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Editing and Monitoring a Wiki Page Can Keep It Positive

A great many people are thrilled when they discover entries made about them by Wikipedia writers. The presence of an entry on the site means the person is a notable individual or done something of importance. In a way, the entry acts as a valuable source of publicity for those who may appreciate a little recognition. Now, while recognition is good, being notorious is not. Unfortunately, quite a bit of unwanted notoriety may result when negative information finds its way into a biographical entry. Thankfully, there are simple ways to address the problem.

First, only factual information is allowed on Wikipedia. This is a hard and fast rule the online encyclopedia enforces. Any entries that contain false information can be removed. The process of removing the entry entails little more than engaging the edit button, deleting the text, and providing notes as to why the edits are made. If Wikipedia determines that someone is consistently trying to enter malicious, false information onto the site, that person may end up being banned.

What if the not-so-positive information published on the site is true? There are ways to mitigate the issue.

If pertinent facts or information has been omitted from content that is unflattering, there is nothing wrong with editing the text to make it more complete and accurate. Once again, the text must be factual and accurate. No editorializing or personal commentary is allowed. Sometimes, however, simple telling the entire story turns a negative entry into a fair and positive one.

Those who are not sure how to properly edit or add to text should turn the task over to someone who possesses professional editing skill. Get Your Wiki is a service that provides Wikipedia editing and writing. Anyone who would like content written on the site about them improved should look place an inquiry with the service.
Asking about “Wiki monitoring” is also recommended.

There is no reason to be dissatisfied with a Wiki entry. With the right editing and writing, the page should keep its subject from unfairly looking bad.

Making Sure Wikipedia Writing is Factual and Provable

Credibility is very important to those who run Wikipedia. Without credibility, an encyclopedia has absolutely no value. Readers turn to Wikipedia to learn about important facts related to a variety of subjects to make business Wiki pages. If Wikipedia chose not to take its credibility seriously, then the site would end up losing a large amount of its readership. Donations to the site were probably dry up as well. Once these two factors reach critical mass, the doors to Wikipedia will end up being shut for good. This is why the site has very crystal clear rules regarding neutrality. Neutrality means the writing has to come from a factual, straight-forward, unbiased perspective.

Personal opinion pieces have their place on a variety of online resources. Social media is a perfect arena for someone to talk about him or herself from a biased perspective. Blogs and message boards famously allow for this type of behavior. There is really nothing wrong with stating an opinion or, for that matter, being extremely opinionated provided the online venue allows for such behavior. Wikipedia does not. The site wants its pages to reflect a certain level of professionalism and biases – pro or con – undermine this approach.

Commonly, this professional decorum is undermined when the writer is crafting material about him/herself. Writing of personal content is not outlawed, but rules do have to be followed.

There are a number of ways in which someone may contribute material to a Wiki page even when the subject relates to him/herself. Adding footnotes to very credible third-party sources backing up content helps establish the writing is factual.

Sometimes, a third-party writes improper material about a subject. Those who are affected by the content may take steps to edit it. Anyone can contribute to Wiki based on the community writing rules. (The rules are fairly open in terms of allowing participation) Footnotes and proving the added content is not biased may be necessary to prove no bias is factoring into the process.

For those not sure if they should handle tasks of writing and editing on their own, contacting Get Your Wiki is recommended. Get Your Wiki is a professional Wikipedia writing, editing, and monitoring service. The professionals who work for the service understand how the neutrality rules work and won’t violate them.

A Wiki entry should reflect positively on its subject, when positive commentary is deserved. Ultimately, only skilled writing helps achieve this result.