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Jennifer Walden- A Credible Plastic Surgeon

What’s the harm in a little nip and tuck here and there? The answer is nothing! Plastic Surgery has become an essential part of society. A person no longer needs to spend hours at the gym each day to achieve the results they want months from now. All things considered, it is best to have a surgeon who is an experienced professional. Dr. Jennifer L. Walden is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon who has gained a credible reputation through her achievements and practice philosophy and read full article.

Dr. Walden has a profound educational background that stands above most in her medical field. She is an undergraduate education with a B.A in Biology at the University of Texas. Later, receiving a Medical Doctorate with Highest Honors at the University of Texas Medical Branch. However, her accomplishments don’t stop there! In addition, Dr. Walden has also been a part of Texas Alpha Chapter of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society. She also performed an externship at the Prestigious Plastic Surgery Associates in Miami. Afterwards, she served as the Program Director of the Manhattan Eye, Ear and Throat Hospital Aesthetic Surgery Fellowship, before moving back to her hometown of Austin, TX to practice. Her hard work hasn’t gone unnoticed either. Dr. Jennifer Walden has won awards such as: The Mavis P. Kelsey Excellence in Medicine Award and Scholarship (1998), The Janet M. Glasgow Memorial Award and Achievement Citation given by the American Medical Women’s Association (1998), and Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Award for the Best Scientific Exhibit by a Candidate (Vancouver, BC, 2004).

Dr. Jennifer Walden’s dedication to learning and being knowledgeable transforms into her practice. Dr. Walden understands that for women, having a nip here and a tuck there is instrumental to their body goals. Therefore, by specializing in cosmetic surgery she is able to offer women improved self-esteem and a better quality of life and also a non-judgmental point of view and learn more about Jennifer.

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Securus Technologies – Emphasizing on Providing Excellent Customer Service

It is important for the correctional facilities to use advanced technology to changing times to keep them updated and to perform efficiently. Technology is playing a significant role in just about every industry one can name, and correctional industry is no different. Securus Technologies is one of the most renowned and highly respected firms that offers a comprehensive range of services to the correctional facilities. The company provides inmate communication services, prison technology, parolee tracking system, government information management solutions, and more.

The company recently announced the launch of the video visitation service that would allow the inmates to talk as well as see their family and friends through the means of a smart device. It would ensure that the families who stay far away from the correctional facilities do not have to travel all the way to the prison frequently and can still see the inmate member easily on a regular basis. Securus Technologies is known to emphasize on the customer service and has one of the best customer services in the industry. In a recent Gold Stevie Award ceremony, Securus Technologies bagged the award for the best customer service training team.

It shows the commitment of the company to ensure that its customer service remains top of the line and that each and every queries and grievances of the customers are resolved at the earliest. Securus Technologies’ services reach out to more than 1.2 million prisoners at the moment, and in the days to come, the figure is expected to rise significantly. The company’s services are also highly appreciated by the law enforcement officers, who frequently write to the company admiring their services. The content of the letters written by the law enforcement officers were recently shared by the company in a media release. It helped showcase how the company’s prison technology services are contributing towards building a safer community.



McDonald And Beyond

China and More

Among its most recent endeavors in China in 2016, The OSI Group and its President David McDonald – launched, expanded and then announced plans to incorporate seven all-new global processing and production facilities. In September, The OSI Group broke ground through a Portland beef-processing facility that sought to replace another existing operation in hopes to bolster its staff by 30 percent.

As of last January, the company announced openings for its upcoming modern feed mill within the Shandong Province – to hold annual capacities of 600,000 metric tons. This alone would make it one of the largest Chinese feed mills to operate. Plus, another frozen foods processing plant, based in Madanapalle, India – one that initially sought to focus on manufacturing vegetable products for fast-service restaurants and retail suppliers – joined the team in March.

Last June, The OSI Group had announced its new plant, based in Geneva, Ill. The plan was to produce branded or private-label frozen entrées. This plant’s attached to a facility that’s owned by Millard. Also, The OSI Food Solutions in Hungary added high-capacity production lines and larger cold storage areas to its building in Bábolna. This $25 million addition tripled the production capacities of quality-processed chicken products to an annual 22,000 tons.

