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Chemist Schott Rocklage Managing Partner at 5AM Ventures

Scott Rocklage joined the company 5AM Ventures as a Venture Partner in back in 2003 and by 2004 he was a Managing Partner. Dr. Rocklage has spent over three decades overseeing various businesses in the healthcare management field of business and has strategic leadership qualities that led to the FDA approval of three (3) US New Drug Applications. In the past, Scott Rocklage has also served as Chairman of Cubist Pharmaceuticals and also has served as the CEO of Nycomed Salutar as well. Dr. Rocklage was also the Executive Chairman of the Ilypsa (acquired by Amgen) and Miikana (acquired by EntreMed).

Currently, Scott Rocklage serves as Board Chairman of Achaogen, Relypsa, and Semprus as well as a member of the board for WaverRx, Pulmatrix, and Variation as well as a member of the Board of Associates of the Whitehead Institute. Scott Rocklage also does his work with 5AM Ventures out of his offices while working from Boston, Massachusetts.

In addition to over 30 years of service in the healthcare management industry, Scott Rocklage has also pursued inventing things as well. Rocklage also has over 30 US patents and co-patents as an inventor. He has also appeared in more than 100 peer-reviewed publications throughout his career. Dr. Rocklage works from his offices based in Massachusetts and more information click here.

Dr. Scott Rocklage went to the University of California where he received a Bachelor of Science Degree in Chemistry. He moved on from there to MIT to get his PhD in Chemistry afterward. He conducted his research at the laboratory of Richard R. Schrock (Nobel Peace Prize of 2005) and learn more about Scott Rocklage.

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Top Fields for Brazilian Law Graduates

According to the Brazilian magazine Exame, some fields of law have proven to be more popular and lucrative than other areas for young Brazilian law grads as well as seasoned attorneys. Although the financial crisis and ensuing recession have left some out of work, other professionals are cashing in. Here are two legal specialties that have Brazilian lawyers taking a second look.

Bankruptcy Law

This specialty has been the economic engine for a number of firms in recent years. The economic downtown has led to a sharp increase in companies encountering financial difficulties, which has generated new opportunities. Attorneys who work in this field help companies reorganize and negotiate their debt in order to emerge from bankruptcy protection. Brazil’s financial crisis has led to a jump in the number of companies seeking protection from creditors.


Compliance as a legal field in Brazil was once dominated by criminal lawyers whose scope of practice was mostly limited to waiting around for a complaint to be filed before fighting back. However, young lawyers view compliance as an emerging, high-growth field with lots of potential. The idea of compliance as a distinct practice area has been around in the country for around a decade, but the scandals surrounding Operation Car Wash have made the specialty increasingly relevant.

Ricardo Tosto is an attorney with decades of experience in Sao Paulo. He is the founder of one of Brazil’s most respected firms, and is extremely active in the legal community as a mentor and teacher. After earning a degree from Sao Paulo’s McKenzie Law School, Ricardo Tosto went on to build his firm into a powerhouse boutique firm. According to Tosto, he regards his staff and partners as members of a large family.

In addition to being a respected lawyer, Ricardo Tosto is also a historian, with a number of publications about Brazilian history to his credit. A voracious reader, he believes that staying up-to-date with the law is essential to being an effective practitioner. Ricardo Tosto often takes and teaches continuing education courses to keep abreast of new developments.

Josh Verne: How to Get Out of Your Own Way and Succeed in Life and Business

Josh Verne is the founder and CEO of, a site launched this year. The business, built for college kids, has seen huge success in the digital market, despite being relatively young. The reason behind the quick growth might be the experience brought to the table by Verne. Besides, he has been starting businesses and selling them for over two decades now. According to Verne, there are five key secrets for being successful in any business.

First, you need to differentiate between a leader and a boss. Many a times, these two terms are taken to mean the same thing, but they actually are totally different. A leader can be a boss, but a boss cannot be a leader. To be a leader, you have to learn to listen to other people and incorporate their pitches. This begets, not only respect, but also loyalty, a necessary ingredient for business success.

Secondly, is to avoid being greedy. It might be tempting to conduct business where you win easily without caring what others parties have to lose. But this is sheer stupidity that ill only lead to the failure of your business in the long run. Remember that, alone you cannot succeed. You need your clients, employees, the society, government etc. for you to succeed. If you are to upset them now, then you will have no one to push your business through.

Verne also encourages for people to be good listeners in order to succeed in business. You have to be willing to listen what other people have to say. Sometimes, the points they make can be the propellant to take your business to the nest level. Also, if you say less than you listen, you will avoid saying stupid things that might make you lose credibility from your clients.

