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Why companies should play important role in championing for family rights

Highland Capital Management is an investment company that has advanced over the years in provision of investment banking, management and financial advisory. The company has established one of the robust subsidiary arm of the company called Highland Dallas Foundation. Through the foundation, James Dondero announced they had awarded The Family Place with $1 million to help in mitigating the effects of family based violence in Texas. The Family Place is a foundation that was established to help victims of family based violence access temporary shelter and receive counselling on how to deal with the problem. With over $2.4 million needed for the campaign to be successful, The Family Place has already received over $200.000 to surpass its budget over $16million. This money is geared towards construction of Central Dallas Counseling Center that will provide new housing for family violence based victims. This campaign has been taken positively in Texas. Many people have lauded the initiative taken by highland capital management as a noble cause. Dallas Mayor Mike Rawlings and police chief have been categorical in appreciating the noble cause of the campaign saying it will bring sanity in families across the entire Dallas region of Texas.

James Dondero is the Co-Founder and President of the Highland Capital Management. This is a leading investment banking firm that has grown gradually over the years to be recognized on the international platforms. James Dondero has over 30years experience in the world of financial management which has also culminate in his across is business endeavors. The firm focuses on collateral load obligations, hedge fundsand private equity funds among others. James Dondero has been involved in the management of many organizations before including cornerstone healthcare where he served as the chairman.

As the president of HighlandCapital Management, he has propelled the company to greater income generating hub in which the company has grew to a net worth of over $18 billion of assets under management. James Dondero received a bachelor of business studies in commerce finance and accounting option from the University of Virginia. This has also featured in many organizations as a board member. He has also participated in many philanthropic acts throughout his life. More information is readily available on