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Dog Food Goes Premium

The Daily Herald recently ran an article with an eye-opening view into the expanding pet food industry. Considering that the pet food industry has now grown to $23.7 billion, it is certainly worth talking about. The article tracks how pet owners are now looking for high quality dog food for their furry family members and are willing to shell out the bucks accordingly. This move toward paying real attention to the ingredients and quality of dog food comes right alongside the healthy food movement, which has been gaining traction for at least the past decade. Interestingly, the paleo or “cave man” diet for fitness and nutrition gurus has made its way into the pet food world. There is a recent push for dog foods that mirror what dogs would have eaten in ancestral times, without additives or preservatives.
One of the dog food brands doing very well with the relatively new emphasis on premium product is Beneful. Beneful has been feeding Fido since 2001 and has grown significantly since then. It now occupies a large share of the pet food market and offers eight varieties of dry dog food along with four wet options. Owned by Purinastore, Beneful has burst onto the dog food scene with a reputation for premium ingredients and forward thinking in packaging. In fact, Beneful has been widely recognized and awarded in the pet food industry for its reusable dog food containers, which preserve freshness and allow Beneful to make high quality dog food without harmful preservatives.
Beneful has also experienced wide success with its dog food options that cater to the dietary needs of different dogs. For dog owners who want to be sure they are feeding the right kind of nutrients to their dogs, Beneful packages its products with helpful indicators for the size, weight, and developmental age of the dog intended for each food option. This allows owners to have confidence in making informed decisions for feeding their beloved pets. The range of options offered by Beneful can be a part almost any healthy doggy diet.