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What Would You Do?


The world sure is a different place, for better or worse, than it used to be. It seems, though, there are more people willing to stand-up and speak-out for human injustices. 21-year-old Yeonmi Park is one of those people. Park was born into privilege, but her life changed when her father was arrested and sent to a labor camp.

Park grew-up in a world where having your own thoughts and feelings were just not permitted. Park could not think for herself, and she was not free. Park was made to believe that her dictator could read her mind. She even recalls learning propaganda-like material in school.

Yeonmi Park inspiring story has been published in her Amazon released book, titled: In Order to Live: A North Korean Girl’s Journey to Freedom. Her book outlines the unspeakable life that she endured as a child living in North Korea. Her father’s attempt to provide for their family only branded them as criminals, and pushed them further into poverty; sometimes she went without food.

But her story does not stop there. It recalls not only her hardships, but her triumphs. Park and her mother were smuggled over the border into China, but their hope was short-lived there. Eventually Park and her mother finally found freedom in Seoul, South Korea.

Park is now a human rights activist, she has videos on Youtube and while she is proud of where she is from, Park hopes that her book will bring attention to the oppression happening in her home country. Her life is a testimony to the resiliency of the human spirit.