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Anthony Petrello: Adding Innovation to the Oil Drilling Industry

Anthony Petrello, the Chairman and the Chief Executive Officer of Nabors Industries, is known for bringing innovation to the oil and gas drilling industry through Nabors. Since he joined the firm in 1991, Nabors has gone through many transformations that helped it to grow as the leader in petrochemical drilling and exploration. Petrello oversees the day-to-day operations of the company and leading it by providing direction enabling and strategic planning to make the firm stay on top of the today’s competitive and dynamic environment. His significant contributions and strategies in the company have made him one of the highest-paid CEOs multiple times in the past.

Petrello joined the company as the Chief Operating Officer and President in 1991 and elected to Board of Directors of the firm in the same year. Since 2011, he is the Chief Executive Office of the enterprise, and in June 2012, he got further elevation and elected as the Chairman of the Board. During his period, the firm has completed a number of acquisitions around the world that helped it to expand its market from the traditional areas and increased its capacity in offshore drilling. During the years 1997 and 1998, the firm made 13 acquisitions around the world under the leadership of Petrello. Anthony is also focused on safety measures in the companies’ operations, and he implemented a goal zero initiative in the firm to ensure safe working conditions.

Before joining Nabors, Petrello spent his initial years of the career with Baker & McKenzie, a law firm based in New York. He completed his Bachelor of Science and Master of Science in Mathematics from Yale University. Petrello secured his J.D. from Harvard Law School. He serves on the boards of a number of a number of firms and non-profit organizations or institutions. Anthony is on the boards of Hilcorp Energy Company and Stewart & Stevenson LLC. He is known for many philanthropic contributions and donated $5 million to Texas Children’s Hospital; Petrello also pledged another $7 million to support the research on neurological diseases in kids at the Hospital. Anthony is also a member of the Board of Trustees of Texas Children’s Hospital. Learn More.

Duda Melzer Continues to Lead RBS Group to Greatness

The RBS Group of companies manages over 18 television stations, two local stations, 24 radio stations, and HSM Educação, that offers executive and business management courses. RBS also is part of the digital market specializing in critical areas like classified, marketing, internet sales, application development, advertising, and entertainment.

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer, commonly known as Duda Melzer, took over the Presidency of RBS Group in July 2012 after serving the company as its Vice President since 2010. Duda replaced his uncle Nelson Sirotsky who maintained his post as the Chairman of the firm’s Board.

In a statement on Acaert, Nelson proclaimed that the choice to elect Duda as the company’s president symbolized the 3rd generation of leadership at RBS Group and reinforced professionalism in the family corporation. Under his leadership, RBS Group has launched several innovations, and in 2015 Duda won the Entrepreneur of the Year Award in the Family Business Division, an award bestowed by Ernst and Young.

Just recently, Radio Gaúcha, one of RBS Group’s media conglomerates was celebrating its ninth decade in the communication industry since its establishment in 1927. Additionally, the RBS Group recently introduced the model Galaxy Tab E in collaboration with the newspaper of the state of Rio Grande do Sul. The move was aimed at keeping up with a large number of persons who read the digital news. The tablet features a 9.6-inch screen and has Wifi connectivity. Its homepage is controlled by Zero Hour newspaper, which can advertise some of its sponsors in the page, developing a creative marketing strategy.

During a statement on Globo, Mr. Melzer explains that the venture has been successful since over 4000 individuals have subscribed during the pre-sale period. Additionally, 20% of the numbers were interested in signing the newspaper for the first time. The Zero Hour subscriptions will cost R $109.90 monthly while its printed newspaper subscriptions cost R $ 85.40 each month.

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Todd Lubar Success in Business

During the time that real estate business was slowly becoming popular, Todd Lubar ventured into the industry and made it his life long career. His vast experience in business along with the passion for philanthropic efforts made Todd Lubar an expert in real estate investment. Initially, Todd Lubar worked as a loan originator in the Crestar Mortgage Corporation. According to his Linked In page, throughout his career, Lubar gained immense experience in conventional mortgage banking and how to relate with insurance agents, financial planners, CPAs and real estate agents. Later on, in 1999, Todd Lubar moved to the position of an equity officer at Legal Financial Group.

Serving as Legal Finance Corporation’s Equity Officer gave Todd Lubar an opportunity to help outside investors to obtain loans. Todd Lubar launched Legendary Properties LLC in 2002. The establishment of Legendary Properties LLC was a huge step in Lubar’s career as it helped him become an expert in the world of real estate. Here, Todd Lubar initiated more than 200 transactions in sales, purchases, and rehabilitation. These transactions varied from multiple to single families and helped Lubar to build a good relationship with experts in the real estate industry. As such, Todd Lubar created an excellent relationship with the major banking institutions.