Read more: OSI Group Acquires Flagship Europe.

David McDonald as President and COO remembers years in which they’ve opened more plants and even years in which they’ve opened less. Nonetheless, the company continues in its appetite for growth. OSI Chairman, Sheldon Lavin, always pushed the team forward; therefore, there’s a constant energy within the organization to both grow and become more significant in offering more to its customers.


David McDonald OSI Group notes that offering more to each customer doesn’t limit to production capacity but includes product development also. The OSI Group partners with clients on products that they need to grow the business and, in turn, joins its suppliers to achieve its outcome.

According to, as consumers grow more demanding and more sophisticated in food choice – natural or organic, premium or affordable, healthy or tasty – the partnering efforts to give them what they want has thus become even more crucial.

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Chris Burch And His Nihiwatu Resort

Chris Burch is one of the finest minds in the fashion world, and he is moving into the hotel industry by starting the Nihiwatu Resort. He has placed this resort on a beautiful island in Indonesia, and he wants to grow the profile of his new five-star resort to help all customers receive the experience they need. This article explains how Chris does his work, and there is a look at how he provides better leadership to all his projects.

#1: What Is Nihiwatu?

The Nihiwatu Resort is on a beach in Indonesia that sits on a minor island, and it was once a hostel that had been last abandoned. Chris purchased the property, and he took on partners in the hotel industry who helped him create a much better resort. He had an idea of this beautifully-designed place, and he used his design eye to create a gorgeous resort that is for the five star customer.

#2: The Customer Experience

The customer experience at Nihiwatu has been improved quite a lot, and there are many people who will enjoy using this resort to get away for a while. There are many people who will come to this place because it provides a beautiful escape, and someone who is searching for a better place to come will find that Nihitwatu lets them go to one of the most-remote corners of the world.

#3: His Companies

Chris is the leader of Tory Burch and many other projects that he has created with Burch Creative Capital.  Related articles on  The company is quite important to the fashion industry, and Chris believed that fashionable resorts would be the best step for him. He knows that there are many people who benefit from his work, and he provides them with interesting opportunities that are far beyond the traditional.  To have an in-depth look at Burch Creative Capital, hop over to

#4: Growing Ideas

Chris wants all his readers to try taking risks as much as possible. The risks that are taken often lead to better ideas, and someone who is willing to make changes to their businesses will find that the ideas and risks will go hand-in-hand because of the nature of the business world.  For Burch timeline activities, hit this useful link.

Chris Burch has done quite a lot of work to ensure that the businesses he runs are stronger than ever. He helps them grow with his creative mind, and he has started a lovely resort in Indonesia that is perfect for all five-star resort goers.  For a must-read interview of Burch, click on

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Anthony Petrello: Adding Innovation to the Oil Drilling Industry

Anthony Petrello, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, is known for bringing innovation to the oil and gas drilling industry through Nabors. Since he joined the firm in 1991, Nabors has gone through many transformations that helped it to grow as the leader in petrochemical drilling and exploration. Petrello oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and leading it by providing direction enabling and strategic planning to make the firm stay on top of the today’s competitive and dynamic environment. His significant contributions and strategies in the company have made him one of the highest-paid CEOs multiple times in the past.

Petrello joined the company as the Chief Operating Officer and President in 1991 and elected to Board of Directors of the firm in the same year. Since 2011, he is the Chief Executive Office of the enterprise, and in June 2012, he got further elevation and elected as the Chairman of the Board. During his period, the firm has completed a number of acquisitions around the world that helped it to expand its market from the traditional areas and increased its capacity in offshore drilling. During the years 1997 and 1998, the firm made 13 acquisitions around the world under the leadership of Petrello. Anthony is also focused on safety measures in the companies’ operations, and he implemented a goal zero initiative in the firm to ensure safe working conditions.