Do not start a business just because you see other people thriving in that industry. Always start something out of passion. Doing something you love will motivate you to keep going at it even when times are tough. Besides, it is always easier to do something because you want to, rather than because you have to.

According to Josh Verne, successful people learn to balance their lives early. Achieving a balance between your career and personal life is very important. If one area suffers, it jeopardizes the success of the other. Therefore, before you start a business ensure that you are good at balancing between the business and other areas of your life. Every part is important as the other. However, he also recognizes that this does not have to be something that you achieve in a day. You will have to keep working at it, each day getting better than the previous.

Bottom Line
In the end, your business success is all reliant on discipline and the effort you put to it. You have to be very disciplined in order to incorporate this tips. Otherwise, this will just be a read you passed by that had no contribution to your business, whatsoever.

Important Investing Tips from Martin Lustgarten

Martin Lustgarten doesn’t just deliver help to men in the investment banking industry. Martin also has helped many women out as well. Martin believes that women can benefit from his tips and education just as much as men can.

“There is a misconception that women can’t take full control over their finances. There is a common misconception that men handle money better than women. I have worked with both. Based on what has been observed, women are ever bit as capable as men are, if not better.”

Lustgarten feels that if more women got a handle on some of these expert tips, then they would be more poised to take the financial world by storm. This goes for both personal and professional investment banking.

1) There is a new initiative in investment banking. It has to do with programs for women. Don’t be put off by these. It’s time for you to take these programs as a beneficial sign. Banks are targeting women because they want to build more of a clientele fan base with women. If more women took these programs and ran with them, they would be helping younger women out too.

2) This is not easy to say, but, sometimes you need to act like a man. The biggest misconception is that this is a male-dominated industry. This logic will continue unless women take more control. This is where you come in. It’s time to act like a man and think like a man, even dress like a man if need be.

You have to be more confident in the way you act and how you sell yourself. This is not just for women who work professionally in the world. It’s also for women looking to open up an account.


These tips are just the beginning, for those of you looking to take some of Martin Lustgarten’s advice. If you would like to know more, please check out his web page. Maybe Martin himself will help you personally become the next tycoon for investment banking. The skies the limits for those women who are looking to succeed in investment banking. There’s only one question Martin has left to ask you.

“What are you waiting for!?”

Talk Fusion As A Communication Leader

Connecting people throughout the world thanks to the latest and greatest video technology available, Talk Fusion is helping people reach their goals and live out their dreams. Everything is better with video and Talk Fusion is embracing technology along with the option to share information and technology with others. This vision is thanks to Bob Reina, who is the founder and CEO of Talk Fusion. Keeping an eye on emerging trends while developing his innovative video technology, over twenty years of experience in the relationship marketing field and management experience have made Reina a leader in his field.

Video Communication
Talk Fusion began back in 2007 as just a simple video email company. Today, this video email has become part of something bigger. Talk Fusion’s CONNECT is a video communication product that provides not only video chat but also live meetings, conference solutions and video newsletters. Truly expanding communication, Talk Fusion is setting the bar high for other communication companies.

The Team
Made up of industry professionals who are experienced with graphics, video, technology, communication, design and more, Talk Fusion’s team is what is helping make lives better through communication. People all over the world can now communicate simply thanks to this innovating video technology option.

Bob Reina is known for his professional experience but he is also well known in the community for his love of animals and love of his city. Often recognized for his accomplishments and community service, these are the values that Talk Fusion are based off of. This is likely why this has been such a successful venture and will continue to be for many years to come.

The Fabulous Career Of Helane Morrison

When the financial crisis hit, it was the strongest to affect so many people since the Great Depression. During that time, it was clear that there was a lot of fraudulent activity happening in the financial sector. So many of the people that were supposed to be doing a good job for the public, were falsifying information and putting through bad audits. This caused a lot of people to lose money, from their investments to other financial instruments that they had. There were people that were watching this, and wanted to put a stop to it. 

Helane Morrison Was One Of These People

Morrison received her education from Northwestern University. At this time, she acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Journalism. After that, she went on to complete her law background. She got a J.D. from the University of California at Berkeley, School of Law. It was at this school that she also served as the Editor-In-Chief of the California Law Review. This was the beginning of her love for both fields. She wanted to make changes, and she surely did.

Her Work With The U.S. Securities And Exchange Commission (SEC) 

In her position with the SEC, The U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission she was the head of the San Francisco division. She dealt with financials, legal and compliance issues, making her a forerunner in combatting the injustices that had happened in the financial industry.

What Is Helane Doing Today?

She works for a company called Hall Capital Partners LLC. She is the General Counsel, the Chief Operating Officer and the Managing Director of the company. In her position, she is a role model for other females in the industry. This company is run by women. Since this isn’t the way the companies in the financial industry are usually run, it is a bit different than before because women have more power than they used to.

