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The Federal SEC Whistleblower Program

After the collapse of financial markets in 2008, Congress took some strict measures. One of the legislative that resulted from this was the Dodd-Frank Act. It was among the most comprehensive financial reforms since the Great Depression. One of the provisions of this Act was the establishment of a whistleblower program. The program provides financial and employment incentives for people to report violations to the Securities Exchange Commission.

The First Law Firm to Offer Services
After the Act was established, Labaton Sucharow Law firm quickly established a practice to handle individuals who chose to make reports to the SEC. The firm is already well set up in the litigation of securities violations. As a result, it can utilize the investigators, forensic accountants, financial analysts, who have federal and state experience. The practice, led by Jordan A. Thomas, can thus offer clients, a level of service unlike any other in the country. Mr. Thomas previously worked as the Assistant Chief Litigation Counsel and Assistant Director for the SEC. He was in a leading role in the development of the Whistleblower Program. There are no other firms with such an intrinsic understanding of this legislation.

Whistleblower Incentives
The whistleblower program provides for the whistleblower to get some compensation. He or she gets 10-30% of the money collected by the SEC after enforcement actions have been taken. However, he or she is only eligible if the sanctions exceed a million dollars. Also, the whistleblower can get additional payments based on sanctions collected by other regulatory bodies. The Dodd-Frank Act offers whistleblowers protection from retaliatory actions by the employer. A whistleblower can also do so anonymously if they do so via an attorney.

Secrecy in Reporting
The firm has established many ways for people to learn more about the program. For instance, if one needs a case evaluation, they can contact the Whistleblower Representation Team. The firm has three options for potential clients to reach. Firstly, they can use a telephone call; secondly, they can use an email address. Thirdly, they can use electronic submission via their website. Clients should note that the initial case evaluations and consultations are free. In addition, any information provided is protected by client-attorney privilege.

Although it is encouraged for one to give personal information, it is not a requirement. In addition, on does not have to provide any information identifying the possible securities violator. The firm also deals with international securities violations. Upon request, the firm will provide a translator to make the process much easier.

Attorney Fights to Help Homeless Animals

Ross Abelow, Attorney at Law for New York is starting a fund me page for homeless animals in New York City. The animals in the animal shelters barely have enough food and blankets to keep them comfortable during the long hard winters. The community does what they can to help but there are animals that no one is helping. The precious animals on the streets. They are hungry. They are freezing during the winter. They hunt for places to get out of the cold and snow. The winters can be very harsh. Ross Abelow believes that if people donate up to $5000, the animals in New York could be a lot more comfortable.

It is a hardship to see a cute little dog or cat running around the city, looking into the trash cans and shivering under the bus benches. They try their best to stay warm but in the cold winters it is very difficult. Blankets and food are a great start to helping these homeless animals. If everyone would donate a few pennies to the cause, these animals may stand a chance of finding a forever home. They may, at the very least, find a few morsels of food. Ross is working really hard to help this cause. He is hoping to make enough from donations, that all the animals will be off the street.

Ross Martin Abelow is an attorney that fights for the rights of married individuals. He helps out with wills and he helps out with some types of custody papers. He is also very busy with commercial real estate law and entertainment law. He represents the people that build your malls, your apartments, and the businesses we go to. He also represents people like singers, comedians, and dancers. Not just too big name entertainers but also the smaller ones that are just beginning. He will help them get their contracts worked out for the best of everyone. Ross Abelow graduated from Law school in Brooklyn, New York. He is a partner in a law firm and is doing very well as a writer.

Online blogging has become very popular. Ross Abelow is currently blogging and offering legal information in his blogs. Some of the information he gives are very helpful to people searching for that type of information. Blogging is another way for people to learn who you are and what you stand for. This is true with Ross. He is a nice guy that is trying to help the little doggies and kitties in the city. Please check out the article, He is hoping to raise at least $5000 to help homeless animals survive this long cold winter.

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