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Julie Zuckerberg, A Woman Using Philosophy As A Career Base

Julie Zuckerberg is a New York law school graduate, who completed her undergraduate studies at Brooklyn College- The City University of New York. She went on to a career in Executive Recruitment. Currently, serving as Vice President and Executive Lead of Talent and Acquisition for Deutsche Bank, New York. In her free time, Julie volunteers with groups related to human rights advocacy and others dedicated to seeing after the welfare of animals.


Seems like a lot for anyone to handle, because all areas require forward thinking, keen insight and conscious awareness. But, Julie also finds a way to maintain her sense of humor. Although her Twitter account is private, she does display a notion of not taking herself too seriously with the line beneath her profile, which reads: “will work for cookies.”


It’s important to have a lighthearted attitude, yet always get the right people into the right career position. Something that Julie Zuckerberg demonstrated a knack for early on, beginning in 2002, her career started with Hudson Staffing and Recruiting. She would continue working as Director of Candidate Placement for five years before switching to Citi Bank; and staying there for six years, first as an Executive Recruiter and then as Vice President and Managing Director.


New York is a hotbed for social activities of all sorts and Julie Zuckerberg is also invested in arts and culture. What’s particularly interesting about Julie is that unlike other Philosophy majors, she didn’t end up in a “psychotherapy” type of career. Typically, millennials are called “the lost generation.” But, Julie didn’t stray off the career path after completing her Bachelor Degree program, she instead went straight to law school. Which is an excellent choice, given her undergraduate area of concentration.


At Citi Bank, Julie put her Philosophy studies to good use, while negotiating recruitment placement offers for her clients. A person who recruits executive talent, is sometimes informally referred to as a, “headhunter.” Being a headhunter, means that you have to consistently choose the best talent. It takes someone who isn’t afraid of negotiating and can follow through on leads. Placement involves either temporary, temp-to-permanent or permanent positions in careers such as paralegals, attorneys, and support staff for financial institutions and legal firms.


In her current position at Deutsche, Julie Zuckerberg is still involved in placement and recruitment. But, she has more responsibilities as the senior level executive. Her duties include acquisition of global talent, which is much harder because it requires strategic negotiations to convince an organization to hire someone with a contract governance. When working with a recruiter, clients are often hired on a contingency basis, for the person and the organization both to undergo a trial working period, to find a good fit. Julie Zuckerberg had to build a solid reputation as a recruiter first to be entrusted with such responsibilities as Senior Level Manager and Executive Leader. This is an innate talent, something that can’t be taught at an institution of higher learning.