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Troy McQuagge-Carrying His Role Well

CEO Troy McQuagge has been recognized as the Gold Winner by One Planet Awards. This is a premier awards program that honors professional and business overachievers in various industries all over the world. In order to qualify organizations can to be public, private, non-profit for-profit, and large, small, or start-ups and learn more about Troy.

In 2010, Troy McQuagge joined the USHEALTH team and began re-building the company’s distribution agency, USHEATH Advisors. His success in this department led to him begin chosen as President and CEO of the USHEATH Group in 2014.

For Troy McQuagge, it is a great honor to be recognized by the One Planet Awards and he believes that everyone at USHEATH Group deserves the same recognition. The award is a reflection of the entire company’s dedication to providing innovative coverage and affordable healthcare to its customers. USHEALTH Group is located out of Fort Worth, Texas and provides innovative health solutions to its customers.

Troy McQuagge has 30 years of experience in the insurance industry and he began his career with Allstate Insurance in 1983. He joined HealthMarkets formerly known as UICI in 1995 and he built two of the largest career insurance organizations in America. He led the company to numerous sales records and to growth as much as 500 percent since 2010. He has a B.A. in Legal Studies that he obtained from the Central Florida University. McQuagge hopes to continue his leadership of USHEALTH Group into many years of success and is passionate about his role in the company and his Twitter.

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College Roommate Reminisces on Anthony Petrello

In his satirical self-reflection piece titled, “The Prince and The Pauper; My College Roommate became an Oligarch,” Lloyd Grove discusses how wildly his own life path diverged from that of Anthony Petrello, his former roommate at Yale. Though Grove’s position as editor at large of The Daily Beast is no small feat, Petrello’s current status as a captain of industry is fairly awe inspiring, especially given his modest background. Grove recalled his friend Tony as “a public-school scholarship kid from working-class Newark,” always quick with a joke and a laugh and learn more about Anthony.

While sharing their dorm at at Yale University, Grove attained his BA in English and Anthony Petrello achieved his MS in Mathematics, demonstrating his superior mathematical ability. Petrello even became a protégé of Professor Serge Lang, the world-renowned text book author and professor emeritus of mathematics at Yale. The brief acquaintance ended when Grove continued writing and Petrello pursued his JD from Harvard, moving on to work for a Manhattan law firm and then one of the firm’s clients, Nabor Industries and more information click here.

After climbing through the ranks, Petrello currently serves as the Chairman of the Board, Chief Executive Officer and President of Nabors Industries. Grove mustered up the courage to contact his former roommate’s office, and he received an email back which quipped, “one life lesson I have learned is that between being smart or being lucky—lucky is better.” Having risen through the ranks with quick wit and business acumen, Petrello still maintains his sense of humor.

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The CRDA Unpaid $20 million loan is raising questions about New Brunswick Development Corporation

This past month, Middlesex Regional Development and Expansion Authority failed to pay back $1 million in interest and principle on the received $20 million loan from the Casino Reinvestment Development and Expansion Authority. For five years now, the Improvement Authority has already been in arrears, racking up more than $7 million in skipped payments.
The loan, made in 2005, took a long way in financing the construction of the Heldrich, the New Brunswick hotel and conference facility that was developed by the non-profit organization by the name New Brunswick Development Corporation, Devco.

The Senate president, Stephen Sweeny, has continually touted the corporation as an example of what is usually done when public funds are channeled through private companies for large scale construction execution. The outfit for New Brunswick is also the very model of the Atlantic Development Corporation that is a sister company expecting to oversee over 200 million in private and public funding – including the $19.5 million private and government funding- for the development of the Gateway project in the Chelsea section of the city.

Both companies are headed by the same attorney, Chris Paladino, who arranged for the transfer f the $20 million Heldrich loan. “CRDA will be eventually paid in full, but this will take longer than we expected,” he said this past week.

The Heldrich building, which was opened in 2007 at the beginning of the global economic crisis, is still struggling to attract customers. This past year, it had an occupancy rate of 63.5 percent, and its largest tenant was Johnson & Johnson, whose executives are sitting on the board of directors of the New Brunswick Development Incorporation. The hotel is struggling with raising enough money to run itself and pay for its debt. Full article can be found on the