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Wengie’s Wonderous World of Hacks

Stop! Do not throw away that blue sweater even though it is starting to appear worn out. Washing your favorite throw overs can cause them to seem worn and shaggy with fuzzy lint over time. That doesn’t mean those throw overs are now to be thrown away. Possibly the best advice Wengie could pitch our way is taking an average razor and shaving your sweater. Shaving delicately will pull that lint right off, smoothing the material out and renewing the bright colors making that sweater seem like you just bought it.


Where would all of us be without our Wengie testing these life hacks and bringing us the best of the best to help our lives run a little smoother, a little easier on our pocket books, not to mention how these tips help keep the scatterbrained a bit more organized.


Problems pop up in our lives frequently, such as needing to shower as you are running late for a function, or getting back from a long evening. Absolutely the worst to need to do when tired or behind schedule is to wait for the water to reach the perfect temperature before you can step inside. One centimeter too short and your teeth will be chattering away, however, one inch too far and you will feel as if you are on fire. Markers out people, Wengie has a fantastic way to be sure you never need to do the too hot/too cold dance again. Apply your permanent marker to your favorite temperature once you find it so that next time, you can immediately turn the handle right to the sweet spot.


File this under “how could I not have thought of that before?”. Grocery shopping is a chore and ultimately there will come a time when you will return home with items you already have. Waste not, want not, Wengie has the cure for doubling up on items. Capture a photo of your fridge’s contents so if you are shopping and forget if you need an item, milk for example, you can check your phone to see if you need, or can pass.


Rainbow haired heroes like Wengie are out to help our lives run smoother with life hacks so simple you’ll be wondering how no one ever thought of it before. Visit her at the link below for other tips you just can’t live without.