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How Do You Care For A New Puppy?

Bringing home a new puppy can be a stressful event for people. If this is your first puppy, you want to be prepared and have all the things your puppy needs to thrive. Here are a few things that you’ll consider must haves:

1)Bowls for food and water
2)Chew toys
4)Baby gates
5)Potty pads
6)Beneful dog food

Choose a durable style of bowl for your puppy to eat food from and a water bowl that is not easily tipped over. The type with the flared bottom is best. Pups love to play in their water bowl and tend to make a mess at first.

Chew toys for your puppy should be chosen that are of differing varieties to keep him or her interested. Hard bones are great for teething and the kind that are hollow in the center are great because you can stuff them with goodies like cheese or peanut butter flavored, dog safe fillings available at pet stores. A good peanut butter without artificial sweeteners such as xylitol will be fine for the puppy too. Educate yourself about the foods that are harmful to your puppy. Xylitol can cause seizures and death and is found in human foods such as peanut butters and chewing gum.

A crate is going to be a life saver for you and possibly puppy too. You will want to crate train your new family member for those times that no one is home. This is going to keep them safe as well as keeping your home safe. One day, you will find it comes in handy to travel with a pet that doesn’t mind being in their kennel in the back of the car or at the hotel. Your puppy will enjoy time in the crate once they learn it is a place of their own. Make it a positive experience and not ever a punishment and you cannot go wrong.

Baby gates come in handy to keep your puppy in one room or out of particular spaces. Keeping them out of the kitchen while you are cooking is a good idea and allows you to still let them play and keep an eye on them.

Potty pads by the front or back door and in places where puppy is temporarily corralled will help make cleaning messes easier. By using them at the door, you will learn that as he goes to the pad, you can ‘catch’ him and shew him on out the door. Encourage him to do his business outside and reward this behavior. Eventually, potty training will be complete!

Any good puppy food that you choose, and your dog likes, will work. Beneful, Puppy Chow or other crunchy foods are recommended. Soft foods cause build-up on the teeth so your dog will need hard things to chew on and crunchy, kibble style foods.