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Reasons Why You Need a Shared Office Space NYC


Shared working spaces are common sceneries in many companies in America. However, people view these working spaces as normal setups needed to save on operational costs. Research reveal that the benefits of office working spaces go beyond saving operational costs. They increase productivity a person’s significantly.


Those who use co-working or shared office spaces view their work on a different perspective. The fact that workers can bring themselves together in the office makes them view their work as more meaningful. Since office spaces bring people from different professions together, they don’t have to put on a different personality. They can finally be themselves and work peacefully.


Working spaces also give people the opportunity to build more control over their jobs. One can decide what he wants to do with the day without pressure from someone else. One can decide to put in several hours a day in the office or take a break to go for a walk in the neighborhood. Workers also break the autonomy. Too much autonomy can be detrimental to a person’s productivity due to lack of routines.


Working spaces also make people feel connected to others. Each space has its own unique setup that distinguishes it from others. People feel a sense of belonging here than when they work from home or office. This can boost their confidence and satisfaction, which is a boost to productivity. Also, people have the opportunity to create new interactions in such setups.


It is evident that office working spaces are necessary for freelancers and those who want to break the norm of working in the office. One of the providers of working spaces is Workville shared office space NYC. The company provides luxurious working spaces at affordable rates to people living in New York. Their premises are strategically located a few meters from Times Square and major transportation hubs in NYC.


The offices have three terraces where workers can hold meetings, take lunch or take calls. Their prices are affordable. A private office for two costs $1,500 and $4,500 for six people. Dedicated desks will cost $ 750 per month. A conference room costs $ 100 per hour. The working spaces at Workville are available to anybody 24/7 with a fast internet and an effective mail service. The place also contains office accessories such as printers, photocopiers and a private phones. The offices are always clean with uninterrupted water supply. The company is located the 21st floor of luxury building Broadway.