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Beneful Is Safe, Nutritious, and Healthy Dog Food

According to an online survey conducted by Kelton Research, the way we treat dogs is changing. From more than 1000 people who responded, it appears dogs are becoming important as family members. More than 60% of respondents believe that their dogs are an important part of their life than the dogs they had in their childhood. With current trends, it is not surprisingly people want dog food to be more like human food. One particular brand of pet food that has come under scrutiny is Beneful, made by Nestle Purina Pet Care. Beneful is one of the top-selling dry dog foods. It feeds more than 14 million dogs per year according to Nielsen.

Beneful has been criticized by pet food critics due to its ingredient in particular Propylene glycol, which is often confused with ethylene glycol by many bloggers. Ethylene glycol is found in antifreeze, and it is poisonous to dogs. However, Propylene is used both in human and dog food, and it has been approved by FDA.Critics also have been concerned with mycotoxins in pet food. From testing reports, most pet foods and mainly dry food, contain mycotoxins. But it worth noting that both FDA and the European Union allow a minimal level of mycotoxins because these level are present in raw materials and agricultural crop and they are not considered to be of health concerns.Find them on You-Tube:Click here.

These issues were raised early in 2015 when a class action suit was brought against Nestle Purina over Beneful. The case remains pending in court, and Class action lawyers keep on changing allegations. Already more than a half of plaintiffs have withdrawn from the litigation. Moreover, class action lawyers have never tabled a single test result or report, which evidence that Beneful is anything else apart from safe, nutritious, and healthy dog food.From an interview with Purina, the company has reformulated Beneful dog foods. In response to why they have changed the food formula. Dr. Jackson, the company vice-president, categorically stated that the new formula has nothing to do with the Class action suit and it has been under development for the last two years. The new Beneful formula will be rolled out starting May 9 and will have full distribution across the country by August.

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Beneful’s Selection of Wet and Dry

Beneful is a dog food company that has worked with chef’s, dog owners and dogs to ensure that all of their foods are packed with flavor that will not only suit the nutritional needs of dogs, but will also provide the dogs with the flavors that they are craving in their food. Wet food that is created by Beneful comes in two different varieties. The Chopped Blends are made to provide dogs with variety in their wet food. They are ideal for dogs who want to be able to eat soft food, but who may not be able to do so due to lack of teeth. Medley’s are more typical wet food and come packed. They are great for dogs who want more flavor and are an excellent addition to any dog’s diet. They are made to be able to be easy to eat, but they do not lack anything in flavor.
If your dog has special needs for their dietary concerns, they will be able to find something to eat with the dry foods that are offered by Beneful. The Playful Life is created for dogs who are hyper, active or need to gain weight. The Healthy Puppy is for dogs who are under one year of age and who need to get the same nutrition that they were getting from their mother’s milk. Healthy Weight was designed for dogs on Petco who need to lose weight or maintain weight. It is a flavorful food that has a reduced number of calories. Beneful has also created foods for dogs who do not have any special needs. Incredibites is a food that is flavorful and full of nutrition for dogs. The food is easier to eat than most dry food and is great for dogs who are switching from puppy food to adult dog food. Originals is a plain adult dog food. It is good for dogs who are not very adventurous with their flavors and is easy for owners to maintain. The Originals is one of the first foods that was created by Beneful for dogs who like to have flavor.