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The life of North Korean Activist Yeonmi Park

Following their escape from their native home to South Korea, Yeonmi Park devoted her life in exposing the moral and political decay in North Korea. On the other hand, the regime swore to discredit her and everyone else involved in the exposÈ. For instance, North Korean government posted on the internet, a clip denouncing the information released by the human rights activist, Yeonmi Park, claiming it was false and utterly exaggerated. The eighteen-minute clip was one of the recent attacks to the charismatic activists, which aimed at stopping her social activism.

However, despite the attacks, Yeonmi has continued to champion for freedom and justice for the repressed North Korea citizens. The attacks on the outspoken North Korean defectors are not new. Majority of the defectors are accused of lying about the situations back in their home country. Occasionally, death threats are issued on them. In some cases, the threats go beyond mere words. For instance, Yeonmi mother was raped on behalf of her daughter just to protect her. She is an out spoken critic of the leading most secretive and repressive regime in the world. She witnessed political assassination of people back in her home country, being a defector; she was regarded a threat to the ruling regime.

The ruling regime dictated every aspect of the subjects’ life from what they said, where they lived, where they went and even what they should think! The economy of North Korea had grossly deteriorated and famine was a way of life for the citizens. Minor offenses were punishable with death penalties. Slavery was the order of the day and prison cells became home for many innocent people.While speaking to the BBC and THE GUARDIAN, she recounted the starvation and violence she experienced in North Korea. Her family and fellow defectors were forced to feed on insects and grass in order to stay alive. When the situation got intolerable, they fled to China through Gobi desert and later go to South Korea.

The 21-year old North Korean defector Yeonmi Park has become the voice and face of the oppressed in North Korea. She is also an inspiration to all countries experiencing political instability. She currently lives in Seoul in South Korea, where her human right activism activities have intensified. Yeonmi is also a talented writer, her writing is focused on brutal hard truth about the serial killings in her home and her personal experiences as a refugee. One of her latest books is titled “In Order to Live”.