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E-Governe: Promoting Normalcy in Governance

Technology has revolutionized and changed many aspects of life. Today, many governments have made use of the modern technology to promote service delivery. Brazil is one of the governments that have designed a system that has integrated all the government systems. E-governe has been a result of properly connected systems.

Three companies have come together to create the E-governe solution. Minauro, Sister Plan, and Consult have come together in perfect harmony to keep all the systems running.

Minauro: the company has been on the market for 20 years. It uses innovation to develop systems. Minauro is the perfect solution for Public Health Management.

Consult: It is a company that has succeeded in developing efficient technology solutions. For 30 years, Consult has been modernizing the collection of the different resources. The systems have facilitated public management.

Sister Plan: has been providing intelligent systems since the 1990s.

All these companies design solutions that are intelligent and modern. The system integrates all the public administration bodies into one. They use the modern technology and processes. E-governe provides solutions in technology, data center, support, and safety.

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With the latest technology, E-governe has designed a responsive website. That means that it can be accessed from devices with different screen resolution.

Aside from using the modern technology, E-governe has a team of professionals that maintain the smooth running of the systems. The team ensures that they have top notch security modules. E-governe offers solutions in different areas including health, education, financial management and tax collection. The systems are promoting better management and improved administration.

The benefits of E-Governe

Education: The Education sector has been the greatest benefactor of the E-governe system. The city of Osasco has benefited from E-governe, and they have adopted the systems. Osasco, located in Greater Sao Paulo, has signed a contract to use the system. ICI, (the Instituto Curitiba de Informática) works with E-governe. As part of the contract, ICI is mandated with the responsibility of supplying the computer equipment. It will also be responsible for the installation of the electrical network. The partnership will cover all the schools in Sao Paulo.

Human resources: Human resources has also benefited from the E-governe systems. The municipality of Teresina has used the system for managing the human resource and promoting employee productivity. City Hall has also eliminated redundancy by using the customer reviews to determine the performance of the employees. All the clients will be able to use the portal to get in touch with the leadership of the city.

Health: E-governe has made it easy for people to make and schedule medical appointments. This has gone a long way to eliminating the queues. The government will also be able to schedule vaccination days. The residents of Teresina will be able to learn more about the current programs on Aside from that, the portal will help the municipality to distribute the medical resources across the city. It will also be easy to need the ambulance. E-Governe has brought all the state agencies together to promote better service delivery.

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