Before joining Nabors, Petrello spent his initial years of the career with Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York. He completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics from Yale University. Petrello secured his J.D. from Harvard Law School. He serves on the boards of a number of a number of firms and non-profit organizations or institutions. Anthony is on the boards of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He is known for many philanthropic contributions and donated $5 million to Texas Children’s Hospital; Petrello also pledged another $7 million to support the research on neurological diseases in kids at the Hospital. Anthony is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. Learn More.

Brian Bonar Offers Advice About ETF Investments

ETF investments are waning in popularity in investment circles, and Brian Bonar believes that a number of people must consider ETFs in light of the elections that are occurring in Europe. This article explains why the ETFs are still a good investment, and it shows how Brian has the expertise to speak on the subject. He knows quite a lot about this topic, and he knows how to help his clients make better investments.

#1: What Is The ETF?

The ETF is an interesting investment because there are a number of different people who may use this financial tool because they invest in Europe. The European market will have quite a lot of room to grow, and it will give people a chance to profit from the investment as soon as the economy improves.

#2: Why Does Brian Bonar Believe In The ETF?

Brian Bonar is the CEO of Dalrada Financial, and he believes that many of his clients should use this ETF investment to save money. He knows that Europe will grow quite a lot, and there are quite a few people who will use the ETF because it will help them keep their money spread around. Someone who is working on their own investments must ensure that they have considered the ETF to some degree.

#3: Why Is Brian Interested?

Brian is one of the finest executives in the financial world, and he is a native of Scotland who moved to San Diego long ago. He knows how to help people with their investments, and he wants to see his customers earn more money for their investments. He has many business clients who are offering perks to their employees, and he knows that the ETF will help.

#4: Who Should Try The ETF?

Trying the ETF is an important part of a portfolio, and there are many different people who wish to save money because of these long-term investments. There are quite a few different people who are searching for a way to save money, and they will learn quickly that they will see the ETF rise because the economy cannot go anywhere but up. The people who wish to save money with the ETF must be patient because Brian Bonar has urged them to wait out these investments.

Someone who is searching for a better way to invest must listen to Brian Bonar, and they will find that he has very good ideas about investing in the ETF market. The ETF market is quite large, and it is a place where the European economy comes to save money. Someone who wishes to diversify their funds may use ETFs, and they may follow Brian Bonar’s advice on the subject.

Duda Melzer Continues to Lead RBS Group to Greatness

The RBS Group of companies manages over 18 television stations, two local stations, 24 radio stations, and HSM Educação, that offers executive and business management courses. RBS also is part of the digital market specializing in critical areas like classified, marketing, internet sales, application development, advertising, and entertainment.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, commonly known as Duda Melzer, took over the Presidency of RBS Group in July 2012 after serving the company as its Vice President since 2010. Duda replaced his uncle Nelson Sirotsky who maintained his post as the Chairman of the firm’s Board.

In a statement on Acaert, Nelson proclaimed that the choice to elect Duda as the company’s president symbolized the 3rd generation of leadership at RBS Group and reinforced professionalism in the family corporation. Under his leadership, RBS Group has launched several innovations, and in 2015 Duda won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Family Business Division, an award bestowed by Ernst and Young.

Just recently, Radio Gaúcha, one of RBS Group’s media conglomerates was celebrating its ninth decade in the communication industry since its establishment in 1927. Additionally, the RBS Group recently introduced the model Galaxy Tab E in collaboration with the newspaper of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The move was aimed at keeping up with a large number of persons who read the digital news. The tablet features a 9.6-inch screen and has Wifi connectivity. Its homepage is controlled by Zero Hour newspaper, which can advertise some of its sponsors in the page, developing a creative marketing strategy.

During a statement on Globo, Mr. Melzer explains that the venture has been successful since over 4000 individuals have subscribed during the pre-sale period. Additionally, 20% of the numbers were interested in signing the newspaper for the first time. The Zero Hour subscriptions will cost R $109.90 monthly while its printed newspaper subscriptions cost R $ 85.40 each month.

