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What Can a Lifestyle Start Up Do For You?

We are at an exciting point in time where the internet and the rest of the technological world is starting to really effect us. Social media has been around forever, sure enough, and it would be hard to quantify just how much this has changed us as a result. Think of the last time that you were on Facebook or Instagram. Pretty recently, right? Magnises, a New York based start up, is seeking to take that social media focus and push it into real world applications. That is why Magnises decided to launch its coveted membership program. Could it work for you?

What Magnises offers people is simple: the chance to network and share huge life experiences with people that you would want to network with anyways. The Magnises black card, or just the Magnises card as we call it, is an exclusive membership card that can be purchased for a monthly or annual fee. This card can be linked directly to your bank account and from there you can use it to really life up to the luxury lifestyle that you dream of. Members of the Magnises lifestyle card will be granted access to exclusive clubs, private events, and even reclusive restaurants. The membership card runs a hot $250 per year or you can pay a slightly increased monthly rate in order to go month to month. These benefits all sound great, but what is the company aiming to do here?

Billy McFarland started up the company back in 2014 to create a medium between luxury brands on and the kind of customers who would enjoy them. Social media, as we know, is one of the best ways to put information out into the world.. McFarland attaches its membership card to some of the best companies on the planet which includes Tesla and Johnny Walker in order to associate with luxury lifestyles. The kind of customers who would enjoy the aforementioned products will likely also enjoy the luxury lifestyle that Magnises is offering.

The biggest reason that we love Magnises, however, is that it puts us directly into contact with likeminded individuals in a real and tangible way. Alex Zumwalt is a perfect example of just how important Magnises can be. Zumwalt is a hyper active, busy business analyst who rarely has time to plan ahead in order to enhance her night. As a member of Magnises she is instantly attached to a huge social clique that will always be there for her no matter when or how busy she actually is. Magnises offers invitations to everything from concerts and clubs to professional sporting events on

At the end of the day Magnises can be a product that changes your life. However, in order to get the most out of Magnises you will have to be willing to get out there and be a part of the world. Magnises makes it easier than ever to make friends in the adult world while simultaneously pushing its members into an area to network and excel.