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Patty Rocklage, an Exemplary Wife, Philanthropist and Therapist

Patty Rocklage is an accomplished and dedicated therapist professional who has over twenty years of experience in psychotherapy.Patty Rocklage’s practice accommodates families, individuals and couples who experience the difficult life struggles in society today.

About Patty Rocklage

Patty holds a Psychology degree from the University of Southern California and has 20 years experience in her therapy and counseling career. As an expert family and marriage therapist, she is located in Sudbury, Massachusetts. Over the years, Patty Rocklage has gained skills such as coaching, teaching, public speaking and team building to assist people in improving their lives.

Patty and Scott Rocklage Donation

In 2016,Patty and Scott Rocklage,her husband, made a huge donation for the renovation at MIT for Building 2. The couple toured the Chemistry lab to see the recent renovations of the lab space in nanotechnology and nano-chemistry department. The team at MIT honored the charitable gesture of the Rocklages by placing a plaque in the lab because of contributing generously. The generous contribution made by the Rocklages displays that they value education and aim to make the world a better and healthier place.

Patty Rocklage Philanthropy

Patty Rocklage is a member of an organized that focuses on the stability of employment, financial security and education of South Sudanese citizens who live in Massachusetts. The Sudanese Education Fund gives assurance to the Sudanese community that there will be growth and productivity in the society.

Rocklage Residential Renovations

Apart from her therapy and counseling career, Patty Rocklage is an exemplary wife who loves to spend quality time with her family. Patty and Scott wanted a home renovation so they hired Ed Freedlender and Sudbury Companies to renovate their home. The couple wanted their kitchen and visitor’s door entrance to be redone. The couple settled for the two because Ed has mastered the art of home improvements whereas Sudbury uses environmentally friendly procedures to save on energy. Ed gave the couple fantastic ideas on how to renovate the kitchen and the facade.The home renovation project was a success and can be found Sudbury Construction Company’s website where it has been featured as a case study.

Thor Halvorssen is The Voice of The Oppressed

Thor Halvorssen is a human rights advocate and the founder of The Human Rights Foundation. Thor’s career in human rights activism started with his family as a young man. His mother was killed during a peaceful protest in Venezuela. She was shot by Hugo Chavez’s men because she was opposing his rule over the government. His father was captured and tortured when he exposed corruption within the government of Venezuela.

Thor was able to negotiate the release of his father but he still has a housing that is being held as a political prisoner. Even his ancestors were human rights activists and freedom fighters. Thor spends a great deal of time and effort trying to fight for the right of those that are oppressed by dictators and corrupt government leaders.

Thor is responsible for organizing the Oslo Freedom Festival that is held annually in Norway. People from all over the world come to listen to presentations and to discuss ways in which they can make a difference in the human rights movement. Thor is also a filmmaker and has created films such as Freedom’s Fury which was produced by Quentin Tarantino. He is also a popular contributor to various national media outlets. He is sought for his personal opinion on current events that are affecting the world today. He is often featured as a guest on many news programs such as MSNBC and Fox. Thor works tirelessly to spread the word about advocating human rights and has gathered a team of like-minded individuals to assist him in working to help others in need.

DeVos Family Foundation Speaks with Philanthropy Magazine

The DeVos family has been involved philanthropic endeavors for decades, always striving to improve social problems both locally and nationally. Recently, Betsy DeVos sat down for an interview with Philanthropy magazine to discuss her history with philanthropy and the future she hopes to see develop through her many endeavors. Since even her school days, Mrs. DeVos has been interested in inspiring improvement and change through roles both politically and philanthropically. She participates and leads several committees and groups in her home state of Michigan. Perhaps most actively though is her role in non-profit organizations. Mrs. DeVos acts as Chairman of the Dick and Betsy DeVos Family Foundation which she started with her husband. One of Mrs. DeVos’ main focus through her non-profit endeavors has been in the realm of education reform. She is a strong proponent of school choice. In her interview, Mrs. DeVos speaks of the several ways in which her husband and her tried to help lower-income families have an opportunity to choose where their kids went to school. Soon, the DeVos family realized that if they want to make any fundamental change, it will have to come through changing the laws that are in place. Since then, Mr. and Mrs. DeVos have made it their mission to help promote the school choice movement with their influence both politically through their involvement on school boards and local committees as well as philanthropically through their program and support of others.


Besides having a very active presence in philanthropy, the DeVos family is perhaps best known for their success in business and politics. Dick DeVos is the former CEO of Amway distribution company. He took control of his father’s company from 1993 to 2002. During his time as vice president, Amway saw a large increase in international revenue as DeVos raised it beyond domestic revenue for the first time in the history of Amway. Dick DeVos also used to be the president and CEO of the Orland Magic basketball franchise. He acquired this position in 1991. After his affiliation with the Orlando Magic, DeVos returned to Amway as president and expanded his company to be involved in six continents and over 50 different countries worldwide. DeVos has also been actively involved in politics. In 1990 he was placed as a member onto the Michigan State Board of Education. Additionally, DeVos ran for governor of Michigan as the Republican Party’s nomination in 2005.