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Paul Mampilly Achieves A Milestone For His Company

Profits Unlimited is considered as being among the fastest growing newsletters today in the financial industry. It has just been able to cross a major milestone.

It has just crossed 60,000 subscribers marking it as a milestone in the investment industry.

Paul Mampilly was formerly a hedge fund manager. He worked on Wall Street for over 20 years. He had clients like ING, Deutsche Bank as well as Kinetics International. There was an investment competition in 2009 that has been put on by the Templeton Foundation. In this, he turned a $50 million investment into $88 million. This meant a gain of 76% gain when the financial crisis was at its peak, and he did this without any shorting of stocks.

It was last year that Paul Mampilly signed on to Banyan Hill Publishing. He started Profits Unlimited in order to guide Main Street Americans into making profitable decisions on various investment opportunities. This is an eight-page newsletter in which Paul Mampilly recommends a new stock every month and mails it out to his subscribers. He will also update them each week on a few stocks that are in the model portfolio. Through his website, he tracks how his investments are doing.


Paul Mampilly is not investing the capital of his clients. Rather, his subscribers are buying the stocks themselves in their own brokerage accounts. This is an innovative alternative to the arrangement that existed between a financial advisor and the clients traditionally.

His subscribers are delighted with recommendations given by Paul Mampilly as they are yet to come across any other financial advisor as outstanding as him. They have been able to make enormous profits based on his recommendations.

Banyan Hill is a publishing house as well as research firm. It specializes in the publication of research advisories as well as investment newsletters. It has a subscriber base that comprises of more than 200,000 members.

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