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Venezuelans Find Their Voice Through Protests

The people of Venezuela have been suffering as their country and government fail them and it seems the system is rigged against them. No matter how they try to remove Nicolas Maduro, their current president, he has sections of the government in his pocket and he remains in a seat of power. For people who are hungry, needing medication, lacking electricity, and losing businesses, they feel desperate and cast aside because no one is listening.

How, then, do they find a way to be heard? Asks Jose Manuel Gonzalez. A way to unleash their passion and emotion towards bettering their situation and rebuilding their fallen country? They protest in the streets. They might be the majority, but they are not the only ones with thoughts and feelings. One day they march down the street demanding a better life, a new president, namely just justice, and the next day sympathizers of Maduro take to the street to defend him. Each day it goes on and on.
These demonstrations take place on a regular basis, as reported in the Atlanta Journal here. The government stages demonstrations to back their president as the people continue to become increasingly frustrated, and it is just a matter of time before these contrasting protests turn into violent and bloody demonstrations.
The pro government demonstrators march through the streets showing their support and end near the presidential palace where they are rewarded with a speech by Maduro himself. “Those protesting the president, they get different treatment” says Jose Mauel. Even planned events aren’t allowed in the downtown section of the capital city of Caracas. Protestors planned one recently and were met by police in riot gear who blocked their path.
The opposition has a right to be angry, just this past December they won control of the National Assembly by popular vote, yet somehow they are being blocked at every turn when they try to use their popularity and power they won fairly to make the change the people are demanding. For now, we can just watch and wait as the turmoil continues in this South American country.