With all her accomplishments in her career, Helane Morrison continues to empower other women to move higher in their professions. They now have the ability to do so, and she wants them to excel in the financial world, just like men did for many years before. She knows that she can speak to others about financial and legal issues, so she does so with much authority in order to encourage them to continue on with their hard work and to make a success of themselves.

Check out Helane’s LinkedIn profile or learn more about her career by clicking on the following link >>

Stephen Murray, the man who saw it all

From Small To Large
When local leaders of business decide that they are going to invest in the right project to get heir dreams on the right track they must look around to see who is going to do the right work for the right price.Now that on the surface may not seem all that hard but when you really look at the fine details it is harder then you would ever assume.When you want to take the next step not all firms of wall street will help you for some your task is just not worth their time but for others it is exactly what they can work with and today you will learn about one of the firms that work with you not against you.

Right Direction Of Choice
For many firms working with you is something that has never been in their dictionary due to many being formed by bankers that never worked in a day of their lives but the proud team of CCMP Capital, a New York-based private equity investment firm has.Starting from small roots as a side project for JP and Morgan this bank has seen the worst and best that the market has had to show to this world of modern bankers.But what really gives them the edge is the fact that the people who work for the firm are not golden spoon fed babies but men an women who spend the time in the work force and made the step to move forward.

How this firm makes your dream come true is very simple.If you want to merge with another firm they have the team needed to show you the ropes every step of the way so that you make no mistake.What if I just need my company check book balance with future program to keep it in check?

Man Behind The Curtain
To finish this article off we will learn about the man who made of this great work happen. Stephen Murray on wikipedia, the former President and chief executive officer of CCMP Capital who since the dark days of the late 20th century made his stand to fight so you can be safe a mind with money.His bones made in 1984 after Boston college Steve would spend the rest of his life working around the clock to get wall street right.Sadly he would pass in 2015 but is still ever lasting.So please give credit when credit is due.RIP Steve

Omar Boraie Achieving his Vision


Omar Boraie, 73, is a well known real estate developer. He is also the founder and president of Boraie Development LLC that is based in New Jersey. Forty years ago, Mr. Boraie came to New Brunswick which is popularly known as a university town to get his Ph.D. in Chemistry. This was before his interest in real estate development. It was during this period that Mr. Boraie saw the town in a whole new dimension. The vision for the New Brunswick was then conceived when he decided to rebuild the town. Most people thought that it was an unrealistic vision to rebuild New Brunswick but this did not discourage him. The town was battling with many challenges that prevented its development.
The potential of the growth of the town was assured when the Johnson & Johnson decided to remain in the town in 1975. This decision to stay renewed the investor’s confidence in the town’s potential and stability. The town began to rebound around the 1980’s though the progress was slow. The town has since then been rebuilt with modern structures by investors. His first project in this town began in 1997 and has over the years focused on the vision. The real estate developer, Omar Boraie, has made great contribution to this development with his latest project in completion. He was one of the first people in New Brunswick to build a high rise residential facility. There have been more projects set up in the abandoned areas of the town aimed at serving the housing market. All these projects have attracted more and more investors in the town.
Now Mr. Boraie has seen New Brunswick become a very sophisticated town with the most stylish properties and its residents want more of such development in the town. Mr. Boraie has been in the lead of these new developments. The vision that most people thought was not achievable has been achieved and continues to flourish. Those who thought that he was crazy for having such a vision have been proved wrong. The city has now various projects for purposes such as offices, luxurious apartments and also condominiums. The city has been revived and become a beautiful city due to the dream of such as Mr. Boraie which he says has been his dream for decades. He however does not take all the credit for this achievement. He credits others who have helped in the development of city.

Bruce Levenson Sees The Atlanta Hawks Sell For A Large Profit

The Atlanta Hawks may not have been sold to billionaire Tony Ressler for the $1 billion the financial experts who valued the franchise at had expected, but the Atlanta Hawks LLC consortium did raise around $1 billion from the sale of the Hawks and Thrashers NHL franchise. Led by Maryland based analytics expert, Bruce Levenson on wikipedia, the Atlanta Hawks LLC consortium had spent around a decade in charge of the franchise and Philips Arena before deciding the time was right to allow a different owner the chance to move the Hawks forward. The decision is one that should be applauded by Hawks fans, who remain grateful to Levenson and his fellow consortium members for pulling the Atlanta based basketball franchise out of a terrible slump.

