Forum as well, the HRF puts together philanthropists, human rights activists, and other speakers who hold question and answer sessions with the audience each year at a different university.

As a film producer, Thor Halvorssen focuses on films about revolutions against dictatorships in Hungary, Estonia, Romania, Czech Republic and one futuristic dictatorship. He’s also produced a documentary film about exploited workers at the sugar plantations in the Caribbean. Halvorssen founded the Moving Picture Institute as well, which is a public charity for new filmmakers with a fresh perspective on freedom of speech.

Thor Halvorssen is a very private person. He admits to being a liberal, however, he does not discuss his own political views, preferring to concentrate on drawing attention to authoritarian regimes where political expression is forbidden and Thor of more information click here.

5 Ways EOS Outdid Chapstick

EOS is now a top-rated lip balm brand, just seven years into business. Evolution of Smooth is now a better selling product than Chapstick, the once untouchable lip balm that served lip care needs for more than 100 years. EOS did everything right, from the start, helping establish their name as one that is trustworthy and credible. But this still doesn’t explain how this Lip Balm Company outdid Chapstick, a household name. Five things EOS did to create the name they have now:

  1. Engaging the Senses

When the creators of EOS lip balm began designing their product, they wanted to create a trendy product that would still be trendy years down the road. They did this by creating a product that invigorated all the senses.

  1. Affordable Price

To appeal to a larger audience, EOS maintained an affordable price for their product, but never skimped on the quality ingredients used inside the lip balms. For a cost of about $3 per orb, you have an adventure for your lips waiting!

  1. Focusing on Product

EOS could have easily hired outside sources to help create their product, and for enhancements. Instead, they worked firsthand on the product creation and continue this tradition today, seven years after the brand first hit the shelves in Walgreens.

  1. It’s all in the Marketing

EOS started out as a brand that was lively, fun, and full of life. They highlighted their genuine qualities with effective marketing. Keds is one of the many brands that EOS paired with upon release of their product.

  1. Copycats

EOS is doing something right. They’re doing everything right. In fact, since the release of their lip balm orbs, Walgreens, Sephora, Ulta and many other brands, have created their own versions of the product.

Top Fields for Brazilian Law Graduates

According to the Brazilian magazine Exame, some fields of law have proven to be more popular and lucrative than other areas for young Brazilian law grads as well as seasoned attorneys. Although the financial crisis and ensuing recession have left some out of work, other professionals are cashing in. Here are two legal specialties that have Brazilian lawyers taking a second look.

Bankruptcy Law

This specialty has been the economic engine for a number of firms in recent years. The economic downtown has led to a sharp increase in companies encountering financial difficulties, which has generated new opportunities. Attorneys who work in this field help companies reorganize and negotiate their debt in order to emerge from bankruptcy protection. Brazil’s financial crisis has led to a jump in the number of companies seeking protection from creditors.


Compliance as a legal field in Brazil was once dominated by criminal lawyers whose scope of practice was mostly limited to waiting around for a complaint to be filed before fighting back. However, young lawyers view compliance as an emerging, high-growth field with lots of potential. The idea of compliance as a distinct practice area has been around in the country for around a decade, but the scandals surrounding Operation Car Wash have made the specialty increasingly relevant.

Ricardo Tosto is an attorney with decades of experience in Sao Paulo. He is the founder of one of Brazil’s most respected firms, and is extremely active in the legal community as a mentor and teacher. After earning a degree from Sao Paulo’s McKenzie Law School, Ricardo Tosto went on to build his firm into a powerhouse boutique firm. According to Tosto, he regards his staff and partners as members of a large family.

In addition to being a respected lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is also a historian, with a number of publications about Brazilian history to his credit. A voracious reader, he believes that staying up-to-date with the law is essential to being an effective practitioner. Ricardo Tosto often takes and teaches continuing education courses to keep abreast of new developments.

How Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Managed To Grow 4,000 In Three Years

For a while, it had seemed like the age of the plastic water bottle was over forever. Studies have been released over the last decade or so informing the public about the negative impact that this industry has had on the environment. With 69 million bottles of water being consumed daily, our landfills are overflowing with plastic material.

In 2012, 22-year-old Ryan Emmons set out to change the bottled water industry with his product, Waiakea Water. Emmons had frequently spent his summers in Hawaii with his family and often visited the Waiakea Springs to drink the delicious water. Filtered through 14,000 feet of the active Mauna Loa volcano, the water picks up its unique taste and its incredible nutritional value from nutrients like silica, magnesium, sodium and calcium.

The water is also highly alkaline. With a pH level of 8.8, Waiakea water can balance the fluids in the body, alleviate symptoms related to digestive ailments and boost the immune system.

Additionally, the water is completely sustainable. Because the Waiakea area receives lots of rainfall, the water is totally replenished after only 30 days.

In order to create an environmentally-friendly company, Emmons decided to use recycled materials to create the bottles. Plus, he implemented a manufacturing process that uses 85 percent less energy than that of other popular bottled water companies. This process has been the first in the bottled beverage industry to become certified carbon neutral.

According to Global News Wire, Emmons also takes a charitable initiative with his company. For every 1 liter of Waiakea Water purchased by a consumer, charitable organization Pump Aid donates 650 liters of fresh drinking water to an African village in need. Through their combined efforts, more than 5 million liters of clean water have been donated.

Today, Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is valued at over $10 million. In its first three years, the company grew over 4,000 percent. Currently, the product is sold in thousands of stores across the United States and the demand has become so high that Emmons is opening another manufacturing branch in Hawaii. By creating such a socially responsible company, Emmons has changed the bottled water industry forever.

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