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Dog Food Industry Moving Towards Human Food Trends

Beneful was introduced to the dog food market in 2001. By 2006, Beneful was bringing in 300 million dollars in revenue every year. In 2012, Beneful became one of Nestle Purina’s top brands when it had an annual revenue of 1.5 billion dollars. Beneful offers dog treats and wet and dry dog food. The different products come in a variety of flavors. There is everything from Beneful Dry Dog Food Healthy Weight with real chicken to Beneful Dog Treats Healthy Smile Dental Twists.

There are two reasons that Beneful has such a strong place in the market. The first reason is that they use the freshest ingredients. Beneful holds their suppliers to standards that are very stringent. Every ingredient is tracked from when it arrives at the manufacturing plant to when it is in the final product on a retail shelf. The second reason is that they have excellent design techniques. Beneful won a contest, several years after it was created, for the package design. The wet dog food package was not only resealable but you could also turn it into a dog bowl.

The Daily Herald released an article about some of the other trends that are going on in the dog food industry. The article explained how there are plenty of new companies bringing different dog food ideas onto the market. Freshpet, a premium dog food company, makes the world’s only industrial refrigerated pet food. More companies, like Freshpet, are moving toward human food trends.

The pet food industry is a 23.7 billion dollar industry and much of the food that is coming onto the market looks and tastes good enough to be on the dining room table. While healthier pet food options, organic and grain free, among other various distinctions, have surprisingly been on the market for years. The real difference is marketing and the old companies are catching on. Some more well known brands are re-branding themselves to highlight the qualities in their recipe that points to longevity, nutrition and organic ingredients that help healthy digestion