The Atlanta Hawks LLC consortium was originally known as the Atlanta Spirit, which could be seen as a sign of the unity the consortium hoped to bring to the area after completing their $250 million takeover of the franchise. Bruce Levenson became the public face of the Atlanta Hawks franchise in 2004 and continued to hold this position until the sale to Tony Ressler was made final in the summer of 2015. Levenson has seen the changing face of the NBA at first hand, but has remained steadfast in his view the individual franchises should play a major role in the local community. The founder of UCG has made sure the Hawks remain a strong force for change during his ownership, which has seen the Hawks and Bruce Levenson play an important role in Make A Wish Foundation programs and many other community based projects within Atlanta and the surrounding area. Bruce Levenson also made sure the Hawks were involved in the programs he personally backed, such as the US Holocaust Museum the entire Levenson family was involved in the creation of.

In total, some reports place the money raised by the sale of the assets purchased by the Atlanta Hawks LLC at close to $1 billion. In 2011, the Atlanta Thrashers NHL franchise was purchased by a Canadian consortium for around $170 million and relocated to Winnipeg, Canada. After going public with news the Hawks franchise was for sale, Bruce Levenson chose the Tony Ressler backed bid as the preferred bidder in the early stages of the process.

QNET And The Role Of Co-Founder Joseph Bismark

QNET is a multilevel marketing company which was co-founded in 1998 by Vijay Eswaran and Joseph Bismark. The company markets a wide range of products through its network of millions of independent sales representatives throughout Asia, the Middle East, and Africa. From its headquarters in Hong Kong and regional offices in Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, the Philippines, and several other locations the company manages one of the most successful multi-level marketing companies in the world. QNET independent sales representatives sell weight management, nutrition, personal care, home care, education, and communication products as well as luxury items, collectibles, fashion accessories, vacation packages and more.

One of the most important keys to the success of QNET is its army of highly motivated independent sales representatives. These sales reps have unlimited earning potential and the ability to grow their compensation based on their willingness to sell products and recruit other sales reps. That model has helped QNET and its products to spread like wildfire throughout Asia, Africa, and the Middle East. The company provides employment opportunities in parts of the world where unemployment rates are sky high and poverty is rampant. To many people in those areas QNET is a godsend.Joseph Bismark is one of the people that helped to start QNET and its parent company the QI Group. Based in Singapore, Bismark works on behalf of the company promoting the environmentally green lifestyle. He also plays a key role in encouraging and motivating the independent sales representatives to market the company’s products. He preaches and teaches about entrepreneurship, teamwork, and leadership. This has touched a chord with the QNET sales team and has played a major role in their exponential growth throughout Asia and other parts of the world.

Bismark has also been able to educate and motivate the company’s representatives, staff, and customers by sharing valuable information about and his views on health and wellness. He also plays a major role in furthering the company’s efforts to be socially and environmentally responsible and focus on energy conservation and recycling. He encourages the company’s use of solar energy to generate electricity and paperless business practices to help conserve timber resources.

He teaches about the importance of maintaining a lifestyle which focuses on health, wellness, a positive self-image and striving to be one’s best self. He also encourages team building activities, creativity, spirituality, respect, integrity, honesty, humility, pride, and consistent hard work.

About QNet

QNet is an international Direct Selling (DS) company owned and managed
by the QI Group of Companies. QNet has its headquarters in Hong Kong
and is the leading DS Company in Asia. It is also ranked among the top
30 in the World. QNet’s influence through direct selling has created
more jobs in developing countries where jobs are scarce. They offer
training and empower people to become entrepreneurs. In 2012 only,
QNet increased in size and area of influence by five percent. It was
also able to get $153 billion sales the same year. QNet, the mother
companies of QI Group, was founded by Datuk Seri Vijay Eswaran and
Joseph Bismark in 1998. The company sells a wide range of products
globally through direct selling.QNet is multi-lingual firm with over 25 offices and agencies all over
the world. It has also engaged other independent agencies in over a
100 countries. Its direct selling marketing method helps to empower
people who do not have basic business skills to start their own
businesses. QNet regards itself as a family and values investments on
humankind. QNet’s performance in sales has jolted by 70 percent over a
period of five years. QNet has an initiative based on the betterment
of the human race and accommodating the population growth. Despite the
challenges QNet faced before networking India, the government has
created policies to favor international investments and shifted their
production in India in 2014.

Vijay Eswaran, a Malaysian and co-founder of QNet, is a graduate from
the London School of Economics in 1984 and followed it up with an MBA
in 1986 from the Southern Illinois University. He returned to Asia
where he met Joseph Bismark and they started the QI group in 1998.

Joseph Bismark has been a developmental and solid pillar in the rapid
growth of the company. He spent his life in meaningful and useful
service to the human race. He is a firm, talented, diverse and
spirited individual who believes in the power of the mind, which is a
powerful tool for personal development. Joseph Bismark has adopted an
open and interactive management policy, which enables him to cooperate
with his clients on a personal basis.