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FreedomPop Launches Many Amazing Service Deals

Mobile phone service is critically important for a host of reasons. Being able to remain continuously connected to the internet may prove even more important. The internet, particularly Wi-Fi internet, makes it easy to connect to social media and VoIP services. Checking all-important email is possible with a solid connection. The arrival of smartphones and mobile networks makes staying in the communications loop very easy. Unfortunately, mobile services are often very costly. FreedomPop has challenged the industry by delivering an amazingly cost-effective solution to high monthly fees and roaming charges.

FreedomPop’s service is, quite literally, free. Free does not mean “hidden charges” and the like. FreedomPop sells phones with a SIM card. The phones are incredibly inexpensive and packed with features. Once the phone is activated, access to 200 voice minutes, 500 text messages, and 500 MB of internet data are accessible at no charge. On top of this, 500 MB of free monthly data is available for use at FreedomPop hotspots.

The amount of money one can save per month with this is, well, 100% of current bills. Someone who drops an $80 per month service for FreedomPop is cutting out that $80 expenditure. Anyone whose budget is strained surely will like this deal.

Those who wish for more service per month do have other options with FreedomPop. The options are quite reasonable. $19.99 is all the company is charging for totally unlimited phone, text, and data per month. With unlimited monthly service, usage does not have to come with fears of huge charges for going over an allocated monthly amount. Nor does anyone have to worry about service being shut off without any warning.

Another option exists for service and it is a solid one. For a mere $5, unlimited access to FreedomPop’s Wi-Fi service is possible. Logging onto the Wi-Fi network won’t be too hard. There are 10 million hotspots throughout the United States. Soon, that number is going to jump to 25 million.

Overseas, FreedomPop had great success launching a multi-country global hotspot. The U.S. version should deliver the same results – a major decrease or outright elimination of roaming charges.

FreedomPop does not advertise very much. This keeps costs low. Word of mouth has proven to be exceptionally positive, which is why the company boasts one million subscribers in the U.S. Once word spreads about the great service deals, that number is going to jump.

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