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Doe Deere and the Breaking of Fashion Rules

Doe Deere’s Views on Fashion and Beauty Rules
Doe Deere is the founder and CEO of the stunning Lime Crime Makeup products. This line of makeup has been called magical, colorful, and is intended to be used for boys and girls who would like to express themselves without apologizing to anyone. Doe Deere created this line of makeup and she does have her very own ideas on the standard rules of fashion and beauty. In fact, she has several rules that she likes to break.

The Favorite Rules to Break
There are many fashion and beauty rules that have been made standard. These rules may actually be viewed as simple suggestions that are not necessarily set in stone. Doe Deere is a rule and suggestion breaker. The following are some of her favorite fashion and beauty rules to break. These include:

* do not mix too many colors together; Doe holds the idea that color is dicey. Doe Deere and mixing many colors is one the things that makes her stand out. Splashes of color is beautiful

* do not mix patterns together; The truth is, mixing many patterns in your wardrobe can leave you with a stunning outfit. Mixing many patterns is highly creative according to the “Doe Deere” style

* do not wear bold eyes with bold lips; many hold the belief that it is only acceptable to do one bold makeup creation on your face at a time. Doe Deere believes that it is fun to play with makeup. Create bold bright eyes with bold and vibrant lips . This is a refreshing combination

* do not wear socks with open-toed shoes; Doe Deere has made this style a chick new trend that is fun and fashionable

* you must wear neutrals or black if you color your hair; neutral and tidy does not fit with Doe Deere. Blue hair and airy colors are extraordinary together

* you must dress your age; everyone can dress as young as they feel. Bold and beautiful colors are for every age

* stay with specific dressing for the occasion; try wearing an evening gown for any occasion. Cloths are meant to be enjoyed

Doe Deere and Freedom and Self-Expression
Doe Deere seems to have the solid mission to prove that cosmetics are meant to be a form of freedom. Include the ultimate self-expression too. She is one CEO who is creative and encourages everyone to show their beauty off through magical makeup.