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Kenneth Goodgame’s Strategies for Succeeding as a Sales, Marketing, and Merchandising Professional

Kenneth Goodgame is known for his authoritative management style, which is clearly demonstrated during his tenure at True Value Company. His expertise lies in marketing and merchandising. As the CMO and senior vice president, he helped in shaping the True Value’s marketing future by propelling its marketing plans to a higher level.

One of the achievements that True Value Company has earned is an increase in its second quarter earnings. Goodgame has worked with several companies and helped them generate lots of revenue through his sales and marketing expertise. He uses his leadership skills to foster productivity by analyzing cost-based negotiations.

Kenneth Goodgame has worked in both manufacturing and retail sectors for more than 15 years. His several years of experience allow him to monitor market shifts and use this observation to avoid business mistakes that most people miss.

He values teamwork and equates low performance in companies to poor teamwork strategies. Kenneth Goodgame once transformed a buying team that performed poorly. He achieved this objective by replacing 40 percent of the team with new members. The company that comprised of the poor-performing buying team recorded an eight percent increase in profits.

Goodgame’s 250 SKU ELDP Program

The 250 SKU ELDP program was designed by Kenneth and was meant to help retailers in setting product prices. The program enabled many retailers to reduce most of their product prices based on the current market conditions. In late 2015, the value of an ordinary retail basket increased by 9 percent.

Goodgame’s Advice to Merchants

Goodgame believes that common sense is the ultimate key to success in retail merchandising. In a series of articles posted on his website, he mentioned that the reason why he succeeded as a merchant is that he established his rules and followed them consistently.

According to Kenneth Goodgame, these rules should be timely and relevant for them to work based on trader’s merchandising missions and objectives. Ken Goodgame advises merchants to make their advertising strategies more interactive and comprehensive. He also advises them to avoid copying advertising strategies used by other traders and instead come up with their unique marketing programs.