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Handy: A Superb Home Cleaning Service

Handy, formerly known as handybook is an online, mobile cleaning and home repair service. Handy is an application through which the customers can book cleaners, handymen, plumbers and household services. This service was endowed by Hanrahan and Dau, who met in Harvard school of business where they inaugurated handy in 2012 together with their colleges, Ignacio, and weina. Something they hoped to change the state of cleanliness in people’s homes, since cleanliness is next to Godliness, and this motivated them to go ahead. Hard work and the spirit of never giving up was their stronghold. Hanrahan and Dau came up with this idea without any clue that it would grow to become famous, they made this service be the quickest, most reliable and available. Within a minute, customers can book a cleaner or plumber for the time that is preferable for them. All that customers need to do is give the location where they live, what they need to be done, the time they require, and the rest is up to them.

Handy on recode has been made reliable in that; the service comes to the user; this has in turn made work easier for the user in terms of traveling costs. Another added advantage is that, the cost of employing housemaids has been replaced by a simple website and application, the service is also favorable to the users in that, it offers money back guarantee in a case of poor quality results. This has made handy to gain popularity in the number of the users. For it has gone a notch higher in the past two years after its launch, it has hit over 1 million dollars in booking, the handy Chief Operating Officer, Umang Dua reveals that the company has gone up from 3 million dollars to 52 million dollars, which is a significant improvement. The users get accessibility to various things that are done to them, just as handy looks into the interest of its consumers. It also sees to it that its workers are favored in that, the hourly wage is between 15 dollars and 22 dollars per hour totaling to around 18 dollars per hour which gives them a healthy hourly wage.

Steps have been taken in the recent month to re-define Handy and Homejoy businesses through new packaging, branding and new applications for mobile services this comes as revenue numbers for the two. However, consumers are getting delightful with the idea of booking services through their mobile phones and with necessary background check on the cleaners which is always a priority number one for handy service professionals to be thoroughly looked into. Handy currently operates in 25 cities in the US, two in Canada and London as well, offering services.