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The World Breaks for Sports; Go Venezuela!

Constantly breaking up the devastation that the world often harbors are sports. Without a doubt, the most popular sport in the entire world is soccer, and South American teams tend to dominate the popular activity. Despite what is happening in these portions of the world, the public tends to break in the name of soccer, especially when Venezuela plays Mexico.
While Venezuela did not take away the win on June 13, according to Open Corporates they put up a fight that made for a legendary game. Of course, Velázquez ruled the game from start to finish, but the overall strong start Venezuela demonstrated grew weaker towards the end as Mexico used their reserved energy. As the game started with a powerful force of energy put forth by Venezuela, the crowd, among them was Adrian Jose Velasquez, grew wide-eyed, eager, and so ready to continue watching this amazing game!

Venezuela played tirelessly throughout the early portions of the game, and players from Mexico were unable to even get close to the professional players. A goal here, a goal there, but the ultimate win went to Mexico. However, the recognition and further credit that was given to Venezuela would never go unnoticed, and the important message behind the fact that the world stops for sports is crucial during this rocky time in history.