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Rock Your Real Estate Sales: Greg Hague And Real Estate Mavericks

Are you wanting to make your real estate business sky rocket in sales this year? Greg Hague at Real Estate Mavericks can show you how to rock your sales in 2016!

After 35 years in the industry Greg Hague has developed The “22-Step Home Launch Formula” and the “29-Day Fast Sale Plan”, among others, that will revolutionize the way realtors sell homes. Breaking away from the standard methods of sales, Hague will teach sellers to be seller committed; create anticipation; and elicit desire and curiosity about homes that they have in their listings. Using his techniques, realtors will learn to create intrigue and “act now” or “in demand” mindsets for buyers that will ultimately generate top dollar pay-outs for all the homes they sell. Utilizing the psychology of an individuals buyers experience, Greg Hague will show you how to take advantage of each step in their purchasing journey to produce desired outcomes for seller and agent.

A few of the techniques that Hague will teach his “Real Estate Mavericks”, the name of his coaching program that can be found at, are:

  • Anticipation Building Sequences
  • Advantages of Private Showings
  • Messaging and Marketing Strategies to Other Agents
  • Price Maximization Techniques
  • Apple/Amazon Leveraging Strategies
  • Expert Marketing Techniques
  • Master Level Negotiation

All strategies are designed to increase demand and put more dollars in the sellers pocket.

Greg Hague puts his money where his mouth is. He has been one of America’s top selling agents for over 25 years. With expertise in residential real estate, his students that number over 10,000 agents, have taken their earnings from start-up to over $25 million in sales per year.

Throughout his career he has mastered what it takes to succeed in his industry. As an Avvo Superb rated attorney, lending his real estate expertise to NPR and the Wall Street Journal, and mastering negotiation skills as proven through his work as a Dale Carnegie Instructor, he has build over 122 offices housing well over 4,000 successful agents.

Greg Hague and his Real Estate Mavericks coaching program will show you “norm-breaking” techniques and strategies that will open eyes and catapult your business to reach monetary levels you never imagined. He has been were you are and is willing to show you what he knows in order to make your sales in 2016 greater than ever.