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Chemist Schott Rocklage Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage joined the company 5AM Ventures as a Venture Partner in back in 2003 and by 2004 he was a Managing Partner. Dr. Rocklage has spent over three decades overseeing various businesses in the healthcare management field of business and has strategic leadership qualities that led to the FDA approval of three (3) US New Drug Applications. In the past, Scott Rocklage has also served as Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and also has served as the CEO of Nycomed Salutar as well. Dr. Rocklage was also the Executive Chairman of the Ilypsa (acquired by Amgen) and Miikana (acquired by EntreMed).

Currently, Scott Rocklage serves as Board Chairman of Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus as well as a member of the board for WaverRx, Pulmatrix, and Variation as well as a member of the Board of Associates of the Whitehead Institute. Scott Rocklage also does his work with 5AM Ventures out of his offices while working from Boston, Massachusetts.

In addition to over 30 years of service in the healthcare management industry, Scott Rocklage has also pursued inventing things as well. Rocklage also has over 30 US patents and co-patents as an inventor. He has also appeared in more than 100 peer-reviewed publications throughout his career. Dr. Rocklage works from his offices based in Massachusetts and more information click here.

Dr. Scott Rocklage went to the University of California where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. He moved on from there to MIT to get his PhD in Chemistry afterward. He conducted his research at the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock (Nobel Peace Prize of 2005) and learn more about Scott Rocklage.

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Troy McQuagge-Carrying His Role Well

CEO Troy McQuagge has been recognized as the Gold Winner by One Planet Awards. This is a premier awards program that honors professional and business overachievers in various industries all over the world. In order to qualify organizations can to be public, private, non-profit for-profit, and large, small, or start-ups and learn more about Troy.

In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH team and began re-building the company’s distribution agency, USHEATH Advisors. His success in this department led to him begin chosen as President and CEO of the USHEATH Group in 2014.

For Troy McQuagge, it is a great honor to be recognized by the One Planet Awards and he believes that everyone at USHEATH Group deserves the same recognition. The award is a reflection of the entire company’s dedication to providing innovative coverage and affordable healthcare to its customers. USHEALTH Group is located out of Fort Worth, Texas and provides innovative health solutions to its customers.

Troy McQuagge has 30 years of experience in the insurance industry and he began his career with Allstate Insurance in 1983. He joined HealthMarkets formerly known as UICI in 1995 and he built two of the largest career insurance organizations in America. He led the company to numerous sales records and to growth as much as 500 percent since 2010. He has a B.A. in Legal Studies that he obtained from the Central Florida University. McQuagge hopes to continue his leadership of USHEALTH Group into many years of success and is passionate about his role in the company and his Twitter.

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What Does Kate Hudson Do For Fabletics?

Did you notice the famous actress Kate Hudson modeling on the website and also starring in a commercial for Fabletics? If you have and aren’t so sure what she’s doing for them, she definitely is doing more for them than you think. She’s not just a face that was paid to be shown on the site; she’s an actual part of the business model and has played a huge role for the growth of the brand. Today, countless women are using this site to find all their favorite activewear at great prices. With just a small monthly fee to gain access to amazing designer brands and getting clothes at such low prices, it’s safe to say that Fabletics is indeed the future.


Kate Hudson does more than just model for them. She’s actual businesswoman who has played a role in the development for what the company does. Things like managing new activewear, operating throughout the office, and even dealing with upcoming fashion trends; they’re all things she will uncover. She has earned millions in the development of this brand because of her involvement and the success it has now achieved. Kate Hudson loves looking at sales every single week to see what’s selling and what isn’t. She gladly takes products that aren’t selling right off the shelf because she knows that it’s not gonna make a difference to keep it up there for longer.


With new clothes being added to the company every single month, it’s important to remember that there is a risk involved for her as a businesswoman to be investing in new designs constantly. However, this is the price they pay in the end because they need new designs for the brand. Hudson loves the company and what it does for her as well as what she can do for it to grow.


Today, there are stores being built right now to bring Fabletics to the real world and outside of just the web. The reason why Fabletics is creating a store is so that they can expand and overcome brands and sites like Amazon. They want to make the company more expensive and interactive. They need it to be different and more unique. They want to allow women to try on clothing in the store and have the option to buy the same exact thing a week later online if they so choose to. Fabletics is definitely taking over.