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My Big Move to London


The time has finally come for me to pack my belongings and make my way to the beautiful city of London. I have given my all over the past four years to acquire my bachelor degree in accounting, which I must say took up all my time and energy. There were a few moments where I thought I wasn’t going to make it through till the end, but I re-gathered myself and got back on track. The reasoning behind my big move to London from the US is that I am striving to work for a company called Solo Capital. Before making the decision to move, I sent out my resume to the CEO at Solo Capital, Sanjay Shah. I also made it a point to sent out a few more copies to other firms in the London area as a backup plan in case I do not get hired by Solo Capital. I will arrive in London on the first of the month and not even three days after I arrive, I have an interview with Sanjay at the Solo Capital office.

Before I even decided that London would be my place of interest, I did hours upon hours of research on different investment firms in the country. I had heard so much good things about Sanjay himself, as well as Solo Capital, that I decided they would be the first place I applied to. Even if my application doesn’t get accepted at first, I will still keep on top of it until I earn a seat within their firm. I understand their level of security at their firm, so I am also aware that they only hire individuals who have the highest level of credentials. Many people become distraught after being denied a position, but I myself use it as direction on what I need to do to become eligible for such a desired position. By having this state of mind, I normally succeed in whatever I am doing because success right now is my only option in life.

No matter what becomes of my move to London, I am going to take it as a great learning experience. Nobody in the neighborhood I grew up in went anywhere after college, but I chose to move to a whole other country to gain access to new wages, careers and lifestyles. If it doesn’t work out in London, I know that when I come home, I will have deeper knowledge on the way investment firms are run around the world. I could possibly even give advice to firms in the US that could easily benefit their business financially. Every country is so different when it comes to the way firms are run. Being able to have this knowledge is extremely amazingly to me as I love learning facts that others in my field of work haven’t a clue about.

Belief Leads to Action for Jon Urbana

Jon Urbana is well-known as an entrepreneur and as man who acts on his believes in a big way. Jon has a strong interest in sports, particularly in lacrosse. His activities are varied and cover photography, aviation, business, environmental issues, children, and music to just name a few. It would be impossible to recount all of his accomplishments and activities in an article of this size, so the author has chosen to look at three areas, music, business ventures, and his social media activities.

We’ll look at his music first. Jon entered into the music field later in life, however that, hasn’t affected his ability to deliver. It all began with only a guitar and some Ableton software, with this he was able to both create original soundtracks and remixes. The sound of his music is strongly electronic and many find it fascinating. There is now a base of followers on Soundcloud, where he is said to be excited about sharing his newest interests.

As for his business ventures, Mr. Urbana is the co-founder and Head of Business Development for Ellipse, a company that specializes in laser technologies, as well as IPL for the medical community. This position allows him to oversee the progress of the company, as well as working with marketing materials.

Earthforce, a crowdfunding group was also started by Jon. In this venture the idea is to support the group which is designed to get children to participate in activities meant to protect the earths environment.

Jon Urbana Supports Earth Force, A New Fundraiser from Jon Urbana on Vimeo.

According to the group, getting children involved and working as activists is extremely important to helping the earth recover from abuses, because these children will soon be voters and will help set policies that could affect the earth’s ability to survive.

As to social media, Jon maintains a strong presence in most social media groups, including Flickr, Yahoo Answers, Instagram, Slideshare, and as well as other social media sites.

Jon Urbana’s contact information is located at most sites because Jon likes to communicate with both his followers and those who just want more information about one of his many projects. Following Jon can be fun at times and thought provoking at others, his sites abound with photographs of animal and odd plant life. It’s both beautiful and sometimes sad. Followers can also find out his many sports activities or how well a crowdfund is doing or just read one of the many articles he provides links to.

Messi’s Wrong Company to Cost Him His Global Image

Human Rights Foundation is a globally known company that has been on the forefront in the fight against human rights violations. The organization has a reputation in the global front and its opinion on matter concerning human rights is take very seriously. The company began its operation fifteen years ago and it has been recording admirable progress over the years. Based in New York, the organization depends on donations from partners drawn from all over the world. Although owing to its activities and human rights investigation the organization runs the risk of conflict of interest, the management has put in pace measure to avert this possibility. This is why the company is ranked so highly for its moral fabric stances.

In response to the recent visit by a renowned football professional, Lionel Messi to Gabon, the foundation’s president has adamantly expressed his displeasure with the player. He has been on record saying how much damage that this visit was likely to cause to the decorated player’s character and integrity. As I read the press release by the organization from The Independent’s Website, I was shocked by the level of impunity depicted by the player’s actions if the allegations have any shred of truth. It is even alleged that the player received monetary reward for attending the occasion that is critically seen as a PR stunt.

Therefore his close association with a leader whose reputation has been tainted by his actions of violating children rights send the wrong message to the world. Messi is supposed to advocate for practices that can help the country to recover the lost dignity by respecting children rights to education and care. The Human Rights Foundation has dawned on him like a plague questioning the legitimacy of his children ambassadorial position with the UNCEF. According to the human rights foundation, he has to distance himself from the said Gabonian leader if he wishes to maintain his glory that is on the brink falling apart.

According to the foundation’s website, the government of Gabon is responding to the pressure of hosting the 2017’s African cup of nations that will be held in the country. As such, the government is trying to make its public image look good as the games are almost to begin. However, political analyst in the country concur with the foundation’s theory that the regime is looking for ways and means to loot the government coffers. This has been the trend and strategy that the dictatorial leadership of the current regime has been using to embezzle governments resources for selfish gains.

Andy Wirth’s Accomplishments


One of the biggest promoters of the ski industry also happens to be one of the most environmentally aware person in the California region. This gentleman is Andy Wirth, CEO of the Squaw Valley Ski Resort. With only 5 years of holding this position, Mr. Wirth has created a top community and ski resort in the Lake Tahoe region.

Andy Wirth has much experience with the environment. His entire background consists of backwoods camping and mountain valley preservation. Now that he holds the chairman position on the Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board, he is working hard to attract more and more tourism to the Squaw Valley.

What makes the Squaw Valley Ski Resort so special is the fact that the Winter Olympics were held here in 1960. This resort also includes over 6,000 acres of snowy heaven for those enjoy exploring, snow boarding, or skiing.

Ever since being appointed to the position of President and CEO in 2010, Andy Wirth has worked to increase tourism to the area. Mr. Wirth has even increased tourism through the 70 million dollar upgrade that has been used to upgrade the recreational sites as well as the resort itself.

Currently the Squaw Valley Ski Resort is a merged resort with Alpine Meadows. This means that even more acreage is offered. This also means that there are more plans to upgrading the resort now that two resorts are owned by the same person. Within only 5 years of being CEO, Wirth and his team have increased the quality of the resort. Currently the resort is ranked in the top 20 percent of ski resorts in the United States. This compares to 5 years ago when the resort was in the bottom 20 percent of ski resorts in the United States.

Nancy Cushing served as the CEO of Squaw Valley up until recently when she was replaced by Mr. Wirth. Ever since Squaw Valley came into the possession of Andy Wirth, he has worked tirelessly to increase the value of this precious area. Mr. Wirth wants visitors to see Squaw Valley for what it really is, which is a relaxing area for those who love the wilderness. With the combination of luxury with exploring, Mr. Wirth has created a fantastic resort.