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Handy Creates a Win-Win Home Cleaning Solution

Gone are the days of haggling over how much to pay the person who cleaned your home. No longer will homeowners hire a person to clean their house only to have them stop showing up a few weeks later. Thanks to Handy all of these problems and more have been solved. 

Traditionally home cleaning has been a cash-heavy business which in turn kept its pricing policies from being transparent. This could make it difficult to compare services or know if someone is charging exorbitant rates. With the use of Handy’s cleaning service homeowners receive a price and know that is the price that they will pay. By inputting their zip code, size of the house to be cleaned, and requested start time homeowners will receive a quote generated by Handy. This quote includes tax and even a small tip for the cleaning professional. Cash is unnecessary as all payment is done through the app and in fact must be completed in order to confirm your booking. After payment all a homeowner needs to do is wait and a Handy professional will come to their door at the scheduled time.

Handy employs only the best of the best in the industry thanks to and its strict hiring standards. Cleaners who apply to Handy have a criminal background check performed, are thoroughly interviewed, and have their references checked. Thanks to all of this only high-quality, professional cleaners will be arriving at the doors of homeowners who use Handy. For added security the company also offers a money back guarantee and will also fully reimburse homeowners if an item is broken during one of their services.

Handy does not just provide benefits for homeowners, it solves problems for the cleaning professionals from techcrunch as well. Due to the typical cash payment nature of the business many cleaners were previously unable to document their income. Although this could be helpful to avoid taxes many cleaners actually wanted documented income to be able to apply for bank loans. Thanks to the payment processes at Handy its contractors are now able to apply for home and auto loans.

The payment process also helps the freelances to avoid getting ripped off by an unscrupulous homeowner by collecting payment prior to the cleaning. Those who perform cleaning services with Handy are also rewarded with much more reliable income with people making between and $22 an hour with $18 being the average. There is also plenty of work to go around as those with the company complete over 10,000 jobs each month.