Todd Lubar’s Success Journey

Riding on the success of his previous endeavors, Todd Lubar unveiled Charter Funding in 2003. As the President of Charter Funding, Todd Lubar’s businesses developed various initiatives aimed at improving the banking sector. Later on, he formed the Legendary Financial LLC to provide financial assistance to companies and high-net-worth individuals. Under his helm, Charter Funding realized over 7000 successful transactions. Furthermore, Todd gained an extensive experience in loan evaluation and risk analysis as the market fluctuated.

Between 2007 and 2008, Todd ventured into several other lines of business and grew his wealth considerably. As his management skill improved, Todd Lubar became fascinated with the subject of Automotive Scrap recycling. As a result, he founded a scrap recycling business, which proved to be effective. Todd Lubar’s success in business is attributed to his direct involvement in the management roles. Todd lives with his two kids in Bethesda, Maryland. For more info, visit


Repair Your Online Reputation


When it comes to fixing a bad online reputation, it can be expensive, sometimes costing millions. However, even after you’ve removed negative information about yourself from the internet, it can be hard to truly undo the damage. This can affect your business and your personal life significantly.

For example, when United Airlines gets a negative review which leads to a bed reputation, it can cost about $180 million to fix the situation. This amount of money could case some companies to go bankrupt.

What exactly did this major airline do to tarnish their reputation, and why was improving the reputation of the company so expensive? The situation all started when musician David Caroll was boarding a flight and noticed that his guitar was being flung carelessly in the loading area. Caroll tried to contact United Airlines to get the proper compensation so he could repair his instrument. He tried all lines of communication and didn’t get a response. So, he wrote a song about his experience with United Airlines called United Breaks Guitars.

The song became a hit and there were more than 15 million views of the song on YouTube. The video cost $180 to make, but United Airlines stock fell ten percent during the weeks after the song debuted. Needless to say, they had to consult reputation management consultants.

It’s important to realize that regardless of the reason that a company gets a bad reputation, it can be difficult to conduct business after the public sees the company in a negative light. A bad reputation makes it heard for a company to attract new consumers and retain existing customers. Shareholders may also stop associating with the company.

The Search Fixers is one of the best companies to use if your business has received negative reviews or publicity that has led to a bad reputation. The Search Fixers help to fix bad search results, helping you to build and maintain a steady customer base. The services that The Search Fixers offer are also affordable, so working with the company will likely fit into your internet reputation repair budget.

You can also count on The Search Fixers online reputation management to handle your social media accounts so that followers will not see any questionable information about you online. Their reputation management service company also works to make sure that followers only see the information you want them to see.

When it comes to your business, it’s important to remember that the internet is a big part of who you are and how customers perceive you. It’s essential that you consider hiring experts who can perform reputation management for you in a professional and thorough way. This way, you can focus on making your business grow and exhibit the best customer service to clients.

Important Investing Tips from Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten doesn’t just deliver help to men in the investment banking industry. Martin also has helped many women out as well. Martin believes that women can benefit from his tips and education just as much as men can.

“There is a misconception that women can’t take full control over their finances. There is a common misconception that men handle money better than women. I have worked with both. Based on what has been observed, women are ever bit as capable as men are, if not better.”

Lustgarten feels that if more women got a handle on some of these expert tips, then they would be more poised to take the financial world by storm. This goes for both personal and professional investment banking.

1) There is a new initiative in investment banking. It has to do with programs for women. Don’t be put off by these. It’s time for you to take these programs as a beneficial sign. Banks are targeting women because they want to build more of a clientele fan base with women. If more women took these programs and ran with them, they would be helping younger women out too.

2) This is not easy to say, but, sometimes you need to act like a man. The biggest misconception is that this is a male-dominated industry. This logic will continue unless women take more control. This is where you come in. It’s time to act like a man and think like a man, even dress like a man if need be.

You have to be more confident in the way you act and how you sell yourself. This is not just for women who work professionally in the world. It’s also for women looking to open up an account.


These tips are just the beginning, for those of you looking to take some of Martin Lustgarten’s advice. If you would like to know more, please check out his web page. Maybe Martin himself will help you personally become the next tycoon for investment banking. The skies the limits for those women who are looking to succeed in investment banking. There’s only one question Martin has left to ask you.

“What are you waiting for!?”

What To Expect from Wikipedia Writers

A Wikipedia page can do a lot of things. In addition to informing the readers about a subject, the material aids in shaping opinions as well. Businesses and individuals hoping to explore branding and reputation improvement benefits should look closely at hiring Wikipedia writers to put a nice and informative page together.

Skilled Wiki writers can do a lot for Wikipedia. A group of college professors realize there is a very positive benefit to bringing science students into the Wikipedia fold. Rather than writing term papers, the professors are asking the students to write entries on Wikipedia. The students have to follow the site’s rules for content and style, rules that do fit in with academic standards.

