What Does Kate Hudson Do For Fabletics?

Did you notice the famous actress Kate Hudson modeling on the website and also starring in a commercial for Fabletics? If you have and aren’t so sure what she’s doing for them, she definitely is doing more for them than you think. She’s not just a face that was paid to be shown on the site; she’s an actual part of the business model and has played a huge role for the growth of the brand. Today, countless women are using this site to find all their favorite activewear at great prices. With just a small monthly fee to gain access to amazing designer brands and getting clothes at such low prices, it’s safe to say that Fabletics is indeed the future.


Kate Hudson does more than just model for them. She’s actual businesswoman who has played a role in the development for what the company does. Things like managing new activewear, operating throughout the office, and even dealing with upcoming fashion trends; they’re all things she will uncover. She has earned millions in the development of this brand because of her involvement and the success it has now achieved. Kate Hudson loves looking at sales every single week to see what’s selling and what isn’t. She gladly takes products that aren’t selling right off the shelf because she knows that it’s not gonna make a difference to keep it up there for longer.


With new clothes being added to the company every single month, it’s important to remember that there is a risk involved for her as a businesswoman to be investing in new designs constantly. However, this is the price they pay in the end because they need new designs for the brand. Hudson loves the company and what it does for her as well as what she can do for it to grow.


Today, there are stores being built right now to bring Fabletics to the real world and outside of just the web. The reason why Fabletics is creating a store is so that they can expand and overcome brands and sites like Amazon. They want to make the company more expensive and interactive. They need it to be different and more unique. They want to allow women to try on clothing in the store and have the option to buy the same exact thing a week later online if they so choose to. Fabletics is definitely taking over.

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