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SearchCleanup Is A Fantastic Service For Online Hygiene

Often when you’re running a business or offering services online, it’s easy to get caught up in the day-to-day operations of your business or marketing techniques. Sometimes it’s worth combing through search engine results to see where your business is ranking in the results, but also to see what’s being said about you or your business online. If you’ve done a great job running your business, more often than not you’ll see great reviews and positive articles published about you, but mixed among those results can be bad articles, and when you see that, it may be time to take steps in online hygiene.

Sometimes you come across negative search results and you are shocked at what you find. You might even get so angry that your first response is wanting to smear the person who posted that terrible review, or false information about you. That can be especially tempting if that person is someone you know such as a rival competitor or former disgruntled employee who you terminated. But in doing so, you could end up making yourself or your business look bad, and you don’t want to further dirty your image by doing that. Instead what you need to do is focus on reinforcing your businesses positives and cleaning up those bad search results.

Reinforcing the positives, such as dispelling any false notions or rumors about your business through credible sources is usually the first step to go to rebuild your reputation. You also may want to send out newsletters and courteous emails to your customers letting them know they come first and that any issues going on will be quickly resolved for them. And you may want to turn to others for advice who may have dealt with a situation similar to what you’re dealing with, and ask them what should be done.

Your final recourse may be to hire to help fix the negative search results. Sometimes there are bad articles, reviews, or comments about you that can be taken down and can find them and remove them for you. SearchCleanup is easy to contact and get a quote for services, by simply going to and filling out the form for more information.