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What Does Kate Hudson Do For Fabletics?

Did you notice the famous actress Kate Hudson modeling on the website and also starring in a commercial for Fabletics? If you have and aren’t so sure what she’s doing for them, she definitely is doing more for them than you think. She’s not just a face that was paid to be shown on the site; she’s an actual part of the business model and has played a huge role for the growth of the brand. Today, countless women are using this site to find all their favorite activewear at great prices. With just a small monthly fee to gain access to amazing designer brands and getting clothes at such low prices, it’s safe to say that Fabletics is indeed the future.


Kate Hudson does more than just model for them. She’s actual businesswoman who has played a role in the development for what the company does. Things like managing new activewear, operating throughout the office, and even dealing with upcoming fashion trends; they’re all things she will uncover. She has earned millions in the development of this brand because of her involvement and the success it has now achieved. Kate Hudson loves looking at sales every single week to see what’s selling and what isn’t. She gladly takes products that aren’t selling right off the shelf because she knows that it’s not gonna make a difference to keep it up there for longer.


With new clothes being added to the company every single month, it’s important to remember that there is a risk involved for her as a businesswoman to be investing in new designs constantly. However, this is the price they pay in the end because they need new designs for the brand. Hudson loves the company and what it does for her as well as what she can do for it to grow.


Today, there are stores being built right now to bring Fabletics to the real world and outside of just the web. The reason why Fabletics is creating a store is so that they can expand and overcome brands and sites like Amazon. They want to make the company more expensive and interactive. They need it to be different and more unique. They want to allow women to try on clothing in the store and have the option to buy the same exact thing a week later online if they so choose to. Fabletics is definitely taking over.

5 Ways EOS Outdid Chapstick

EOS is now a top-rated lip balm brand, just seven years into business. Evolution of Smooth is now a better selling product than Chapstick, the once untouchable lip balm that served lip care needs for more than 100 years. EOS did everything right, from the start, helping establish their name as one that is trustworthy and credible. But this still doesn’t explain how this Lip Balm Company outdid Chapstick, a household name. Five things EOS did to create the name they have now:

  1. Engaging the Senses

When the creators of EOS lip balm began designing their product, they wanted to create a trendy product that would still be trendy years down the road. They did this by creating a product that invigorated all the senses.

  1. Affordable Price

To appeal to a larger audience, EOS maintained an affordable price for their product, but never skimped on the quality ingredients used inside the lip balms. For a cost of about $3 per orb, you have an adventure for your lips waiting!

  1. Focusing on Product

EOS could have easily hired outside sources to help create their product, and for enhancements. Instead, they worked firsthand on the product creation and continue this tradition today, seven years after the brand first hit the shelves in Walgreens.

  1. It’s all in the Marketing

EOS started out as a brand that was lively, fun, and full of life. They highlighted their genuine qualities with effective marketing. Keds is one of the many brands that EOS paired with upon release of their product.

  1. Copycats

EOS is doing something right. They’re doing everything right. In fact, since the release of their lip balm orbs, Walgreens, Sephora, Ulta and many other brands, have created their own versions of the product.

The Curvy Fashionista Talks About JustFab

The Curvy Fashionista has run a tale about the new plus size collection at JustFab, and it is very important for women who want to be able to dress in things that they actually love. There are a lot of women who are looking for clothes that are going to work with their fuller figures, and the only way for these women to feel good about themselves is to find something that is going to work in their size.

JustFab came out with their own plus size collection to make sure that their customers have as many choices as they can find. The plus size collection gives women with curves a chance to find the things that they want, and it is going to help them when they want to wear something that is fashion forward and cute.
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JustFab plans to put out as many new plus size items as they can, and a lot of their regular clothes are going to be listed from the regular line and move into the plus size line. Women can get matching outfits with someone who is wearing something from the regular line, and it helps women find the things that they want without any worry. This means that women are going to be able to shop for things that catch their eye, and it is going to help them look really good because they like the things that they have seen in fashion magazines.

JustFab has its finger on the pulse of the fashion industry, and it is important for the plus size women to have a place to go that is so concerned about their own well being. There are a lot of people who are enjoying new clothes at JustFab specifically because of the plus size collection, and it is something that is going to help girls look great in anything they pick.

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Doe Deere’s Lime Crime: The Makeup of a New Generation

My dad left Momma and me when I was four years old. Even at such a young age, I distinctly remember him walking out the door with his suitcase and how hurt Momma was. We lived in a cramped apartment in St. Louis and did not have any relatives who lived close. So, we packed up our meager belongings and drove down to stay with my maternal grandmother in Georgia.

Grandma lived in a small cottage on the edge of a small rural town. She had been a widow for a long time and was happy to have a little company and to get to spend time with me, her only granddaughter. Even though she lived on a small pension, she always had enough to share. Back in those times, people knew just about everyone in town and Grandma was well regarded. Her name was Flora, but everyone called her Ms. Florie.

My grandmother and mother were beautiful women on the outside and on the inside.
Grandma would never think of walking out in the yard to get her morning paper unless she was dressed and in full makeup. She often said if the old barn needs it, give it a good painting. Of course, her makeup was always tastefully done. She often would tell Momma that she was wearing the wrong shade of lipstick, and would recommend better choices. When I got older, Doe Deere become my advisor on colors and brands.

There was nothing in this world that Grandma loved more than an occasion to dress up. I remember sitting by the little vanity in her room as she got ready for church. Every Sunday morning, she had her best church dress pressed and waiting. She had pretty skin for a lady of her age, and really did not wear foundation. She wore bright lipstick and blended her blush just right. Then, she would pick out a special hat and put on her little white gloves. Everyone at church nodded in admiration of Ms. Florie and her grand hats.

I cherish those memories of my childhood. My mother and grandmother made sure that I was loved and had my needs met. They were proud that I was the first in our immediate family to graduate high school and go on to college. I always had a gift for organization, so I majored in business administration. Grandma passed before I graduated from college. I know that she would have been immensely pleased.

I got married and raised wonderful children and now have grandchildren. Momma lives with us and enjoys being with her older grandchildren and great-grandchildren. My oldest daughter was named for Grandma, Flora. She went to beauty school and is doing very well running her own salon.

Recently, she showed me some makeup she bought online from Lime Crime. She said that the woman who created the business, Doe Deere of, started up in her own home. I was amazed at the rainbows of colors in lipsticks, eye shadows, and nail polishes. The Lime Crime collection has some of the richest hues I have ever seen in makeup. I am now a Lime Crime customer, and I think Grandma Florie would approve!