One very significant benefit to the contributions of the students is their accuracy. Wikipedia is a community-oriented online encyclopedia. The contributions come from volunteers, and it is vital the volunteers provide detailed and accurate material when they make a Wikipedia page.

The report about the college students that was featured in Mother Board should give those interested in publishing a Wikipedia page pause for thought. Tackling the job of writing a Wikipedia page is best left to the experts. Hiring Wiki experts from Get Your Wiki, for example, would be a good move. Get Your Wiki is one of the top resources available for those looking to hire writers and editors with expertise in crafting content. The writers do need to be experts at Wikipedia article creation, and not just content writing in general. Wikipedia does have certain rules in place, and those rules must be adhered to.

A professional Wikipedia writing service is not going to make errors that lead to problems with the powers that be in charge of Wikipedia. Professionals certainly are not going to provide poorly written content. They simply know better than to do this, and their experience makes producing poor quality work a near impossibility.

The writers also know how to stay on topic, avoid editorializing, and still be able to utilize the marketing psychology necessary for the page to have promotional value. All of this comes with experience and professional Wikipedia writers from reputable services have experience.

The job done by the writers will also be timely. A skilled Wikipedia writing service does not deliver late work. Timeliness is a “big deal” to those relying on having the work finished. Professional services know this, and their professionalism leads to doing what is promised within the time period promised. That’s a plus.

Fashion Meets Football

Football and fashion finally intersect with the launch of the Pittsburgh Steelers’ new clothing line. Headed by Susan McGalla, director of the organization’s strategic planning, the move introduces commercial sports clothing for fans of all ages and genders. The merchandise ranges from work appropriate items to onesies for infant fans. Adding pops of colors and lots of bling will make the jerseys and scarves appealing to young children, and there is a distinct effort to create pieces that can be dressed up or down, depending on what the consumer is looking for. Since 1986, Susan McGalla has worked in various marketing and managerial positions for many well known companies, such as American Eagle.

At American Eagle

McGalla was responsible for overseeing the launch of well known brands aerie and 77kids. Before joining the Steelers, she worked as an independent financial consultant and founded her own company HFF, P3 Executive Consulting. A native of Pittsburgh, McGalla studied at Mount Union College and earned a BA in business and marketing. She is a champion of women in leadership positions, and has set herself up as an example, holding high level roles for most of her career. Now, she has transitioned into an autonomous worker, taking consulting jobs that she finds appealing as well as running the new Steelers’ clothing campaign. One approach McGalla takes when approaching this new venture is utilizing the powerful influence of social media. She has begun the “It’s Not Just Friday, It’s Steelers Friday” movement, encouraging fans to wear and post photos of themselves in Steelers’ gear the Friday of their games. Posting photos enters fans into a contest that could win them an entire black and gold Steelers wardrobe. With McGalla’s expertise and marketing based mind, the new Steelers’ fashion line is making waves among fans.

George Soros predicts the “unpredictable nature of 2016 stock market”

George Soros‘ notion about the unpredictable nature of the 2016 stock market is highly reminiscent of the 2008 financial crisis. Referring to actual facts from, George noted that the United States stock market had experienced an approximately 5% decline in a period of one week. However, George feels that it is a bit presumptive to judge that the 2008 financial crisis is back all over again, unless you resided in Canada where the real estate market has bubbled and houses are yet to be deleveraged.

George notes that if you were to compare last week’s market turmoil to the market collapse back in 2008 financial crisis, there could at least one or two reasons why 2016 is 2008 all over again. However, according to, there are distinctive reasons why this year financial breakdown won’t turn out to be like 2008. Those reasons are based on two perspective numbers; 0.25% and $225 trillion respectively.

$225 trillion is a representation of the foreign debt that is evident today as it was during the 2008 financial break down as explained in According to George, it’s even worse, having increased by $57 trillion right from FY 2007 through to the end of 2014. This puts the global debt-to-GDP in the approximate of 250%.

China is among the involved parties to these debts shenanigans as detailed in Debt owed to this country has roughly doubled from levels before the onset of the global financial crisis. This has highly raised the debt-to-GDP as it now sits at 260% as explained in

On a different platform, 0.25% is a representation of the Federal Reserve baseline interest rate which George believe is everything to this market as detailed in According to him, if the World Bank cuts its 2016 growth forecast rates from 3.3% to 2.9% and the global growth ends up to be disappointing as depicted by the head of IMF, then the global economy will far much be worse than it was in 2008.

Therefore, George warns policy makers to act strategically as any crazy ideas will get them caught in a market crisis similar to that of 2008. George also notes that you might not be surprised when the stock market react certainly to accommodation affirmation laid down by central bank.

