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How Thor Halvorssen Works to Shed Light on Human Rights Abuses

When Thor Halvorssen founded the nonpartisan, nonprofit Human Rights Foundation (HRF) in 2005, he did so to promote democracy and defend human rights as defined by the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights. The¬†Organization’s programs include advocacy campaigns, conferences, events and film production.

In 2014, the Human Rights Organization’s held a two-day hackathon in San Francisco, bringing together North Korean defectors and tech experts to figure out ways to provide an information lifeline to North Korean, where most citizens are not allowed to access the Internet. In the past, the HRF attached USB drives and pro-democracy leaflets to balloons and pushed them across the North Korean border.

The Oslo Freedom Forum is the largest event the HRF produces each year. Human rights advocates, dissidents and world leaders gather to discuss strategies and innovative methods for driving reform and amplifying dissent.

Producing the College Freedom Forum as well, the HRF puts together philanthropists, human rights activists, and other speakers who hold question and answer sessions with the audience each year at a different university.

As a film producer, Thor Halvorssen focuses on films about revolutions against dictatorships in Hungary, Estonia, Romania, Czech Republic and one futuristic dictatorship. He’s also produced a documentary film about exploited workers at the sugar plantations in the Caribbean. Halvorssen founded the Moving Picture Institute as well, which is a public charity for new filmmakers with a fresh perspective on freedom of speech.

Thor Halvorssen is a very private person. He admits to being a liberal, however, he does not discuss his own political views, preferring to concentrate on drawing attention to authoritarian regimes where political expression is forbidden and Thor of more information click here.

About Yeonmi Park

I am Yeonmi Park, 21 years old and an inhabitant of Seoul in South Korea. I am a North Korean by birth, and I love my country very much. I was born in an area known as Hyesan, and I am an activist. I fight for human rights all over the country. I am a good wordsmith, and I am currently working on a book that explains my life in details and it will come out soon.

Many call me a defector from North Korea but my actions are what have made people believe in me and have a voice to air out their issues. My people have been oppressed for a very long time, and it is high time they come out and speak for themselves. I can provide them the voice they need to air out their issues. I am also a source of inspiration to many people including those who love to push for the freedom of human beings not only in Korea but also globally.

I am excellent in verbal and written English, Korean and Chinese. All these languages I have learnt as I grew up, and this has made me tackle the problem of language barrier. Although I live in South Korea, I am mainly interested in North Korea, which is my homeland. These is because of the violation of human rights and the criminal injustices that go on in that part of the country.

These have made me focus my attention in that area so that I can fight for freedom of those innocent people. These is what led me to take a course in Criminal Justice at Dongguk University which is located in Seoul. I am a junior at the university, but I will soon graduate and head back to my homeland and straighten things out for my people.

Yeonmi Park on have appeared in quite some journals and newspapers. One of the major ones is the Washington Post. I have also been invited to major shows as a guest to talk about human rights and some of the major shows I have been invited include SBS Insight, Voice of America (VOA), BBC2 and Radio Free Asia.

There are others that I am a regular for example Now on My Way to Meet You. These is a show on South Korean TV that acts as a connector between North and South Korea. It tries to integrate the two bringing guests from both areas to try and find a lasting solution to problems that face the two areas. I am a volunteer in some human rights organizations, and I can say that I am proud of what I do. I know I am impacting and changing lives every day.