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Dick DeVos Achievements in Amway

Dick DeVos is a famous businessman from the United States. The successful businessman is also actively involved in philanthropic activities too. DeVos has spent most of his career in several executive positions at the family company, known as Amway. DeVos has also worked at an organization known as Orlando Magic and several others in the past.

Dick DeVos was appointed to become the president of Amway in 1993. He served in this position for nine years, bringing several changes in the international company. While in this post, DeVos was responsible for several aspects of the business operations in six continents and fifty countries in the world.

In 2002, before Dick DeVos left the successful family business, it reported sales of more than five billion. This was a significant improvement in the sales of the organization. Before getting the position of president, Dick was serving the company as the vice president. While at this position, the successful entrepreneur was in charge of the company operations in more than eighteen nations outside Northern America.

While serving as the vice president of Amway International, Dick DeVos managed to open several branches of the organizations. Reports say that the company ventured into new markets and tripled its global sales when he was in charge. The international sales of the company also exceeded the domestic sales when Dick was serving as vice-president of the great company. This was the first time the international company had achieved this in its history.

In 1991, the DeVos family acquired an organization known as Orlando Magic. Dick DeVos was appointed to the position of chief executive officer and president, a position he held for three years. The team is believed to have experienced a lot of changes under his leadership too.

Apart from being very successful in business, Dick DeVos is also involved in other community initiatives. DeVos is the founder of an organization known as Education Freedom Fund. The unique program has enabled more than four thousand students in Michigan to attend some of the best schools in the country. DeVos and his family have a unique passion for education, and this is why they support educational causes in Michigan and other parts of the United States. Read more: How and why the DeVos Family Gives Away Billions

Several years ago, Dick DeVos announced that he was going to contest for the gubernatorial seat in Michigan. After a challenging election, DeVos lost the position to his greatest opponent. Although he has never vied for another position since then, Dick DeVos is a great supporter of the American politics.