Bruce Levenson Is Active In The Business Sector And The Community

In 2012, Bruce and Karen Levenson, one of the nation’s most influential and powerful couple, launched the Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland. This noteworthy organization on recruits altruistic minded undergraduate and graduate students who are committed to participating in great causes within the community.

The primary goal of the center is to provide students with the necessary skills and resources to excel in the non-profit sector. Throughout the years, the foundation has proudly presented an extensive collection of instructional classes, all of which work together to raise $10,000 in proceeds for a variety of charitable organizations. Amazingly, the University of Maryland developed a “living and learning” dormitory that would accommodate sixty freshmen who were enrolled in courses at the center. A study abroad program was also created in which twelve graduate students traveled to India to support non-governmental organizations that focused on youth outreach, wildlife preservation, and disabled initiatives.

In the spring of 2015, Bruce Levenson and Karen Levenson announced the fourth annual Do Good Challenge, which a revolutionary competition that encourages University of Maryland students to positively contribute to their favorite organizations. The participants who executed the most inspiring social impact are awarded $20,000 as an advance to their preferred causes.

The Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership is perhaps the most respected foundation that is dedicated to serving the local, national, and international communities. According to Bruce Levenson, the program focuses on developing influential leaders who are passionate about serving underprivileged individuals. Moreover, students who were involved with the program are often invited to join nonprofit groups such as the Smithsonian and the Marriott Foundation. In fact, after their college graduation, many participants receive full-time jobs at charitable organizations in the Washington, D.C. area. Most prominently, the founders strive to ensure that every University of Maryland alumnus is an informed and passionate philanthropist.

About Bruce Levenson
Bruce Levenson is most known as the former Atlanta Hawks majority share owner. During his profound ten year tenure, he implemented services that greatly increased fan engagement in the Phillips Arena, which ultimately generated considerable profits. He is also recognized for his great business success at United Communications Group, which is a prominent publishing company that provides news for clients in various industries including telecommunications, healthcare, technology, mortgage/investment banking, oil/gas, and consumer/retail.

Alongside his professional career, he enjoys supporting the community as he is involved with many noteworthy foundations across the United States. He currently holds a degree from Washington University and American University.

About Karen Levenson
As an influential teacher, tutor, and mentor, Karen Levenson has successfully empowered thousands of urban students in the Washington, D.C. vicinity. Throughout the years, she partnered with her husband Bruce to support the I Have a Dream Foundation, Center for Philanthropy and Nonprofit Leadership at the University of Maryland, the Jewish Youth Philanthropy Institute, the “Bringing the Lessons Home” program, and the U.S. Holocaust Museum.

The Levenson’s have residences in Potomac, Maryland and Atlanta, Georgia.

Former American Eagle President Still Soars in Pittsburgh!

What it means to be successful differs from person to person. There is, however, a general colloquial acceptance of what success can be. It goes without saying that Susan P. McGalla has reached that point.
Susan McGalla is an Ohio native, being born and raised in East Liverpool. This daughter of a football coach went on to earn her bachelor’s degree in business and marketing from the University of Mount Union in Alliance, Ohio.
After college, Susan began her career in 1986 at one of America’s oldest department store companies; Joseph Horne’s. It was here that she worked in various marketing and management positions. After the Joseph Horne Company ceased operations in 1994, McGalla went on to work for American Eagle Outfitters (AEO). At AEO, Susan worked her way up to becoming their president and chief merchandising officer. It is also at AEO, that Susan has spent the bulk of her career, so far, with her tenure lasting from 1994 to 2009.
According to Susan McGalla’s LinkedIn profile, she spent two years as an independent retail consultant after leaving AEO. Between 2011 and 2015, Susan spent some time as CEO of The Wet Seal, Inc. and founded P3 Executive Consulting, LLC. P3 Consulting is described as being an advisory service to investors in the financial and Wall Street communities.
In recent months, Susan McGalla has been given the opportunity to use all of her merchandising, consulting, and financial expertise with the NFL franchise, the Pittsburgh Steelers. She is the Steelers’ new Director of Strategic Planning and Growth; where she is charged with growing and maintaining said growth of the NFL franchise’s brand.
Since joining the Pittsburgh Steelers’ lineup, Susan has been instrumental in the brand launching its new e-commerce site, . The new site gives fans the opportunity to buy merchandise similar to that which the players and coaching staff wear both on and off the field. Susan is making sure that the Steelers’ franchise has a place in the 21st Century’s on-line marketplace. According to Susan, the products and navigation are “relevant,” and more user friendly in that “you should be able to shop by price, by vendor, by category and be on the site as long or as short as you want.”
It is apparent that Susan P. McGalla is on her way to achieving great success with, and for, the Pittsburgh Steelers. Only time will tell just how quickly her efforts will pay off. If it’s like anything else it seems she touches, then it won’t be long before the Steelers will be one of the most well known, household names in the NFL.